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Apex Legends Crossplay: How to Turn it Off & Platform Choosing Guide

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

From the past few months, a few questions are asked: Can we crossplay in Apex Legends? How to disable crossplay? How about cross-progression? Further, which platform is the best to play on? What's the difference between Steam and Origin?

In this article, all of the questions above will be answered. No doubt, we have seen a massive increase in the popularity of Apex Legends. Millions of players are grouping in EA's battle royal game, and it is quite clear why they like it so much. It is a free-to-play game with some quality graphics and gameplay. This game's core is based around looting and shooting, and it offers a few interesting twists in the battle royal format.

In this article, these questions will be answered:

Apex Legends Gameplay Basics:

In this battle royal game, you are a part of a 3-person squad. There are 14 playable characters to choose from, and they are called legends in the game. If you compare all legends, you will find that they are equal in strength, speed, and firepower. It's their special abilities that make them different from each other. Every character has a unique ability that can help you in-game to leverage other players. So, you can choose a legend that suits your playstyle and is a perfect fit for your squad.

Teamwork is very critical in this game. When you jump into the battleground, there are two teammates on your side. Make sure to stick with them during the match if you want to win it. By working together, you can protect each other and outmatch the enemies by combining your abilities. You can stay connected with your teammates using the in-game communication system. You can mark different locations, highlight threats, pinpoint the location of gear pieces, and tell your teammates in which direction you are going.

There is a ring around the battleground that shrinks after fixed short intervals. As the rink shrinks, it forces the players into a smaller space on the map, and as a result, we observe more fights between different teams. If you want to win the game, then you have to be the last team standing. If your teammates are knocked down, then you can revive them and pick them up. If they are completely killed, you can pick up their banner in a fixed amount of time and have them jumped back into the game once again. This feature makes this game different from other battle royal games where if your teammate dies once, then he stays dead the rest of the game.

One thing that you must keep in mind while playing this game is that killing an opponent is a bit longer than other FPS (First Person Shooting) games. To kill an opponent, you may need to rely on several headshots, your legends' unique ability, and the support of your teammates.

Although this game is free of cost, it offers several in-game purchases. You can purchase Apex Coins, which is an in-game currency.

You can use it to purchase loot boxes that contain skins and costumes. There are two locked characters in the game also, and you need to purchase them with Apex coins.  So, you can get the maximum out of this game by spending some money and giving time to this game.

Can Apex Legends crossplay or not?

Yes, Apex Legends is a cross-platform game. Initially, it wasn't a cross-platform game, but Apex became a cross-platform game after an update in autumn 2020. It means that two players playing on two different devices can group in a squad and play the game. Let's explain it with an example. Suppose you have a pc and your friend has a PS4. Both of you can play together in a squad, even if you both have two different types of devices.

How to turn off crossplay?

Firstly, crossplay is enabled by default. Assume now you're playing apex on PS4/switch/Xbox using a controller, you might be reluctant to crossplay against a PC player using keyboard and mouse. Because you might think that isn't fair. So why don't we turn it off and play only with game console players?

Step1, to disable it, you need to go to the setting button at the lobby's right bottom, as shown below.


Step 2, under the gameplay tab, scroll down, and you can find cross-platform play.apex-setting2

Does it have cross-progression?

Unfortunately, because of technical and legal issues, no. It means that your characters/purchased items will not be synced through platforms. Simply put, you will have to start all over again if you change your platform.

Which platform is the best to play on?

The best thing about Apex Legends is that it has multiplatform support. You can play it on different platforms like:

Microsoft Xbox One S and X

You can play Apex Legends on Xbox One S, but you may need to compromise a little bit and play on a low resolution for better fps. Although the game will run just fine, you may need to make some adjustments to your graphics settings. You can play this game on 720p on Xbox One S, so make sure to sit a little closer to your screen to see everything.

If you want to get Apex's best experience on Xbox consoles, you should play it on Xbox One X. If you switch from Xbox one S to Xbox one X, you will see a significant difference in the game performance. On the X version, you can run the game on 1080p. It offers overall better performance in terms of gameplay as compared to other Xbox variants.

Xbox Series X and S

Xbox series S and X are the latest generations of Xbox. They rival their competitor PS5 and offer competitive performance when you compare these consoles with a PS5. They do offer better gaming performance and better graphics. But, the question is, Can you play Apex on the latest generations of Xbox? The answer is yes. You will get better performance in terms of graphics and FPS but currently, the game isn't fully optimized for the latest generations. In the coming days it is expected that the game will be optimized for the latest consoles and you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Currently, you can enjoy 1440p gaming on these consoles and can get up to 120fps.

Sony PlayStation 4

You can also play Apex Legends on Sony PlayStation 4. Although you can play it on the standard PS4, if you want to get the best gaming experience, then you should play it on PS4 Pro. On PS4, you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription if you want to play online multiplayer games, but in the case of Apex Legends, you do not need it.

Sony PlayStation 5


Sony PlayStation 5 is a next-generation console, and luckily Apex Legends is already playable on it. PS5 offers improved performance and better graphics as compared to its previous versions. If you were previously playing on PS4 and just switched to PS5, you can also retain all your progress and skins on PS5 also. You can use the same EA account and start enjoying Apex Legends on 1440p screen resolution.


If you want to do competitive gaming in Apex Legends, then PC is the most suitable choice for you. It is because when you play using a mouse and keyboard instead of controllers, then your aim and movement are more precise. As it is an FPS category game, you can use a monitor with a high refresh rate to have smooth gameplay and reduce the lag. You must keep in mind that you need a PC with some good specs that can provide you with at least 60fps in the game. It would be best if you aim for a PC that can provide you maximum fps. 120 is the most recommended figure here.

PC Requirements For Apex Legends:





Windows 7 (64-Bit)

Windows 7 (64-Bit)


Intel Core i3-6100 or

AMD FX-4350

Intel Core i5-3570K or

AMD equivalent





NVIDIA GeForce GT 640

AMD Radeon HD 7730

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

AMD Radeon R9 290




Hard Drive

22GB of Free Space

22GB of Free Space

Nintendo Switch


On March 9, 2021, EA released a version of this game for Nintendo switch. Currently, it is playable on the switch, and you can only match up with switch players, but soon it will be available to play with cross-platform support. It is a big achievement for EA to make this game playable on a small screen.

Apex Legends: Steam Vs Origin What's The Difference?

Apex Legends is playable on PC via both Steam and Origin. These are basically two different platforms and have their own game launchers. As the game is free to play so you can use either one of them.

If steam is already installed on your PC then just go to the game store and add Apex Legends to your library.  Otherwise, you can also go to Origin game store and get Apex Legends from there. If you compare the performance of game on both platforms then you will find that there isn't much difference. On origin you may get slightly better performance and fps but the difference of fps is not that much. The game is free to play on both platforms so you can choose according to your comfort and preferences.

How to Choose Between These Platforms

With Apex Legends available on so many platforms, sometimes it can be difficult to choose which platform is best for you. It all depends upon your preferences. If you already have a gaming console like X-box or PS4, you can play it on them. But if you want to play in a competitive environment and get the best gaming experience, then it is only possible on a PC. If you just want to chill with your friends and kill some time, then consoles can do the job for you. For maximum performance, a PC is recommended.

Bonus:Want to record and edit your wonderful Apex gameplay? Give it a go on Wondershare Filmora X.

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