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How to Use Periscope: The Complete Guide

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Knowing the functions and settings:

Periscope is a Twitter special application for live streaming needs and the best part is it works on mobile platforms. Viewers can add comments on videos and they can also forward “hearts” to streamers as a token of appreciation for their impressive work. The app is actually very interaction with four major tabs:

1. You will find two lists on first tab:

First one is the Teleport option that takes broadcaster to any random place in world and reflects that place as your active broadcast location.

The second list contains information about all those broadcasts that you have viewed within last 24 hours.


2. The second tab on application is used to display list of public broadcasts on global level and users are free to join all of them. They are developed on the basis of your geographical location.


3. The third tab again contains the information about list of live public broadcasts in list format.


4. The fourth tab is designed to assist users with easy search for followers. It also displays settings for your own profile and allows users to make basic adjustments for followers.


How to watch Periscope Video?

If you want to enjoy a live broadcast on Periscope then you can either try the list format or go for the map version on global broadcast tab; simply touch over the ongoing event that seems interesting to you. It also allows real time interactions with the broadcasters as well as other users that are connected during a particular live event.

The lists of features include:

1. You will find a say something field on your application at bottom portion; whenever you want to comment for any event, you can put your text in this field.

2. On the right side, you will observe hearts and they keep on floating upward. Whenever you find something very interesting or just want to appreciate the efforts of broadcaster on channel then you can use these hearts as token for your words of appreciation. You need to tap on the screen to send this heart to broadcaster.

3. There is a little person on bottom right corner of your app screen; it provides information about number of viewers on your broadcast. If you touch this tiny icon, it will take you to another page.


How to Broadcast on Periscope?

As per the default setting, broadcasts stay public that means anyone can watch what you have uploaded. But in case if you want to prioritize your audience then Periscope application offers easy personalization. Use private broadcast feature to invite selected audience on your broadcasts. This broadcast setting icon is actually a small camera like shape that can be used from first as well as second tab easily.

During your very first visit to broadcast screen, you will find a permission required pop up. Here you have to hit on allow permissions option. Now enable all three options that appear on screen.


Now you are at broadcast screen where you have to enter name or title of your broadcast event. Users can adjust their location preferences while converting broadcasts from private to public or vice versa view. Adjust the chat options and finally you will reach at your Twitter link. If you want to capture feeds from webcam then it can be switched easily by simply double tapping on device screen. Once all these controls have been adjusted then your app provides an event summery, you can approve it or edit before making your post live. It will also provide you details about how many hearts you have received from viewers.


Once your broadcast becomes live then it will stay online for next 24 hours and all viewers and followers will be able to replay, watch as well as share the information with other users. The collection of hearts as viewer’s response may go on.


Tips to get more followers or viewers on Periscope:

There is no doubt to say that Periscope is a wonderful tool if you want to make your career as a live streaming and want to grow size of your followers fast. Below are few important tips to gain more followers/viewers on Periscope:

1. Once you have gained lots of knowledge and expertise in a particular area then it is good to develop few scopes so that you can easily share your hints and tips related to that topic. The #hash tag feature helps to attract more audience towards your posts.

2. The most essential task that you need to focus upon during your upload is to add eye catching titles for your content. Words of your title can make huge difference as few have power to grab more audience whereas others can suffer more ignorance. The rule is to follow relevant content marketing boosted titles phrases.

3. Make some efforts to encourage viewers to send more hearts for your broadcasts. More hearts means you will achieve higher rank on periscope. If you share your scope then viewers can go through it for next 24 hours.

4. The powerful solution to grow size of your audience is to stay active to collaborate with other Periscope users. This tip can add more value to your business when you start working in collaboration with other experts.

5. Never forget to turn on that Twitter sign while posting your content on scope.

6. Update your location details time to time.

7. Try to build a strong community and always share a valuable content as per interest of your viewers.

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