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Ustream Review and Alternatives

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Ustream Review:

Ustream is a popular live streaming broadcast platform that works like an effective digital media campaign alternative along with best advertising platform. It assists users to broadcast over multiple devices like connected TVs, streaming players, mobile devices and many more. This platform is capable enough to enhance event services as well as productions with its effective technical support, performance metrics, and connectivity as well as transmission options.


Key Features:

  • Easy setup so that one can immediately start streaming interactive live events for free without wasting a minute.
  • It delivers video hosting services using premium CDNs that are perfect choice for all high volume type global video delivery needs.
  • Higher security with 3rd party authentication services.
  • It offers customised branding services with skinning and personalized pages.
  • There are so many open APIs as well as advanced tools that can assist in creation of 3rd party video applications.
  • It is much easier to add integrations with various popular platforms including post, , mid, pre roll, overlay banners etc.
  • Both HTML5 and Flash video players are available on this platform.
  • It offers great social media integrations.


Pricing packages of uStream starts from $99/month and the maximum range can go up to $999 with incredible services. These prices are based on price of package licenses as well as on the resources used as like storage and bandwidth etc.


  • uStream works with interactive style to connect broadcasters with their targeted audiences so that they can find opportunities to develop strong connections throughout the world.
  • Viewers are allowed to interact directly while following person to person communication facilities including live chat features.
  • There are so many social networking features for easy performance improvement.


  • This site demands stable internet connection with very high speed.
  • Broadcasters are allowed to stream 300Kbps data at max.

Ustream Alternatives:

1. DaCast:

Dacast is well known as first most popular online video streaming platform that works with SaaS model. It contains wide range of features via cloud computing where HD streaming is possible. Users can enjoy on demand videos as well as paywall integrations on this network. You will be glad to know that it works with white label and allow so many companies to create their customized streaming services without ads.



  • It is well trusted community with great service exposure.
  • This platform is easier to use.
  • Offers on demand videos as well as paywall integrations.

2. YouTube Live:

YouTube always stays in mind of every crazy broadcaster due to its interactive feature set and effective services for live broadcasting needs. You can login to YouTueb Live stream platform with your YouTube account and it mostly demands your phone number for account verification. Once you are able to set your account then it becomes much easier to host streams publically. YouTube Live is commonly used for sports, music, news, gameplay and other educational tutorials. You will be glad to know that YouTube Live can assist you to generate income with few easy tricks. It can be a great opportunity for your career.



  • It offers easy monetization options with ads.
  • One can create highlight reel.
  • It is much easier to customize audio and video content.
  • Allows effective interactions between broadcasters and rest of the world.

3. YouNow:

This interactive video chatting and streaming platform helps viewers to explore wide range of videos from their smartphones as well as browsers. YouNow is rated as an professional tool with all great features that can serve business world as well as beginners with entertaining services. The live chat feature can be accessed for free so you will find great opportunities to build up your network. Some of the most popular topics in this platform use to be related to singing, talk, hip-hp, Halloween, girls, guys, bored, dance and musicians etc.



  • Easy to use.
  • Chat service is free.
  • Wide range of topics are covered on this platform,

4. Livestream:

Livestream network assists users with easy broadcasting services and viewers can enjoy so many interesting live streams over here. This platform is commonly used for watching live music, sports and news etc. The best thing to know about Livestream is that it works effectively over tablet, smartphone, laptop, computer and connected cameras so you can access live stream services anytime from anywhere. Simply send a link from facebook or twitter or you can create an email as well as text message to invite your viewers to watch your live content.



  • It offers interactive built in type chat platform.
  • Users are able to follow others on Livestreams and they can avail active notifications for all streams.
  • One can access this platform on desktop as a web based service and application can be installed on portable devices for all time connectivity.
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