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The 10 Minion Memes Moms Can't Get Enough Of

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Minions have successfully occupied global pop culture. In 2015, Universal Pictures made a record by spending $600 million on Minions marketing, partnering with Tic Tac, Converse, Amazon, and McDonald's. In addition, minions were an inspiration for numerous products, creating a kind of signifier for their film and signifying a sense that they were “freaking everywhere.”

They've also infiltrated the Internet. The Minions' abstractness let them known as ripe for meme-ing, which you can combine with any joke, idiom, or feeling.

A Minion meme is rarely crude, and generally, they are helpful for self-deprecating jabs or fart-jokes at one's cooking.

Leading with the fact, we'll discuss all the minion memes, how to make them, and their different types.

Part 1: Who Invented Minion Memes?

Who is to blame for pushing things down my throat day after day? It would be simple enough to blame Obama, Universal Studios, or even the guy who invented Minions, Pierre Coffin. But none of them is actually at fault. They were only providing humankind with the weapon, and humanity chose to use that evil weapon.

There have been loads of discussions about how Minions have dishonored the excellent name of the meme, rendering humor and creativity obsolete. But we are still entirely astonished as to why Minions shine from the big screen and leaked all over smartphones.

Part 2: Top 10 Minion Memes of 2021

The delayed-release "Minions: The Rise of Gru" is no laughing concern, but there'll be miles into smiles with or top collection of minion memes that include all funny minion memes, Facebook minion memes, and more.

So, let’s dive into them without further ado!


We are all familiar with the “X-Men” installations/movies and the sometimes the supervillain and evil-doer Magneto, who is smart enough to control iron?

magneto minion meme


2.Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer is one of the most hilarious and well-thought-out Minion memes on the list.

cereal killer minion meme


3.Fall in Love

You will fall in love with this funny Facebook Minion meme. It begins slow; you can't tell where it is heading to but grow; you are on the rolling floor.

love minion meme

4.A Minion poem

What’s the best way to include this cute, crazy evil minion poem? Enjoy!

minion poem

5.Your Minions Would Like to Say Happy Birthday!!! - Happy Birthday Minion Meme

birthday minion meme


6.Happy Birthday!! You are on in a Minion - Happy Birthday Minion Meme

happy birthday minion meme

7.Chasing my dream

You know, when people act some fantastic stuff but mean something else, like when they say "would die" if they don't eat that Chicken kebab! Even though it uses the literal word, it does not mean they die over a chicken wing piece; they exaggerate.

chasing dream minion meme

8.A Vegan Zombie

Ever met a zombie that hates meat? The one who likes to eat earthworms, grass, and grubs? Have you encountered a zombie? Well, we haven’t.

vegan zombie

9.Best Cook

Nothing like a finger-licking dish for a healthy "roasted dinner."

best cook minion meme

10.Mum Hack

So what’s the fastest way to get down the children? Well, that can be the mobile hotspot. Turn that beautiful technology on and look for the children to rush you for the password… True?

mum hack minion meme

Part 3: Create Memes with a Free Minion Meme Generator

With memes taking over entirely famous culture, you may be looking for a minion meme generator for yourself. By considering the use o meme maker, you can do just that!

Filmora meme maker is a free minion meme generator without a watermark.

Also, there's no need to log in or sign up first to use it. It supports importing an image, video, and GIF in one place. Just drag them to import, so simple to use. Essentially, if you want to choose a black or white background to input a caption, the Filmora minion meme generator can help you quickly.

You can change the text color, size, and position of your meme.

After editing is over, it allows you to export your work within a few seconds. In addition, you can also freely upload to some social media platforms, like IG, FB, and others.

  • Enter text anywhere (inside and outside of image)
  • Support exporting to popular video and photo formats, such as jpg, png, gif, mp4
  • It is entirely free to use, without any subscription cost.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Finally, we all agree that Minions, undoubtedly, are adorable short-sized, yellow, and clumsy but cute creatures, which, if used properly for minion memes, can motivate, cheer and improve a person's mood. They always try to shove in distinct words that generally make it a blow-off. And that can be awkward and odd as well.

However, as a bonus tip, we've mentioned all kinds of minion memes, including a free minion meme generator. So, try out these special memes through meme generators and let us know if you find our content helpful and valuable.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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