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How to Create a Puzzle Feed on Instagram to Catch Attention

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Have you ever stumbled upon an Instagram profile that has instantly caught your attention? Since there are millions of profiles on Instagram, you need to have a unique factor to catch the attention of your audience. One of the smart marketing tactics is using a puzzle feed on Instagram that makes our profile look visually stunning. Here, I’m going to make you familiar with some stunning Instagram puzzle feed ideas and would also let you know how to create a puzzle feed on Instagram via Canva.

Part 1: What is a Puzzle Feed on Instagram?

A puzzle feed on Instagram is simply a visually appealing layout that is mostly created by using readily available templates. Needless to say, the overall layout looks like a puzzle in which some parts of your images would overlay on other posts. In this way, the overall layout of your profile is maintained and looks visually stunning.

Here, you can see, how a puzzle feed looks on an Instagram profile. Every post has some or other segments that connect it to another post. Not only does it create a visually appealing look, but it also helps in storytelling and promoting marketing ideas.

Part 2: Are Instagram Puzzle Layouts Good: Pros and Cons

If you are not sure whether having a puzzle feed is a good idea for your Instagram profile or not, then consider these advantages and limitations.


  • A puzzle feed would make your Instagram profile look visually appealing and let it stand out from the crowd.
  • You can easily use a puzzle feed to tell a story about your brand or personal experience.
  • They can act as a marketing tool by creating a visual mystery around your profile.
  • As your audience would check out a post or two, they would be curious to see your profile to know the layout of the entire feed.
  • You can easily do an Instagram puzzle template free download and implement it on your profile.


  • If not implemented correctly, they can make your Instagram profile look a bit cluttered.
  • At times, it takes away the focus from the actual content of your images and shifts it to the overall layout.

Part 3: Beautiful Instagram Puzzle Templates [Free Download]

As you can see, it is important to implement your Instagram puzzle feed ideas thoughtfully to get the best results. For your convenience, I have handpicked some stunning Instagram puzzle template free download sources that you can readily use.

1.Ripped Instagram Puzzle Theme

If you want to make your Instagram profile look creative and artistically driven, then this would be one of the best puzzle feed templates. It features multiple 3x3 grid images that you can customize to get the perfect Instagram puzzle feed. The theme includes 18 slides images of 1080x1080 resolution that can be editing on Photoshop or any other image editor.

ripped ig puzzle feed

More info:

2.Color Contrasting Puzzle Theme

For all those who would like to instantly catch the attention of their audience, this would be one of the best Instagram puzzle feed ideas. The theme is based on the contrasting colors of blue and yellow, packed in a perfect appeal. You will get 9 free editable images in the template to make (and repeat) a perfect 3x3 grid.

color contrasting puzzle feed

More info:

3.Minimalist Puzzle Feed Template for Instagram

Let’s be honest, there are times when the overall layout of the theme can take over our content on Instagram. In this case, you can explore this Instagram puzzle template that is available for a free download. It features a minimalist appeal that would let you focus on your pictures instead. The Instagram puzzle template readily works on Photoshop and is fully customizable.

minimalist ig puzzle feed

More info:

4.Creative Fashion Puzzle Template for Instagram

Are you a fashion influencer or a lifestyle blogger who would like to level up your presence on Instagram? Then this would be one of the best Instagram puzzle feed ideas to explore. The template is compatible with Photoshop and features a layout of 9 images in 2048x2048 resolution.

fashion puzzle template ig

More info:

5.Lala Free Puzzle Template

Lastly, this would be an all-in-one template that you can readily use to spark up your Instagram account. From travel influencers to artists, almost anyone can use this puzzle feed Instagram template. It includes 27 editable images that you can customize as per your requirements to come up with a stunning Instagram feed in no time.

lala puzzle template

More info:

Part 4: How to Make an Instagram Puzzle Feed Instantly via Canva?

You can find tons of customizable templates for making an Instagram puzzle feed that can be used on platforms like Photoshop or Canva. If you want, you can also come up with a puzzle feed on Instagram via Canva from scratch. It is a freely available online editor that offers tons of templates and options to create social media posts.

Here’s how you can also come up with a customizable puzzle feed for Instagram using Canva:

Step 1: Choose to work on a custom design on Canva

At first, you can just go to the official website of Canva, log in to your account, and choose to work on a Custom Design from its home. Here, you can enter the size as 3240x3240 pixels to work on a set of 3x3 images (since an ideal Instagram post is of 1080x1080 pixels).

login canva make puzzle feed

Step 2: Add Grids to your Custom Design on Canva

This will simply open a new canvas on your interface so that you can add all kinds of elements. Now, go to the sidebar and under the Elements section, look for “Grids”. From here, you can add a 3x3 grid to get 9 equal images. If you want, you can make a grid and canvas of any other preferred size as well.

add grids to puzzle feed

Step 3: Add Elements and Photos to your Grid

Once the grid is created, you can just drag and drop all kinds of elements or pictures on it. At first, I would recommend adding photos so that you can easily place them and get their right placement on the canvas.

add elements to grid

Following the same approach, you can find all kinds of elements on the sidebar that you can add to your grid. For instance, you can add headlines, texts, lines, vectors, and so much more.

add photo to grid

Step 4: Split and Post your Photos on Instagram

That’s it! Once you have worked on the entire grid, you can go to the Export button and save the entire grid image on your system. Later, you can use any free solution (like Pine Tools) to split the grid into individual 1080x1080 photos for your Instagram feed.

split grid ig puzzle

In this way, you can easily explore your creative side to make all kinds of puzzle feeds for Instagram via Canva.

Part 5: Effective Instagram Puzzle Feed Ideas

As you can see, it can be quite easy to come up with a puzzle feed for Instagram on Canva. To get even better results, you can consider implementing these Instagram puzzle feed ideas as well.

Less is More

A lot of people make the rookie mistake of adding too many design elements while creating an Instagram puzzle feed. Remember, your focus should be on your content and other elements are there to simply elevate the visual appeal of your feed.

Be Consistent

If you have just started with a puzzle theme on Instagram, then be consistent and stick to it for a while. For instance, if you would keep changing the overall theme after every 9 posts, then it will make your account look cluttered.

Consider your account’s theme

Don’t go with any free or paid Instagram puzzle feed just because it looks appealing. You should consider the overall theme of your brand or personal account. The template should reflect the idea of your business. For instance, luxury brands can go with bold colors while fashion influencers can have some contrasting gradients on their template.


I’m sure that after reading this guide, you would be able to pick the perfect puzzle feed for your Instagram account. As you can see, I have listed some readily available Instagram puzzle feed templates (free download) options. Besides that, I have also provided a solution on how to create a puzzle feed for Instagram on Canva. You can go through these Instagram puzzle feed ideas and spark up your creativity to have a unique presence on the social media platform as well.

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