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Best Snapchat Filters and Lenses That You Want to Try

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Snapchat has taken over the selfie game since it has first been launched. Its lenses and filters are quite popular and dominating in the selfie game all around us. These filters can be a lot of fun, from changing your hairstyle to changing your background.

Snapchat offers its users almost every type of filter you can imagine. Nearly half a million filters are created every single month, which are perfectly working. From kids to grown-ups, everyone uses these filters for fun, to make themselves look weird, cool, or just a bit nicer. Snapchat has plenty of lenses and cool filters, making people fall in love with the app. People can also create their filters and help them engage with their brands and businesses. Let's explore some of the best Snapchat filters of 2021!

Part 1: Most Popular Snapchat Filters for Selfies in 2021

Let's have a look at the most popular Snapchat filters for selfies as we all know there's a big range to choose from!

1. Fire Sunglasses

Whenever the users are feeling energetic and motivated, they use the "fire sunglasses" filter. They want to show everyone that they're on fire, and there couldn't be a better filter than this. It provides the users with a pair of glasses with fire on the glass, which adds to the energy.

The fire on the contacts gives you a fiery and relaxed look that catches people's attention. People can use it after their workouts or for motivational posts. This filter puts up an uplifting mood and gives you good vibes, but it might not be best suited for everyone.

Most popular Snapchat filters - Fire Sunglasses

2. Neon Horns 

The Classic filter, the devil's horn but in neon! Incredibly catchy to the eye and gives you a devilish look. This filter is a classic and is here to stay for a long time; there's no doubt in that.

For the first time, Horn Filters have taken one step further and given it a neon effect, making it even more appealing. The user can change the horn color; various options have been offered, such as black and white. Some more color options include lime green, magenta, orange, and light blue. It is an evergreen filter but has limited use. Want to know the best part? It sits perfectly according to your filter and does not glitch at all.

Most popular Snapchat filters - Neon Horns

3. Cartoon 3D Style 

Cartoon 3D Style, one of the most popular filters on Snapchat and has every right to be! It gives you that unique specific animated look making you look like you just stepped out of a Disney movie. This filter adjusts itself according to our face cut and turns into Disney cartoons such as Kristoff.

People love to fool around with funny filters, and this one here has to be the best of them all. It gets better: from children to adults, everyone has undoubtedly used this filter. This filter has a soft shading giving it that artistic look like it had been hand-drawn; it's pretty fun when you make different faces with the filter on your face. This makes it the best filter on Snapchat!

Most popular Snapchat filters - Cartoon 3D Style

4. Scary Mask

When people get bored from typical filters and don't get much response, they use funny or scary filters, which are way more fun. But here's the kicker: this filter covers half your face with a golden skull mask and turns your eyes into a golden flame color too. If we look at this from a different perspective, this can also spread awareness to wear masks during these challenging times. This filter has received so much response from the Snapchat users and finds a place in the "best filters on Snapchat" list!

Most popular Snapchat filters - Scary Mask

5. Lips Freckles

This is the perfect filter for you whenever you're in the mood to give or take some love. It applies lips freckles near your eye and cheek area, making them look like there are freckles. You can even send these pictures to your loved ones and see how happy they get. Stuff like this is best when shared, especially with your loved ones, and experience some mutual good vibes.

Even when you feel lonely, it will bring you closer to the people far away from you, and you can even keep these memories safe with both of you. Isn't that great? This filter proves to be one of the best Snapchat filters for selfies.

Most popular Snapchat filters - Lips Freckles

Part 2: Best Snapchat Filters and Lens You Should Try In 2021

Snapchat filters are not just from developers, but there are some default filters on Snapchat too. These filters are mostly in use more than the ones by developers.

Best Snapchat Filters from Developers

1. Vogue Noir

It's everyone's dream to be a model, but not everyone can be one! The least you can do is try this filter on yourself and look classy. What makes this filter so special is that it gives you that 1980's look. It turns your picture into a black and white image, and you can also change and control the vogue logo color. This filter makes you look like a Vogue Magazine cover model.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens -Vogue Noir

2. Polaroid Frame

This filter has to be one of the best filters on Snapchat. Moreover, it turns your picture into a polaroid, and we all know how good a polaroid looks. This filter brightens up your photo and applies a few filters which make your face soften up. It also mentions the day and date at the bottom; the writing is handwritten, making it even more attractive. 

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens -Polaroid Frame

3. Pecan

This filter is for all the pale people out there. This filter adds strength to your skin and gives you a textured filter without going too far. This filter comes with two options; with grain and without grain, and most people prefer it with grain. Furthermore, this filter gives you those cool summer vibes. You can also control the amount of tan this filter adds. Most people love this filter because it's very subtle, but it does a lot without saturating colors too much.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens - Pecan

4. Dancing Turkey

 It's good to be a bit fun and goofy sometimes, and this filter is the right one for it. This filter provides you with a turkey costume, and this filter makes many laugh out loud. Most noteworthy, the turkey shows off its excellent dancing skills. You should surely try this filter on a bad day too; it'll light up your mood.

5. The Elders

This filter would be really useful around Halloween as it gives you that spooky look. You could scare people out of nowhere. This has to be one of your favorite filters on Snapchat. It appears normal at first, but your face will change into a scary-looking nun when you open your mouth. Probably, it is mostly used to scare people off.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens - The Elders

6. Distortion

This filter shows how life is going after this pandemic as it distorts your picture or video against the corners of the screen. It's a cool filter, and you can have fun with it and send it to your friends too.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens - Distortion

7. VSCO Filters

All in one Snapchat filter gives you the option to select from hundreds of overlays without you scrolling through thousands of Snapchat filters and install all of them. It shows you on-screen instructions on how to use it. These give an aesthetic look and feel to your photo without even trying. It's a great way to show off photography and uses this filter as an edit.

Best Default Filters and Lens from Snapchat

8. Reverse Video

This is one of the most used default filters and the best option for a filter on Snapchat. You don't need to add this filter as it's already there. If you make a video, you get an option to reverse the video and make it more attractive as if you're going backward. It is an interesting way of making your videos more creative.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens - Reverse Video

9. Altitude Overlay

This is another default filter given by Snapchat. Whenever you take a picture or make a video, you get an option to swipe and use the altitude filter. This filter tells you about altitude from sea level, making it quite an exciting filter for daily use.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens - Altitude Overlay

10. Time/Date Overlay

This is one of the best Snapchat filters and probably the most used. Everyone uses this filter in their pictures and videos. This filter is set as default, and you don't need to install or save it. It will allow other people to know the exact date and time of the picture, exactly when it was taken.

Most popular Snapchat filters and lens - Time/Date Overlay


In conclusion, Snapchat has one of the coolest, eye-catching, and funny filters. Given above are some Snapchat filters, and they have been adequately described to provide an overview to the users. There are five best Snapchat filters for selfies trending right now. Many other social media platforms have tried to make filters and tried communicated through them. But no one can beat Snapchat in its filters. Hence, people worldwide love to use these best Snapchat filters to share their emotions.

Note: All images are from the Internet.

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