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How to Pin Someone on Snapchat: All You Need to Know

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

One of the features that Snapchat provides is the ability to pin your contacts or conversations that you deem important. This will make the contacts or the conversations appear on top of the feed in your account. It saves you time from having to scroll through notifications from others to the ones that hold your interest. The process of how to pin someone on Snapchat is easy to do and is a helpful feature. Here we will explore how to do it and ways of making eye-catching Snapchat videos.

What Does a Pin Mean on Snapchat?

If you are new to the term Pin in Snapchat, it is simply a function to help keep certain contacts or messages on top of your Snapchat feed. Pinning feature is available for the iOS app only till now. All you need to do is swipe right to go to the chat screen. Here you need to tap and hold the finger on a friend’s name or a conversation. Tap on chat settings to select ‘Pin Conversation’ as an option. This will set the friends and the conversations you have with them on top of the feed on your Snapchat account.

It helps you to communicate with a person easily and not have to scroll through other notifications to find a message or conversation chain that you want to access frequently.

Pin On Snapchat

How to Pin/Unpin Someone on Snapchat?

It is a small step that helps you pin conversations at the top of your Snapchat feed. However, with this simple feature, you can easily navigate through the app, making the process faster and convenient. How to pin someone on Snapchat might be a small aspect but definitely helps upgrade your Snapchat experience. Once conversations are pinned on top, new snaps or chats from such friends or groups would show up foremost.

Steps to do so are as follows:

1.Visit Friends Screen

Once you are on the app, visit the Friends screen. To do so you need to swipe right from the Camera screen.

Pin Friends On Snapchat

2.Press and Hold on Contact or Entry

To pin a contact or a conversation thread, press and hold down on the same.

Press Pin Conversation Snapchat

3.Choose Pin Option

There would be a number of options that would show up and tap on ‘Chat Settings’. Here you will find Pin Conversation as an option.

4.Customize the Pins

When you pin a contact or a conversation, it is represented by a pushpin in red by default. You can customize the pins to give them character and differentiate one contact from another. Visit Settings in My Profile. Scroll down and select Manage under the Additional Settings option. Tap on Friend emojis. This option allows you to change push pins to different emojis.

Customize Pins Snapchat

You can also unpin contact or conversation. Steps to do so remain similar. You can visit Chat Settings and choose Unpin Conversation. Also, an important thing to know is that your contacts would not be notified if you pin or even unpin their conversations. Hence, there is no social pressure when you use this feature. Also, you can pin at most three conversations on your Snapchat feed.

Create Eye-Catching Snapchat Videos with Incredible Video Editor

Filmora is a video editing tool that has a free as well as paid, premium version. Even with the free version users can edit and make videos of high quality. The software is useful if you wish to edit 4K videos. There are tools that support audio as well as video. It offers many options to add on styling, customizing, and other effects. The tool helps users add on overlays, audio, insert texts as well as animation effects.

If you wish to make your Snapchat videos impressive, this tool can come in handy. You can add on different kinds of effects, some of Hollywood movie standards. It allows you to crop and personalize video areas easily. For professional touches, you can add on dedications, tributes, stories in such videos. You can also increase or decrease video size, tilt, and shift or blur certain parts of a video. You can even rotate or flip audio or video content using this tool. It helps to remove video noise as well.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

If you wish to make funny videos on Snapchat here are some ways to do so with the editor software:

1.Use Basic Edit Tools

If you wish to edit a video shot using Snapchat, you can easily do so with Filmora. You can start by touching up the video and enhancing the audio. Even if the original video shot is a funny one, you can enhance the effect by using all the basic handy editing tools on Filmora. Trim out portions that are unnecessary, add in background music, color corrections. You can double click on a clip that you add to the timeline of Filmora. The video then enters the editing panel and all edits are easy to do here.


To make funny videos you could put in several video clips in a frame. This helps tell different threads of a storyline. With Filmora it is easy to achieve such an effect. You simply need to drag and then drop a video or an overlay image. Do so above a background video. You can then adjust the duration of the overlay clip to match the background video. It is also possible to choose a template and apply it to your video with a single click. You can then drag a funny image or photo to the timeline and customize the position.

3.Record Voiceover

No funny video is complete without a strange and funny voice narrating the incidents. It is easy to replace audio as well as record voiceover for your Snapchat video using Filmora. All you need to do is click on the record button which captures voice recording in good quality. You can even change your voice or playing speed. Additionally, you can also remove or mute the original audio track and replace the same with a new recording.

4.Apply Different Effects

There are several templates included with Filmora. It can turn video clips and common photos into exciting and funny videos. You can add effects like a laugh, scream, fire, and snow with simple drag and drop gestures.

The tools that Filmora offers are several for making your Snapchat videos funny. You can add amazing effects effortlessly. For instance, you could toggle around with features such as Face-off, Mosaic, or Tilt-shift. These are professional editing features that can make your Snapchat video stand out and impress.

Once you have saved the effects on your video, you can preview the final output in the preview area. It is easy to share the video through the Export feature. You can also upload it to your Snapchat account and then share it with your friends and groups.


Snapchat enables you to share your favorite moments with your friends or different groups. You can easily know how to pin someone on Snapchat on top of your feed using the settings options elaborated above. Finally, to make your Snapchat videos funny and impressive, make use of the film editor software Filmora. It has easy tools that can make your video look professional and impressive.

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