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How to Sign up a LinkedIn Account Easily

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Evolution of the way people socialize has influenced their professional circles as well. When people try to expand their professional network the same way, there is nothing better than signing up with LinkedIn. Well! LinkedIn is among the top notch professional networking sites of the world that connects professionals across the globe, irrespective of their field of expertise, level of experience, skill sets, and geographic. LinkedIn members get the privilege of meeting prospective employees, employers, searching jobs, growing professional network, and a lot more without leaving their comfort.

In this article, we are going to guide you through the process of signing up for a LinkedIn account and how to benefit from the premium subscription as well. So, stay tuned to know more!

  • Part1: Why you need to create LinkedIn account
  • Part2: How to sign up a LinkedIn account
  • Part3: Why my email is already registered
  • Part4: What are the benefits of premium subscription
  • Part1: Why you need to create LinkedIn account

    • Expand network
    • When you sign up with LinkedIn, you increase the chance of reaching more people of the same professional background. You get suggestions to connect with the connections of your existing LinkedIn connections. When you sign up LinkedIn, your world grows bigger with better professional connections, as it’s easier to do so through mutual connections, without any personal interaction. You can even get the privilege to be a part of discussions and groups for expanding your network and know about topics that interest you.

      linkedin connection

    • Let other people contact you
    • LinkedIn is your best online resume sharing platform, if you have the right people to approach in your contacts. Technology is enabling you to connect with more people and grow your network through a platform like LinkedIn. It enhances an open communication between prospective employer and employees. People headhunting for someone with your skills can reach you faster for an open position, or a prospective employee can also directly approach you for an open position. LinkedIn is the best place for you to reveal your work achievements, experience, and client or peers recommendations.

    • Find out your friends
    • As also stated above, LinkedIn acts as the social networking platform for business owners and professionals. You can reunite with your new and old colleagues, college alumnus, and know about their new work location, as well as what profession or position they are right now. When you sign in to LinkedIn you sign up for a refreshing professional journey of your life. You increase chances to get referred for business and jobs faster.

    Apart from all the above benefits, LinkedIn helps you stay updated by synching your Triplt, Amazon, PowerPoint, personal blogs, or twitter accounts together. It is the best way to do and find more business.

    Part2: How to sign up a LinkedIn account

    Now that we have gone through the reasons to have a LinkedIn profile, why not create LinkedIn account and try signing in to LinkedIn to explore the world of opportunities?

    Here is how –

    • On LinkedIn homepage enter ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, email ID/phone, and password under corresponding boxes. You need to provide your real name to sign up with LinkedIn. After that click ‘Join Now’.
    • linkedin join now

    • Now, a security check will be done by LinkedIn very quickly. You will receive a call or message on the phone number you have provided to sign up with LinkedIn.
    • linkedin secure check

    • Mention your postal code, country, company, and job title in their respective fields.
    • linkedin recognizable

    • Once you have mentioned your interest, confirm your email ID. After receiving the code in email, enter it to continue.
    • linkedin what you want

    • You can skip or customize your search alert and move to the next window. You can connect to people or skip.
    • linkedin confirm email

    • It is recommended to add a profile photo, though; you can skip this as well.
    • linkedin add photo

    • There is an option to promote the LinkedIn app by SMS link, App Store, and Google Play. You can choose a desired method or skip it and click ‘Next’.
    • linkedin download

    Completing your LinkedIn account will help you get noticed by HR managers and land up more opportunities, while growing your network on the go.

    Part3: Why my email is already registered

    While trying to create your LinkedIn account, you get to see the error message ‘email address is already registered’ then there is nothing to panic about. It simply prompts you that the said email address has been already linked to an existing LinkedIn account.

    The possible reasons might be –

    • Long ago, you have received a LinkedIn invitation from someone and created a LinkedIn account, but forgot it later.
    • You might have clicked on the Join LinkedIn Today option, rather than the Sign In page while trying to sign in to LinkedIn account.

    You can access your account by following the process mentioned below –

    • Tap ‘Sign In’ and then provide your email ID and password. You can reset your password by tapping the ‘Forgot Password?’ option and follow the instructions from the email.
    • After resetting the password, use it to sign in to your LinkedIn account using the email ID and new password. Now you are good to go.

    Part4: What are the benefits of premium subscription

    A regular LinkedIn account has numerous benefits for you, but when you sign in to LinkedIn using premium subscription has added benefits. The features include – direct messaging to recruiters (3 InMail credits to reach recruiters and job posters directly), featured applicant, applicant insights for comparison with other candidates, instant access to salary insights to see the salary details while keeping your personal data a secret, and who’s viewed your profile helps you know who visited your profile in past 90 days.

    linkedin premium

    Final Verdict

    When you create a LinkedIn account, you open new doors to get yourself professionally recognized. Make use of every feature of LinkedIn to enrich your professional circle, connect with co-workers, and reach new business prospects.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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