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The Ultimate Guide of Snapchat Filters

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Snapchat is getting widely popular with its interesting, beautiful and yes, hilarious filters. Understanding how to use the best Snapchat filters, as well as unleashing the Snapchat hidden filters would make the pictures super attractive. Not just this, you can also enjoy using those funny filters, especially those with automated voice.

Well! This interesting social media app is all about creative and chuckle-some filters, that garnered a huge fan following. We, through this article are going to show you how to use the various amusing filters of Snapchat.

Part 1: How to use Snapchat filters

With their plethora of features these filters add so much fun to your pictures. To get the best out of Snapchat filters, let’s divulge deeper. Here we have explained the basic steps as how to make use of these filters.

Step 1: Tap the camera screen to activate filters

Login to your Snapchat account using the credentials and launch the Snapchat camera. Tap the camera once to activate the filters. Now, you can see the filters show up adjacent to the camera button. Swipe them right or left to choose a desired filter and pose as instructed.

snapchat manage

Step 2: Capture a snap

Once you have selected the filter, you can tap the camera button once to click a snap, or hold the camera button in case you want to record a video with that filter.

snapchat activate filter

Step 3: Choose filters

The best part about Snapchat filters is, you not only can use them while clicking a picture, but can also add filters post clicking picture. There are 2 ways to select filters after clicking your picture.

  • As soon as you are done clicking a snap, slide the screen to left and you can find the latest filters. Choose whatever filters from the list catches your fancy.
  • If you are not happy with these filters from option ‘a’, then don’t get sad. We have a lot more for you, like a set of secret Snapchat filters. After clicking the picture you will see a ‘smiley icon’ on the right side of the screen. Tap the ‘smiley icon’ and then scroll up or down to pick the most enchanting filter for you.

Once you are done finalizing the effects (filters), you can save or share the snap.

snapchat choose filter

Step 4: Share your work

After snapping an interesting picture of you or a loved one, now it’s time to share it on Snapchat. You can either send them directly to your contacts on Snapchat or share it as a story.

  • Tap the ‘Send to’ button to send it as a personal snap to your friends. When the list appears tap on the respective names and then click ‘Send’.
  • To share it as a story, you can tap the ‘My Story’ tab and then the ‘Send’ button. There is another feature called ‘Our Story’, select it and then ‘Send’.

Note: ‘Our Story’ images are shared with the world, and they are pinned to the map for your location. It is searchable over the internet on or off Snapchat.

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Part 2: Best Snapchat filters people prefer to use

After experimenting on the varied range of selfie-enhancing filters on Snapchat, our team rated these 5 Snapchat filters as the best ones. If you haven’t explored the galore of humorous filters yet, then here is the chance to snap and get entertained –

Rainbow Vomit

This funny filter from Snapchat is worth trying. This filter in fact inspired plenty of people to get their chins painted with rainbows on Halloween. AR (Augmented Reality) filters from Snapchat have stepped ahead to allow such magic like features. When you open your mouth in selfie mode, a rainbow comes out of your mouth.


There is nobody who would say that they don’t like this Puppy filter. It’s icing on the cake for those dog lovers. When you click or record a Snap using this filter, you can see the puppy ears, puppy nose, and an interactive tongue that makes your Snap super cute. Moreover, you can twin with your BFF using this cutesy puppy filter and share the fun.

Face Swap

Have you tried this nightmarish filter yet? If you are a fantasy lover and love to try stuffs straight out of dreams, then try this filter with a friend. The smart technology in this filter swaps your face with the friend in frame with you. Your face gets masked on your friend’s face, and vise-a-versa.

Flower Crown

We personally are in awe with this beautiful filter from Snapchat. One of the best Snapchat filters, that adorned Snapchat stories and profile pictures of other social media sites as well. This basic filter from Snapchat makes your skin look flawless, adding an instant glow to your picture and enhancing your eyes. The floral crown does the added magical effect to your looks. Like the Puppy filter, you can share screen with your BFF and pose as the flower angels.

Bearded Filters

This filter is really funny for people without beard, more fun for the ladies. Pose as a beard pirate with that mysterious stubble and moustache and up the fun quotient.

snapchat filter

Part 3: How to find Snapchat hidden filters

Well, if you want to explore more filters from Snapchat, then we have this amazing solution for you. You can unlock secret Snapchat filters through a Snapcode. Either a hyperlink or a photo can unlock a code and allow you to use interesting filters in your Snaps. Here are the steps –

Step 1: Find Snapcode

Firstly, What is Snapcode exactly? A Snapcode is nothing but a Snapchat version of a QR code, as well as a hyperlink. Using such Snapcodes you unlock third-party filters with a lot of AR effects to pep-up your fun quotient.

There are multiple ways to find a Snapcode. It can be integrated with a picture, a hyperlink or within a tweet. You can find it by paying a close look. There are multiple sites over the internet which can allow you to use these hidden filters.


Step 2: Open Snapcode

You can open a Snapcode pretty easily, as the process is very user-friendly. Locate a Snapcode using a hyperlink, tweet, or in a picture. You download the filter by clicking the picture with the Snapcode, using the Snapchat camera, or browsing the hyperlink on your mobile phone. In your view finder, you need to long-press on the Snapcode till it gets recognized by the phone.

identify snapchatcode

Step 3: Unlock hidden Snapcode

As soon as you snap the picture, it will get the filter activated for 24 hours on your Snapchat you will be prompted with a pop-up saying ‘Unlock for 24 hours’. Click on it to unlock the secret Snapchat filters. You can also send it to your friends.

unlock snapchatcode

Final Verdict

We are positive that this article has helped you uncover plenty of features in Snapchat. Apart from how to use Snapchat filters, you also got a fair idea about how to unlock Snapchat hidden filters. So, what are waiting for? Pick your mobile and start Snapping.

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