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8 Free Instagram Story Savers-Save Instagram Stories without Limits

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Instagram Story is one of the remarkable features of the Instagram platform. It permits the users to post their stories on the timeline which is available for their connected friends for easy reach. The stories display at the top of the Instagram environment in chronological order from the oldest to the newest posts. You can view those stories by tapping on it. The story is available now on the full screen for a better view. Most importantly, these stories from your Instagram friends will be available only for 24 hours. It vanishes after a day and it will be no longer available for you. You can save your Instagram stories using the Instagram Story Saver apps. It must be exciting if you can store your Insta stories for reuse. Then, this article will be a great guide in choosing the right Instagram story saver programs for your needs.

instagram story saver

8 Free Instagram Story Savers to Save Instagram Stories

Most Instagram users love to save the stories in their desired devices for reuse in the future. You can repost the same post after some days to enjoy those nostalgic moments with your Insta friends. It helps you to get back your memories at any time if you can wisely save those Instagram stories for easy reach. Now, quickly take a look at the reliable Instagram story saver programs for flawless storage of the Insta stories.

1. (Online/Windows/Mac)

It is an online Instagram Story Saver tool and it is compatible with Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac systems. The Insta story saving process seems to be very simple using this app. Just go to the official webpage, enter the Instagram username, hit the ‘Download’ button, choose the desired Instagram story you want to save, and tap the ‘Save As’ button to store the stories at the desired storage location in your device!

instagram story saver tool

2. Storiesig (Online/Windows/Mac)

Storiesig is an online web application to save Instagram stories precisely. Here, you must copy the URL of your Insta account and paste it on the web page of the Storiesig. Finally, hit the ‘Download; button to trigger the storage procedure. You can navigate through the folders in your device and select the best locations to save the Instagram stories effectively. This program supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone gadgets.

stories ig instagram

3. Aloinstagram(Online/Windows/Mac)

It is an exclusive program to save your favorite Instagram stories for reuse. You can use these stories to repost later in your Insta account without any issues. Go to the official webpage of this tool and paste the URL of your favorite Instagram story user account and tap the ‘Search’ button to reach out to the profile and save the stories optimally. Initially surf through the profile link sharing your favorite Insta story and copy that Instagram account details to carry out the story download process at the reputed platform like Aloinstagram. It is compatible with all electronic devices like PC and smartphones. It was compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac systems.

aloinstagram story saver

4. Ingramer(Online/Windows/Mac)

Ingramer is a specially designed program to save the desired Instagram stories at your gadgets effortlessly. To save the story, log in to your Insta account and surf through the profile displaying your favorite stories. Then, copy the profile link carrying the details of the account name and paste the link at the official webpage of Ingramer space. You can also enter the Instagram account username in the text field then finally, press the ‘Search’ button to trigger the search and storage process. You can traverse through the folders in your system to locate the best space to store the Insta stories. This application is compatible with Windows, Mac systems and you can also save the stories in smartphones like Android and iPhone effectively.

ingramer story saver


This Instagram story saver app is compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows systems. To download the desired Insta story on your devices, you can either copy the profile link or the username of the Insta account sharing your favorite Insta stories on their timeline. Then, paste the copied link or user name at the text field available on the official webpage of Press the ‘Download Now’ button to carry out the Insta story download process. You can navigate between the drives and folders to save your favorite Insta stories for easy access in the future.

instaview story saver

6. Igstorie(Online/Windows/Mac)

It is a web application to save the Insta stories at your desired storage location without any issues. Visit the official webpage of this program and enter the Insta account username. Then, hit the ‘Download’ button to store the necessary Instagram stories on your devices. This application is compatible with Windows, Mac systems and it also supports Android and iPhone gadgets.

igstorie instagram story saver

7. Storyinsta(Online/Android)

It is the best Instagram Story Saver app where you can download the stories even from anonymous profiles. Download the ‘Storyinsta – Incognito mode’ program for Android in the Google Play Store and install the application by following the wizard instructions. Then, enter the Instagram username in the text field and tap the ‘Search’ button. All the Insta stories shared by that account will be displayed along with the save button for each story. You must hit the ‘Save’ button to store the desired story into your gadget effortlessly. You can also use the web application similar to a mobile app to save your favorite Insta stories in the Windows and Mac systems. You can also enter the name of the Instagram user if you do not know the exact username. From the search results, you can reach out to the desired account easily.

instagram story saver

Bonus Tip—Edit Instagram Videos with Wondershare Filmora

After a successful download of your favorite Insta stories into your device, the next step would be making it more attractive through editing procedures. Wondershare Filmora is one of the best Instagram video editors to create persuasive videos and attract your followers in no time. There is a wide range of options to customize the Insta videos for better results. The user-friendly space of Wondershare Filmora assists you to build an extraordinary Instagram video and post it on the Insta platform without any issues.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora:

  • Animation keyframing: apply one-click pre-sets for an easier keyframe experience or just animate freely.
  • Audio ducking: enhance the talking voice by lower the overlapped BGM or another audio volume automatically.
  • Color matching: match the color of the selected clips to a reference frame.
  • Motion tracking:  track moving objects in a video clip quickly.

Edit Instagram videos effectively using Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1: Download Wondershare Filmora

Go to the official Wondershare Filmora website to download the application. Or you can download it from the wizard below.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Step 2: Import your Instagram videos

Press the Import-Import Media Files option, and then navigate through your system drives and import your desired Instagram videos to Filmora.

import instagram video

Step 3: Adjust the project aspect ratio to the Instagram mode 

Drag and drop the video to the timeline, then go to ‘File -> Project Settings’, and adjust the Aspect Ratio to 1:1(Instagram).

adjust instagram video ratio

Step 4: Add a background color

You will see black bars at the top and bottom of the video after you switch to the 1:1 mode. Go to the Sample color folder, add the white color to the track below the video, and finally resize the white background image to cover the black bars.

add background color to instagram video

Step 5: Add titles to the Instagram video

Go to the ‘Titles’ tab, select your desired title, add it to the timeline. Then you can edit the texts as per your needs and move the title to the top or bottom of the video.

add titles to instagram video

Step 6: Edit and animate the texts

Double click the title on the timeline, select ADVANCED, and you will be able to edit and animate the texts. Just click on Customize to change the text color, size, or opacity, etc. Or you can also go to the Animation tab to apply an animation to the text.

edit and animate texts

Step 7: Export and upload your Instagram video

Once you finish the editing, click the Export button to export the Instagram video to your local device. And finally, you can upload it to Instagram as you like.

export instagram video


Therefore, you had an informative discussion on the Instagram Story Saver programs. All the above-listed applications are reliable and you can save your favorite Insta stories effortlessly on your device. Add flavors to the stored Insta story clippings using the Wondershare Filmora. Connect with your Insta friends and store their shared stories easily. Later, create nostalgic memories through personalized repost of the stored Insta stories. Stay tuned with this article for a fun-filled journey on Instagram and its related explorations. Leave your comments and suggestions and look forward to our new creations.

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