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How to Make a Funny Meme on MacBook

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Everyone these days is living and breathing over the internet. One of the most popular things over the internet is a meme. No matter where you look on social media, you are going to come across memes. Funny memes or memes provoking sadness, there is a lot. You might love memes, but you might not have the idea that there are different kinds of memes. 

There are different types of memes, such as image memes, video memes, and GIF memes. The table below is going to show you the difference between the three. 

Image Meme

Video Meme

GIF Meme

Static Images


Moving Static Images

Contains Text

Contain Text

Contains Text

Contains No Music

Contain Music

Contains  No Music

Isn’t Animated

Isn’t Animated 


How to Make a GIF or a Video Meme on Mac?

If you want to create a video or GIF meme on your Mac device, here are the steps that you need to follow. 

1.    Find Your Video or Image

When you are looking to make a meme, you will have to collect the video. However, if you are planning to create a GIF meme, you have to find the right picture. You can use the videos and images that you have in the Mac image gallery. 

In case you are using a video editor, you can access their official site for some images to create your meme. 

2.    Find Caption

Now, you have to think of a captioning for the meme. This can be serious or funny when you make meme. 

3.    Add the Caption

The first thing that you need to do is open the image or video that you have saved on the laptop. As soon as you click on the ‘Markup icon’ you will find a display bar pop-up. Look for icon ‘T’ to click and then insert the text you want. 

When you click on the ‘T’ icon, a text box is going to appear over the picture. Click on the box labeled ‘Text’ for bringing inserting the caption. 

If you want, you can change the alignment, color, italics, bolding, font, and underline, too.

4.    Save the Meme

Now that you have created your desired meme, save it on your Mac device. Then share the final product on the social media platform. 

funny meme

Steps of Creating Video or GIF Meme Using FilmoraX

You can also use a video editor to create your Video or make meme in GIF. With FilmoraX, it is easy to do so. In case you want to make meme, but are new to this process, then FilmoraX is just the perfect tool for you. With the help of this meme maker, you can easily create a video, GIF, and image memes. 

FilmoraX can process memes much faster than its counterparts. It comes with an advanced encoder or decoder that ensures fast action. The video editor lets you upload videos with the help of a URL. Its output format is highly flexible and will convert your video to GIF in no time. With its help, you can edit fonts, add text, and move them as you want. What’s more, the video editor doesn’t include a watermark in the video. 

Here is a guide that will help you to create the funny video meme using FilmoraX on your Mac device. 

1.    Download and Install FilmoraX

The first thing that you have to do is download and install FilmoraX on Mac in case you do not have it already. 


Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2.    Drag and Drop the Video

Now that you have the meme maker, drag and drop on the video that you want. This will import the video to the meme maker. 

3.    Edit the Video with Funny Text or stickers

Go to the meme editor page when you are done choosing the video, image, or GIF. Now, from the left panel, you have to customize the video meme. You can also use the FilmoraX video trimmer to cut the video as per your requirements. Add texts, alter fonts, and preview the changes that you have made. 

11.modify title effect

4.    Export

When you are done making the change, you have to click on the ‘Export’ button to apply the changes to the video meme. After you have shared the meme on your social media pages, download it. 

export file on filmora

Ingredients to Make an Effective Meme

Memes keep gaining far-reaching traction. Businesses can join in on creating memes that will be suitable for their brand. However, while creating a meme, a business or an individual needs to keep a few things in mind. 

1.    Be Witty

The point of a meme is basically to be fun and silly. However, in the depth of it, you will find a witty connotation. This ties it to something more grave and important. So, the subject matter of the meme doesn’t have to be serious, but if you relate it to a far-reaching topic adding a witty comment will make the meme popular. 

2.    Creating Memes off Existing and Successful Trends

You should play off the existing trend. This is a popular method that is used by many across the web. By adapting a video in trend, you can add your own spin to it. This method is particularly known as memejacking. 

3.    Use Good Quality Video and Images

You might think that for a meme you do not quality video or image. However, that is not true. Even the picture frame that you are adding is important. Keep in mind that everything inside the meme is communicating something. The absence of something is also communicating certain things. Hence, unless you really mean to post a bad quality video or photo, make sure you do your best to get top-quality content. 

4.    Consider If It Works for the Audience

There is an audience for everything over the social media channels. However, meme-makers often tend to forget how personal it is. So, when you are making a joke, you have to make sure others are getting it. Simply because something is in trend, you shouldn’t go for it. You should only post it if it works for the brand of your profile. 


Memes can be of different types but what matters the most is they make the viewers laugh. If you keep the above tips in mind, you will be able to make a meme successfully. By using a meme maker like FilmoraX, the job becomes even easier.

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