Filmora - AI Video Editor
Edit Faster, Smarter and Easier!
Module Command Windows Shortcuts
File New Project Control-N
File Open Project Control-O
File Save Project Control-S
File Save Project As Control-Shift-S
File Archive Project Control-Shift-A
File Import Media Files Control-I
File Preferences Control-,
File Exit (Mac: Quit) Alt-F4
File Undo Control-Z
File Redo Control-Y
File Cut Control-X
File Copy Control-C
File Paste Control-V
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Select All Control-A
Edit Show Clip Properties Alt-E
Edit Split Control-B
Edit Trim Start to Playhead Alt-[
Edit Trim End to Playhead Alt-]
Edit Crop and Zoom Alt-C
Edit Rotate 90 Clockwise Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow
Edit Rotate 90 Counterclockwise Ctrl-Alt-Left Arrow
Edit Change Speed and Duration Ctrl-R
Edit Detach Audio Control-Alt-D
Edit Mute Control-Shift-M
Edit Rename F2
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Reveal in Explorer (Finder) Control-Shift-R
Edit Apply Alt-A
View Play Space
View Full screen Alt-Enter
View Previous Frame Left
View Next Frame Right
View Previous Edit Point Up
View Next Edit Point Down
View Go to Project Beginning Home
View Go to Project End End
View Zoom in Control+ =
View Zoom out Control+ -
View Zoom to Fit timeline Shift-Z
Miscellaneous Help F1
Miscellaneous Export Control-E
Voiceover Rec/Off F7
Voiceover Pause/Resume F8
View Snapshot Ctrl + Alt + S
  Expand Audio Control-D
  Render Enter

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