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Top 5 Fluid Simulation Games

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Video games play very vital roles in our day-to-day lives nowadays. With the increase in electronic gadgets and devices, our generation has moved from outdoor games to video games. There are several types of video games: action, adventure, strategy, role-play, simulation, and many more. Today we are going to talk about fluid simulation games. Fluid simulation games are considered to be the best source of relaxation and entertainment. They are simple but effective in making the player feel happy and satisfied. These games not only help you in passing your time but also work as the best stress relievers. Fluid Simulation Games give you control over different kinds of fluids, use them the way you want, use your creativity, and do whatever you want. Because various fluid games are available on the internet, it isn't easy to find the most appropriate game that best suits your requirements and interests. In this article, we will list down the Top 5 Fluid Simulation Games for all kinds of devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Select any of these games according to your device and interests. 

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1. Fluid Simulation - Trippy Stress Reliever

Platform: AndroidiOS

Price: Free - $3.69


Are you feeling bored or worried? Let this Fluid Simulation game take your boredom and worry away from you. Control multi-color fluids with your fingertips and move them the way you want. It allows you to create unique patterns. These phenomenal colors and textures will take you to a different world. This game can help you release your stress and keep your mind in the present movement of joy and fun. This fluid simulation game allows you to control gas, water, and other liquids and play with them the way you want. 


  • Control the fluids with your fingertips
  • Play with Liquid, water, and gas
  • Use a wide range of colors


2. Magic Fluids

Platform: AndroidiOS

Price: $3.99 - $4.99


Are you looking for something relaxing as well as entertaining? Magic Fluids can help you relieve your stress with its extensive range of amazing features. The best thing about this game is its wide range of presets that let you play with different colors in different styles. It lets you use your creativity to mix colors and generate something artistic and beautiful. It is not just a random fluid simulation game but it also allows you to create patterns using your creativity. You can also use Magic Fluids as a live wallpaper in order to use it whenever you want without opening the app.


  • Helps you calm down and relax
  • Use your creativity to create awesome things
  • Around 30 presets
  • Multi-touch control
  • Use it as a live wallpaper


3. Fluids & Sounds 2021: Magic mind relaxing game

Platform: Android

Price: Free


Do you love to be artistic and create amazing arts? With Fluids and Sounds, you can create marvelous art using your fingertips. It doesn't only help you to be artistic but it also makes you feel relaxed and stress-free. The magical and glowing fluids of this game will take you to the world of colors and creativity. The developers of this game compare this game with therapy. According to them, it will have a positive impact on your day-to-day life. It will help you focus, meditate and relax while playing it. Unlike other games, this game comes with a matching sound and music to enhance your experience of playing with fluids.


  • Contains dozens of aspects to playing with
  • Synthesized sound for a better experience
  • Save your setting for the future using presets
  • Simple but attractive User Interface


4. Plasma Pong

Platform: WindowsmacOS

Price: Free


Have you ever played Pong and loved playing it? Then you will definitely love this enhanced version of this game. Plasma Pong is different because it is filled with plasma. When you play it, the ball pushes and distributes the plasma, creating amazing and artistic patterns and structures. This colorful plasma increases the value of this game. There are three modes in Plasma Pong, Single Player, Multiplayer, and Sandbox Mode. In single-player, the user combats with AI in a fluid-filled environment that creates astonishing patterns. While in Multiplayer mode, two players share the same keyboard to compete with each other. And in Sandbox mode, you don't have to compete or combat with anyone. You are free to play with the colorful plasma the way you want and create amazing artistic and aesthetic effects. Choose a mode that best suits your interests and start playing in a plasma-like fluid-filled environment.


  • Pong with plasma filled environment
  • Create amazing artistic patterns while combating
  • Choose a mode that best suits your interests
  • Play with your friends and family members

5. Fluids & Sounds Simulation

Platform: iOS

Price: Free


Fluids & Sounds Simulation is a fluid simulation game based on colorful fluids synthesized with sounds. It helps you channel your negative energies into aesthetic and creative art. Control the colorful fluids with your fingers the way you want. It allows you to use multiple touches to enhance your creativity. Create exceptional patterns of fluids using the movement of your fingers. With Fluids and Sounds simulation, dive into the world full of colors and art.


  • Easy to use Fluid Simulation Game
  • Various parameters to play
  • Wide range of colors
  • Create patterns without interacting with Autopilot
  • Record videos of the fluid movement


All above fluid simulation games are great sources of relaxation and can be used as stress relievers. All of these games can provide you a different experience with fluids, choose one that is the most appropriate and suitable for you. Take a break from your busy and hectic life to enjoy the beauty of colorful fluids and create aesthetic art and patterns.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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