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Best Online Fun Girl Games for Kids in 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Looking for dress up games for girls? Looking for online game websites like girlsgogame? Don't worry, we find all of them for you.

With the development of tablets and smartphones, it has become easier for girls to play exciting games on their mobile phones. The internet also offers a wide variety of online games for girls, so they can play some really cool games to kill their time whenever they have some free time. If you are a girl looking for the best girl games to play in 2024, then you are on the right page. This article will tell you online girl games website like girlsgogame, dress up games for girls that you can play on mobile or pc and more!


Online Girl Games

As discussed earlier, you can find plenty of games on the internet for girls. There are countless websites that offer different types of games for girls and can be played online. The girl games are so popular these days that some of the gaming websites have a separation portion on their website for girl games. On every website, girl games have a variety of options to choose from, and most of the games are known as flash games. You can play these games on any browser like firefox and google chrome. You will need to install a plugin known as "Flash Player" to play these games. The flash player is easily downloadable through the internet, and it is free of cost.

Some of the best websites to play online girl games are:


    girlsgogame index


    Girlsplay index


    Kiloo index


    agame index

Each of these websites has different categories for girl games like dress-up games, make-up games, cooking games, etc.


Mobile girl games

Smartphones and tablets are the best way to play some games in your free time to freshen your mind. Here is the list of best mobile games for girls that we have carefully crafted after a lot of research.

      1. Candy Crush Saga

        Price: Free (offers In-app purchases)

        Compatibility: Android,iOS

        candy crush saga interface1

        With over one billion downloads, Candy Crush Saga is one of the best mobile games for girls to play on their mobile devices. This game is a complete addiction, and once you start playing this game, it becomes very difficult to take your hands off your mobile phones.

        candy crush saga interface2

        The game has excellent sound effects during the gameplay that makes it even more enjoyable. This game is developed by King's Studios, and it is one of the most played mobile games all over the world.

        Everyone who starts playing this game becomes addicted and couldn’t stop without clearing one level after another. In the game, you have to clear the levels by matching the same types of candies and some magical candies that you get from time to time. The difficulty of the game increases as you go higher in the levels.

      2. FarmVille 2

        Price: Free (offers In-app purchases)

        Compatibility: Android, iOS

        farmvlle interface 1

        This game is developed by  Zynga, which is a well-known creator of casual games. It is a fantastic game, and girls get addicted to this game once they start playing. It is the next version of FarmVille 1 and is the world's most popular farming game. It comes with a lot of new adventures and effects as compared to its previous version.

        farmvlle interface 2

        FarmVille 1 was also a very successful game on social media platforms. Girls used to play this game for hours, and you might also have seen some notifications from your friends. The game is all about farming. You can harvest your farm for fresh crops and your favorite fruits. You can do fishing, gardening, and develop your own amazing farm.

      3. Pet Rescue Saga

        Price: Free (offers In-app purchases)

        Compatibility: Android, iOS

        With over 50 million downloads, this game is also a girl's favorite. You may not be able to keep real pets, but the idea of virtual pets is quite impressive. This game is also developed by King's studios and is getting popular among girls day by day.

        pet rescue saga interface1

        In this game, you have to match the same color blocks to clear the level and rescue the pets from evil pet snatchers. The game offers many challenging scenarios in which you have to rescue pets from pet snatchers. The limited number of moves in the game makes it even more challenging. This game has amazing sound effects that make it even more interesting.

      4. Bakery Story

        Price: Free (offers In-app purchases)

        Compatibility: Android, iOS

        bakery story interface1

        If you have a deep interest in cooking games, then you will find this game very interesting. It is based on a unique concept where you can design your own bakery. You have to ensure that your customers are happy and well-fed. The best thing about this game is that you can use your own creativity when building the bakery and customizing it. You can share your progress and bakery on Facebook to get some more customization tips from your friends. You can even invite your friends to be your neighbors in the Bakery story. If you are looking for the best girl game, then you have to give it a try.

      5. Princess Give Birth A Baby

        Price: Free
        Compatibility: Android

        princess give birth a baby1

        This game is kind of an educational game that is specifically designed for girls only. It is completely based on a unique idea in which a princess will give birth to a baby soon, and she needs help during expectancy and needs help in taking care of the newly born baby.

        princess give birth a baby2

        Your role in the game is to act as a doctor, and you have to check the blood pressure, fever, and heartbeat of the princess. You can even give her a pill to relax. When the baby is born, then your role is to act as a consultant to the child. You have to check the child's physical condition, and you can even help in picking clothes for the child. So, there is also a small touch of the dress-up game in it. This game is just a masterpiece for girls, and if you want to make the best usage of your free time, then you can play this game.

PC Girl Games

It was thought that PC gaming was only meant for boys from the last few decades, but the trends have changed a lot now. There are many female gamers playing every type of game, whether they are sports, action, adventure, or shooting games, etc. Some of the best PC games for girls are as follows:

      1. Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie

        Price: $9.99

        Compatibility: Windows

        Farm Frenzy3 1

        If you are looking for a game where you can do many adventure and fun activities, then Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie is meant for you. Your job is to keep up with scarlet and the latest advancements in technology. You can grow crops, feed animals, manufacture goods, buy and sell products, and do a lot of other activities.

        Farm Frenzy3 2

        You will have the feel of a full time farmer when you will play this game. You can develop a fully fledged farm with your favourite crops and animals. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and you won’t regret your decision.

      2. Minecraft

        Price: $26.95 USD (Java Edition)

        Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Consoles, and many other devices.


        In this game, players create and break different blocks in three-dimensional worlds. The game basically has two different modes. One is cervical, and the other is creative. In survival mode, players have to find their own food and shelter. They can interact with blocklike mobs and moving creatures like zombies, creepers, and other dangerous ones. In creative mode, players are given supplies, and they can build and break all kinds of blocks. They don't have to eat for survival in creative mode.


        The game is both single-player and multiplayer. Either you can play alone, or you can play it online with other players in multiplayer mode. You can download this game from the official Minecraft website for all kinds of devices and operating systems.

      3. OVERCOOKED! 2

        Price: $8.49

        Compatibility: Windows, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switches, and Xbox One.


        Overcooked 2 is a cooking simulation game developed by team17. It is the sequel of Overcooked! But, it comes with a lot of improvements. You have a more engaging kitchen, a variety of recipes available, and the ability to throw ingredients directly makes it even more fun to play.


        This game is played in a team of four, so it is a kind of multiplayer game. You can either form a local team with your friends, or you can team up with other players online. As you play this game in a co-op environment, your teamwork and time managing skills will improve a lot by playing this game.

      4. Gacha Life PC

        Price: Free But You can pay any amount you want to support the developer.

        Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS


        If you are more into girly things, then gatcha life PC is the most suitable game for you. It is a dress-up game in which you can dress up your characters and gatcha for free. This game is all about customization. You can customize your character using different dresses, hairstyles, parts, weapons, and much more. In-studio mode, you can take up to 8 characters, customize them according to your choice and then share them with your friends.


        The Pc version of the Gatcha Life has limited features, but in the android and iOS versions, there are much more features and options like online chat rooms, leaderboards, etc.

      5. Sims 4

        Price: $39.99 USD

        Compatibility: Windows, MAC, PS4,  Xbox One, Classic MAC



        If you are searching for the best PC games for girls, then the list wouldn't complete without sims. This is a simulation game in which players can create and a number of characters known as sims. Players watch them flourish in the city that they build for them. Your characters can date together, get married, have children, do jobs, do parties, get fired from jobs, and much more.


        You can also get expansion packs for sims that will allow you to have even more exciting outfits, new locations, new actions, and new items.

Thinking of editing your gameplay, please consider our product.

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