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Top 8 Instagram Story Filters in 2024

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you an Instagram influencer and a blogger with millions of followers? Do you require Instagram story filters to send the message through and advertise your thing? This is where you shall be introduced to some of the popular story filters.

Instagram filters of 2024 are unique and come in different styles and fashions. Therefore, without any further delay, let us jump right into the depths of this article.

Part 1: What Are Instagram Filters?

An Instagram filter lets you edit your picture before and after capturing it. With a wide range of filters, one can just click and get an absolutely different background, frame, saturation, brightness, sharpness, and resolution.

Also known as the Augmented Reality (AR) filter, the effect is placed over the picture and videos to give it a pleasant and vibrant look. There are several reasons associated with the use of Instagram video filters. You can advertise your product or brand by inserting the logo. In this way, the brand is approached by millions of people around the world.

The use of the correct filter is important in marketing as well. Therefore, playing with Instagram presets has to be careful. There are some funny and interesting filters that can be incorporated in pictures and videos to give it an amusing look. However, keep few things in your mind.

For starters, do not over filter your photo. It may give an altogether new vibe to it but also leads to a fake and artificial result. Moreover, you might want to keep the same filter for your brand. It will keep your audience and customers away from mixed messages.

Part 2: Top 8 Popular Instagram Filters for Instagram Story

This is where a detailed discussion about the top 8 Instagram filters list will be put into action. We have sketched out some famous presets that will rock your world and bring you into the market like a pro. Are you excited and cannot wait to go through this part? We cannot wait either.

Oslo and Tokyo

Oslo's Instagram filter has to be your first choice when it comes to taking cheesy selfies. This filter warms up skin tones of any type gently and leaves a natural look to the image. Moreover, it also enhances the contrast of your selfie, making it real and likable.

oslo instagram filter

As far as the Tokyo filter is concerned, it is often called a black and white filter. If you want to douse the vibrant color of your image, use this filter, and change it effortlessly. With dramatic shadows and bright whites, get ready to leave your audience awestruck.

tokyo instagram filter

Quiz Instagram Filter

The next Instagram filter of the lot is the Quiz AR filter. It is often used to engage the audience by playing a little fun game with them. A quiz question is popped over the user's head, and an answer has to be given in 10 seconds, after which the correct answer is announced. The brand can ask a question regarding their product and hence, enlighten the marketing campaign.

Moreover, "Guess the Gibberish" is another quiz game that makes the audience guess the phrase in 10 seconds.

Beautifying Instagram Filter

Allow me to introduce you to the most popular Instagram filter whose users continue to grow-Beautifying AR Filter. Also used by cosmetic and beauty brands, this video filter does a phenomenal job at the user's virtual makeup. From face smoothening to whitening, virtual eyelashes to eye shadows, and brusher to lipsticks, one can count on this filter to look pretty and beautiful.

beautifying instagram filter

Color Adjustment Instagram Filter

Another amazing Instagram filter that fantasizes about your image or video and turns into an exceptional marketing campaign is the Color Adjustment AR filter. It brings a change of color in real-time. The brands can give a unique variety of colors to the imagery based on their campaign visuals.

color adjustment instagram filter

For instance, a musical brand can establish a rainbow light filter to showcase one of its songs. In addition to this, they can also pay tribute to their female fans by revolving 3D butterflies around the head.

Random Instagram Filter

The Random Instagram filters have a unique way of blending in people's lives as they incorporate entertaining, engaging, and interesting vibes to the lot. It is in the form of a question or even an animation that asks a question from the user. They can ask the audience about the type of coffee they will have today for a coffee brand.

random instagram filter

A Random Instagram filter can access audiences for fun and ask what animated character they are and what country will be their next visit to.

Real World Instagram Filter

A Real-World Instagram filter allows the user to show virtual objects in reality. It plays quite an effective role in showcasing products that do not exist in real life. For instance, a brand with some character can be shown in the cameras virtually, and the audience can have access to them from anywhere if they have a camera.

real world instagram filter

One can also fake own a PS5 using the "Instagram filter of PS5 Box" and make people believe it. It has also contributed to the enhanced demand for PS5.

Immersive Instagram Filter

An Immersive Instagram filter has become popular like magic in the last few years. This charming filter lets the user enjoy a 3D virtual scene of their own choice and be a part of it like a pro. The marketing campaign can utilize this filter for their own brand advertisement.

immersive instagram filter

For football players, an Instagram AR Filter for Paris Saint-German Football Club was created that allowed them to wear jerseys and enjoy the virtual environment of the stadium.

Melbourne and Lagos

If you are looking for a story filter jack of all trades, Lagos has to be your first choice. It saturates the image without taking its true colors and leaves a grainy effect on the imagery.

lagos instagram filter

As for the Melbourne Instagram filter gives a graceful pop of colors to the subject whilst handling the contrast like magic. If you have a dark picture in your gallery, let Melbourne handle it without hassle and nuisance.

melbourne instagram filter

Part 3: Idea for Instagram Stories

The market swarms up with different, unique, engaging, and interactive ideas for Instagram stories. In this section, we shall discuss some of them.

Firstly watch the video below to help you find out the ideas for Instagram stories.

If you want more information about the Instagram video effect packs from Wondershare Filmstock, then keep on reading.

Sharing the process and Behind the Scenes

One can share the process of making something. The audience and customers love when they have access to exclusive footage from the factory whilst they prepare their product. Not only this, but the views from behind the scenes also engage a great number of audiences. Allow me to introduce you to Wondershare Filmstock that features video effects incorporated into these ideas to make them lively.

Instagram Title Pack does the charm by adding customized texts and animated tiles while showing off their brand product and the process. A pack to count on anytime, don't you agree?

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Brand and Team Introductions

The business is done with the people, and the audience often prefers the brand that keeps its team in the loop. It is an amazing idea to first introduce the brand and answer questions like what it is bringing to the table, the target market, and how you are willing to solve problems. In the same way, the team introduction will also develop an emotional connection with the people.

With Instagram Stories Pack Vol1, you can insert fashionable templates whilst introducing the brand and team. Furthermore, one can swipe up to know more about the company and people working there.

Promoting Posts on Stories

Another way to advertise your Instagram-based brand is to share the recent post as a story and hide it with some sticker. This will enhance the curiosity to see the actual post and bring them directly to your Instagram blog.

To do this like a pro, let me present to you Instagram Stories Pack Vol2. This pack permits the user to share their favorite posts and moments from the blog and let the world have a look at them in the most engaging way possible.

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The article encompassed Instagram filters and did a good job at introducing the bloggers to the top 8 popular AR filters. The ideas were also provided that could be used effectively for successful brand advertisement and marketing campaigns. The amazing packs offered by Wondershare Filmstock were also conveyed efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you get different filters on Instagram?

After you click an image, Instagram takes you to the editing screen, where you can swipe left and right to access the filters.

  • Why can't I find Instagram filters?

Restart your device, reinstall the Instagram application, clear and cache or free up some RAM if you cannot find filters.

  • How do I search for filters on Instagram?

Launch the Instagram app and open the camera. Swipe left on the icons located at the bottom of the screen and hit the magnifying glass. Click on any filter and preview it.

  • What filters does famous Instagram use?

VSCO's A6 for a modern feed, VSCO's S2 for a bright aesthetic look, and VSCO's HB2 for a bold look are some of the famous filters.

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