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Top 8 YouTube Funny Dog Videos in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 09, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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YouTube is an inspiring and entertaining platform that makes your day engaged. Many YouTubers create thoughtful and funny video content to enlighten the viewers and subscribers precisely. Here, in this article, you will find excellent funny dog videos with the perfect edits.

Watch them and get inspired to make one video with your pet and edit it using the reliable editor to proceed with the uploads on the desirable platform. Choosing the correct video editor to meet your needs is quite challenging. Quickly step into this article to explore the perfect tool that makes your video edits professional and stunning. Scroll down to discover fabulous facts on video edits and inspiring videos.

funny hamster video

Why do people love to watch funny dog videos?

Most pet lovers like to watch funny dog videos to get rid of their stress due to their mechanical lifestyle. The cool movements of the dogs and their love towards their masters give you a wow feel. The dogs are adorable, and their behavior impresses you a lot. The energetic dog videos will make your day awesome. While watching the dog videos, it makes you laugh out unknowingly. Every video content related to dogs is unique, and their gratitude for their masters is overwhelming. The funny actions when they have their food and while playing with the other animals or their master makes you keep watch them limitlessly.

Top 8 YouTube Funny Dog Videos in 2021

Here, check out a few funny dog videos from YouTube and inspire to create such type of video content for your needs using the sophisticated application from the digital space.

1. Funniest Dog Video 2021 - Don't try to hold back Laughter

Number of views: 1,383,910

The awesome faces of the dogs while having their food and interacting with their owners make you laugh certainly. The cute dogs show up innocent faces to their master when they do mischiefs. All the dogs were mind-blowing and every shot seems to be stunning.

2. Trust me, You'll LAUGH with the FUNNIEST DOGS of 2021 - FUNNY DOG Videos

Number of views: 1,122,940

Here, in this video content, you can witness crazy dogs making fun with the objects around them. The dogs play together and have fun within themselves entertaining the viewers to the core. All the dogs in this show are adorable and make you feel happy by watching them.

3. These are some of the best FUNNY DOG videos in 2021 - TRY NOT TO LAUGH FUNNY VIDEOS

Number of views: 1,237,164

In this content, the dog witnessing the magic surprised by the event of the ball vanishing is mind-blowing. The dog owners entertain their dogs with balls and trigger them to move around crazily. Overall, this video content is worth watching, and it will make your day.


Number of views: 147,983

It is great to watch a dog walking in two legs is appreciable. The cute and funny movements of the dogs make you watch the content till the end. This video serves as a stress buster and helps you overcome mental tiredness due to your hectic work schedule.

5. Baby Dogs Cute and Funny Dog Videos Compilation #4 | 30 Minutes of Funny Puppy Videos 2022

Number of views: 389,344

This video compilation is good and funnily displays the cute puppies. The close shots of the puppies were too good. Puppies in different shades and breeds entertain the viewers limitlessly.

6. Best Of 2021 - Top FUNNY DOG Videos - TRY NOT TO LAUGH

Number of views: 201,938

The sound effects in this video are incredible. The dogs playing with the doors triggers laughter in no time. The playful, starring, cuddling dogs are cool and their emotional attachments with their masters are remarkable.

7. Funny DOGS will make you LAUGH like a drain - Time to Relax!

Number of views: 7,660,755

Here comes another funny dog video that relaxes your mind and soul. The dancing dogs from unique breeds and their funny sounds is good. The reaction of the possessive dog when its master cuddles another animal is fabulous. The dogs convey their emotions funnily seems to be quite interesting.

8. Baby Dogs Cute and Funny Dog Videos Compilation #5 | 30 Minutes of Funny Puppy Videos 2022

Number of views: 51,669

The cute reaction of the baby dog that tries to swim on the water surface is very nice. The puzzled dog with the stick in its mouth struggles to cross the path is funny. The dogs are like playful dolls and are adorable in this video.

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● Thus, you had an enlightening discussion on the funny dog videos. Tap the above-listed YouTube links and enjoy the hilarious movements of the adorable animal dog. You can create your videos by capturing the desired content and editing them using Filmora to entertain the viewers beyond boundaries. Choose Filmora video editor to make the best with the video content. Stay connected to discover interesting facts about this reliable video editor that meets the user’s needs without any compromises.