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Top 6 Video Editing Apps for macOS Big Sur 11

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Aug 18, 2022• Proven solutions

Released in November 2020, macOS Big Sur is the latest OS version for Mac systems. The operating system is equipped with tons of features and has an optimized algorithm for running apps. Sadly, a lot of existing apps are no longer compatible with it and users often find it hard to pick a decent video editor Big Sur app. Don’t worry, in this post, I will make you familiar with the 6 best video editing apps for macOS Big Sur that you can consider trying.

Top 1. Wondershare Filmora

Considered one of the best video editing apps, Filmora is 100% compatible with macOS Big Sur. The tool has some of the most advanced editing options and features a user-friendly interface with no learning curve.

  • You can find all kinds of editing options in Filmora like recording, merging, trimming, cropping, rotating, and so on.
  • There are hundreds of transitions, overlays, filters, captions, etc. that you can add to your videos and further customize.
  • You can work on keyframing in Filmora to make minor edits in your videos easily.
  • There is a dedicated audio mixer with an advanced audio ducking option. You can also add voiceovers to videos directly on Filmora.
  • You can explore tons of advanced features in Filmora like automatic scene detection, motion tracking, green screen edits, pan-and-zoom, reverse playback, split-screen, and more.


  • It has an excellent video stabilization option.
  • Professional color tuning and color grading features are also available.
  • It has an inbuilt stock of photos, clips, soundtracks, and more.


  • The free version of the tool would leave its watermark on the exported video.

Top 2. Apple iMovie

If you don’t want to use any third-party macOS Big Sur app, then you can simply try iMovie. With the new macOS Bir Sur update, you can also enjoy a revamped version of iMovie that can meet all the basic video editing needs.

  • You can import all kinds of media from your Mac to iMovie to create or edit videos.
  • There are tons of special effects, high fidelity filters, transitions, etc. that you can explore in iMovie.
  • You can also enjoy its green screen or picture-in-picture editing effects seamlessly.
  • There is a dedicated audio mixer in the Apple macOS Big Sur iMovie app, letting you add and edit soundtracks.


  • As of now, iMovie even supports editing in 4K resolution.
  • This is an inbuilt app in macOS Big Sur (and is available for free)


  • There are not many advanced video editing options that you would find.
  • No availability of stock photos and videos.

Top 3. Apple Final Cut Pro

If you are looking for a more sophisticated macOS Big Sur compatible video editor, then you can try Final Cut Pro. It is also developed by Apple, but unlike iMovie, it isn’t free and has a lot of advanced options.

  • It supports the editing of videos in up to 8K resolution with a shared library and an extensive stock.
  • The Final Cut Pro Big Sur app has metal engine integration that has drastically boosted its performance.
  • You can do seamless multi-cam editing of up to 64 angles using its dedicated feature.
  • The macOS Big Sur App supports excellent color grading via Look-up Table for HDR editing.


  • It also supports the editing of raw clips and footage.
  • Users can also perform 360-degree video edits on Final Cut Pro.


  • The tool is not available for free.
  • Learning this Big Sur app can be a bit tedious.

Top 4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Developed by Adobe, this is a macOS Big Sur compatible video editor that provides seamless editing features. You can use this new macOS Big Sur app to create movies and edit clips, all in one place.

  • It is a timeline-based editing tool that would let you import media from different sources.
  • There are hundreds of animations, transitions, and other video effects that you can readily insert using this Big Sur app.
  • On this Adobe macOS Big Sur app, you can add sounds, edit audio, and even perform automatic audio ducking.
  • Other advanced features of Premiere Pro are color grading, motion tracking, keyframing, and more.


  • Gives us access to Adobe’s extensive stock to import photos and clips.
  • Smart color grading and white balance features.


  • Not the easiest video editing tool to learn.
  • It is a bit expensive as well.

Top 5. Lightworks

For all those who are looking for a professional-level video editing tool for macOS Big Sur, Lightworks would be an ideal option. It is often used by experts and offers tons of powerful assets and editing features.

  • It supports a timeline-based interface with several editing options like merge, trim, crop, etc.
  • Users would get access to its royalty-free stock of clips, photos, audio tracks, and more.
  • You can access tons of transitions, filters, overlays, etc. that can easily be customized.
  • Also offers an inbuilt histogram tool and is known for its fast processing (via GPU acceleration).


  • It has an inbuilt stock of royalty-free content.
  • Smart templates for social media posts like Facebook and YouTube


  • Lack of presents and user-generated tutorials/community.
  • Only offers a 7-day free trial.

Top 6. Blender

Lastly, if you are looking for a free open-source 3D animation and video editor Big Sur app, then Blender should be your first pick. Even though this macOS Big Sur app is available for free, it has several professional editing options that you would love to explore.

  • The latest version of Blender is macOS Big Sur compatible and provides 3D transitioning and editing options as well.
  • You can use Blender to do 3D modeling, simulating, UV unwrapping, texturing, and so much more.
  • There are all the basic video editing tools to crop, trim, merge, and rotate your videos in Blender.
  • You can also include several plug-ins to this Big Sur app for motion tracking, green screen edits, and more.


  • Tons of 3D and 2D animation options are included.
  • Blender is freely available for multiple platforms.


  • Less video editing options as it is mostly used for creating animations.
  • It is one of the toughest editing tools to master.

Now when you know 6 different macOS Big Sur compatible video editors, you can easily pick a preferred app. I would recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best macOS Big Sur video editor since it is equipped with tons of editing features. Not just that, the application is extremely easy to learn and has hundreds of templates, transitions, filters, etc. that would save your time in editing for sure.

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