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Best 20 Facebook Jail Memes to Brighten Up Your Day

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

There was a time when we all were not so familiar with the trend of memes. Nowadays memes are becoming an integral part of our lives. People are becoming creative with meme-making to attract more followers and engage with them. Sometimes, because people are allowed to freely like and comment on any of the posts available on Facebook, they perform spam behavior or acts that do not comply with the platform’s guidelines. Therefore, to resolve that issue, Facebook jail has come into the picture. Due to the protection or privacy purpose of all the existing, Facebook community has started blocking unnecessary user actions with the Facebook jail concept.

It happens that the Facebook jail makes users get banned, blocked from accessing their accounts, or from posting on Facebook. It is not an actual jail but due to the funny name nowadays people are creating Facebook jail memes so much and that is on-trend too.

Part 1: What does Facebook Jail Mean?

If you are a Facebook user, you might have observed that we get to see so many funny Facebook memes on the feed and the most recent ones are Facebook jail memes. Facebook jail is a new term and many of us are not aware of this.

Facebook Jail is the term used when an individual breaks the standard Facebook rules due to any violations, suspicious logins, or spammy behavior. So to prevent you from doing that Facebook suspends your account and make you in jail.

Also, this penalty could be for few hours to 21 days of restrictive actions.

facebook jail

Part 2: 10 Best Out of Facebook Jail Memes

1. Out of Facebook Jail Meme

out of facebook jail meme

Fresh out of Facebook jail … So excited!!! Can’t wait!!!

2. Released from Facebook Jail

released from facebook jail

When you’re released from Facebook jail knowing you haven’t been rehabilitated, you may wanna say, “Sup, bitches?”

3. Fresh Outa Facebook Jail

fresh outa facebook jail

This was me - Fresh out of Facebook jail in this morning!

4. Finally Out of FB Jail

finally out of fb jail

When you are finally out of FB jail, you may feel the same as me.

5. After Doing a Hard Time in FB Jail

hard time fb jail

After having been through a hard time in Facebook jail, what your comment section will look like…

6. Funny Gary Outta Facebook Jail

funny gary outta fb jail

This is how Funny Gary Out of Facebook Jail.

7. Come Back from FB Jail

come back from fb jail

How did I come back from Facebook jail and look for the MF that reported me.

8. Back from Facebook Jail

back from fb jail

I am bacccck from Facebook jail. Fantastic!!!

9. Out of FB Jail 15th Time

outa fb jail 15th time

Now that I am outa Facebook jail for the 15th time. What type of mischief shall I do to get banned again?

10. Outa FB Jail and Play

outa facebook jail play

Out of Facebook Jail!!! Let’s play bitches!

Part 3: Top 3 Facebook Meme Generators

We all come across many memes across social media and sometimes do feel that how meme-making could be happening. We often think this and are still clueless about that. Do you have an idea that there are tons of Facebook meme generators available online to make your task easy? Here following are the best resources for you to create a Facebook meme for you. Find a list of Facebook meme generators

1. Filmora meme maker

edit memes filmroa meme maker

If you are tired of searching for the best Facebook meme generator then Filmora meme maker is undoubtedly the best choice for you. It is a fast yet free meme maker and you need to add any image or GIF then add text, colors, resize as you need, and lastly export it in PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. formats easily. Also even if you are new to this Facebook jail meme-making thing then trust me Filmora is the right choice for you because of its easy interface.

Also one of the best features of the Filmora meme generator is that it has a very processing time and in comparison to other tools exporting time is way less.


meme generator imgflip

This Facebook meme generator offers benefits such as adding customizable images and text, resizing/moving text boxes as desired, customized font options, outline colors, rotation, flipping, and many more. It also has so many colorful stickers to make your meme look creative. It gets operated in HTML canvas.

3. Canva

canva meme generator

Canva's name is not at all unknown to anybody related to the designing field. It is an amazing online free tool helping as a Facebook meme generator too. It has so many templates available you just need to pick the right one for you and proceed. It is surely the best choice for funny Facebook memes and especially Facebook jail memes. You will get color/font options, resize, crop, flip, etc. options to create the best memes. Canva is a very user-friendly online tool and it has a very easy-to-use design which makes an overall creating experience very smooth.

Part 4: How to Make Your Facebook Jail Meme?

Well if you are having to confused about how to make funny Facebook jail memes then you need to pick an effective Facebook meme generator tool for you. There are many such tools but Filmora meme maker is the ideal option to solve your need.

Filmora meme maker is a fun tool and completely free to create memes. It is very easy to use the tool and with a simple process, one can create memes quickly. It offers text, color, style, etc. options for users to showcase their creativity in front of users. So I would surely recommend the Filmora meme generator for funny Facebook memes or Facebook jail meme generator purposes.

So here below is the step by step guide you can follow to create a meme:

Step 1: Import image, GIF, or video

drag memes filmora meme maker

Once you open the Filmora meme generator on your browser you would get an option of import. You need to click on that or drag to import your files. Also, you can even import YouTube and Vimeo links for creating video memes.

Step 2: Edit your memes

edit memes filmroa meme maker

Once you import your file you would get some editing options such as text, color, size, style, etc. You can choose the right text and color as per your need. Also, you can get options inputting the text inside or outside and also to choose the file format too.

Step 3: Export and share

At last, if you are done with the editing part click on Create option and then click on Download and save it on your device. Now your job is done.


So once you go through this article you would realize that the funny Facebook memes which we used to get to see are not so difficult to make with the right Facebook meme generators. Also trending out of Facebook jail memes is the task of only a few minutes. Here above-mentioned tools are surely the best ones and Filmora meme maker would help you in getting more popularity too.

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