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Tips for Research and Plan Engaging YouTube Content

Isaiah Peter

Video content has become a tool to engage viewers and build a solid online presence. However, crafting such videos requires careful planning and execution. This post will cover how to help you create videos that can hook your audience. By the end, you'll become a pro video content creator!

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:30 Determine the Content Format

Decide the type of video you want to create. It can be entertaining, educational, short film, review, tutorial, walkthrough, or reaction video. The content format defines the main point of your video and helps make it engaging for your viewers. You should refer to other content creators in your niche for inspiration. But ensure you offer a unique perspective and insights based on your experiences.

02:10 Identify the Main Point and Create a Script

After selecting the content format, determine your video's main point or topic. It could be something like "Top Tips to Become a Better [Niche]" or "Best Tools for [Niche]." You can create a script with bullet points outlining the key topics or lines you want to cover. Initially, you can avoid writing a complete paragraph or essay. This script is a framework that allows you to riff off it naturally during recording.

03:15 Record and Edit

Now, proceed to record your video. Refer to your script, but avoid reading it word-for-word. Instead, use the bullet points as a guide and speak naturally. It should look as if you are conversing with someone face-to-face. This approach will make your delivery more authentic and engaging. After recording, edit the video by splicing together the relevant clips.

05:06 Use Short-Form Content for Practice

Start with short content if you're new and feel overwhelmed by longer video formats. You can make 30-second Instagram videos. This approach will allow you to practice filming, scripting, and editing. As you gain experience and confidence, you can gradually shift to longer-form videos.

05:50 Research and Plan Content

Identify your favorite content creators in your niche and browse their popular videos. Look for topics or subjects you have experience in. This will allow you to provide a unique perspective and valuable insights. You can repeat the content creation process by varying the content format or topics.


Creating video content is a process that requires a willingness to learn and adapt. You must analyze your performance, gather feedback, and adjust your approach. Collaborate with other creators or invite guest contributors to bring fresh perspectives. This way, you can create engaging videos that attract your target viewers.

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