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Top 10 Telegram Alternatives Proved Safe and Efficient

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Messaging apps are taking center stage, not only for personal but also for business communications. Here we take a look at Telegram, a unique messaging app, and other similar applications.

telegram alternatives


Part 1: What is Telegram and Why Use it?

Telegram is a messaging service that is a cross-platform application. It has enhanced privacy and encryption features. This messaging application offers encryption between the client and server interface. In the case of secret chat messaging there is end-to-end encryption as well. Telegram also supports self-destructing messages and group chats. This popular cross-platform application for messaging has enhanced encryption and privacy features. It is also popular for its support for large group chats. There are no ties of Telegram with any other social media application. It is also multi-platform based, that is, there are versions available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It is also possible to access Telegram via web browsers.

Part 2: 10 Best Apps Similar to Telegram



A highly popular social media chat platform and best among apps similar to Telegram. It also includes video and audio conversations, conference calls. Group messaging and live video sessions can be conducted in an end-to-end encrypted manner.

whatsapp poster


  • One can make calls and send messages.
  • Works on Wi-Fi.
  • Call over data functionality.
  • Supports sharing of a wide variety of media.


  • It can reduce productivity since personal messaging continues even apart from business messages.

2. Signal


This is a free, secure, and open-source messaging platform. It uses encryption methodology for sending communications between Signal users. It is recommended highly among security and top privacy advocates.

telegram alternative signal


  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Perfect forward secrecy technology is used for voice and text messages as well as video calls.
  • Software is open source.
  • Has self-destructing message technology.


  • Requires a telephone number for sign-up.

3. Viber


This is a cross-platform messaging application, one among many apps similar to Telegram. It has iOS as well as Android versions. Also, its desktop version is good. It is easy to switch between mobile and desktop versions as well.

telegram alternative viber


  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop devices.
  • Allows users to switch between mobile and desktop versions easily.
  • Provides status of messages.


  • Not as popular as WhatsApp and hence, the user base is restricted.

4. Line


This is a chat application that has gained popularity in certain countries as a Telegram similar app. Today it is available in 42 countries across the world. It is a minimalistic messaging application.

telegram alternative line


  • Groups in this application can have as many as 100 members.
  • Provides free calling via the internet.
  • You can add friends using a QR code.
  • Can be used on desktops.


  • Large-sized application.
  • Data and call receiving feature lack stability.

5. Snapchat


This is a social media app that is highly popular, especially amongst youngsters, since 2017. It is especially known as a popular media sharing platform that many use to promote their products and services.

pin on snapchat


  • It is popularly used by businesses to provide product experiences to connected customers.
  • Brands can use geo-filters to identify potential customers in a given area.
  • It is great to promote products, services, and sales.


  • It is mainly popular among age groups of 12 to 34-year-old young adults.
  • Content uploaded stays on only for 24 hours.

6. Skype


This is a popular video chat platform that allows people to connect over the internet. It is also available in-app versions for iOS and Android devices. It has group video chat and virtual conference features as well.

skype poster


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Has stable video presentation mode.


  • Staggering problems are often faced during voice or video calls.
  • Security concerns exist regarding Skype connections.

7. Hangout


This is part of the Google suite of applications that come free with any Google account sign-up. You can access this chat and messaging service via your email inbox. It is also possible to install the Hangout app on your Android or iOS device. It has chat, video functions. There are video conferencing features as well.

telegram alternative hangout


  • Enables easy video conferencing, even over mobile devices.
  • Integrates easily with other Google tools.
  • Provides status of messages as well as login status of senders.


  • Integration with corporate tools can be difficult.
  • Does not integrate with Office365.

8. Threema


This messaging application ensures secure encryption technology for end-to-end users. This Telegram similar app mainly serves business users. It has multi-platform compatibility. This application makes it possible to block out devices remotely. Also, it has an auto-deletion of data option.

telegram alternative threema


  • App uses the most secure encryption protocol available.
  • Conversations are encrypted end to end.
  • Businesses use this for group chat employee communications.
  • Users can use the auto-deletion of calls feature.
  • Compatible with Blackberry, Android, and iOS.


  • Messages do not sync between different devices.
  • The installation process is cumbersome.



This is a chat application that is free to use and allows in-app purchases as well. Users can easily send across pictures, text, or talk. They can make video calls as well as voice calls over this platform.

telegram alternative wechat


  • Free of use.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • A popular application with over 70 million inactive user bases.


  • Needs an active internet connection.
  • Privacy settings can be a concern.

10. Wire


This is a secure communication platform that allows collaboration between groups as well. It supports group chats and has end-to-end encryption technology. Users can make use of video conferencing, file sharing, voice call, and screen sharing features. The software works on web browsers as well as on iOS and Android devices.

telegram alternative wire


  • It is a secure tool for communication.
  • The user interface is good.


  • It is a paid application.
  • The quality of the images sent is poor.

Part 3: FAQs about Telegram and its Similar Apps

1. Is Telegram Better Than WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is better than Telegram since the latter has an end-to-end server encryption protocol. That means the company has access to the messages you send over this platform. Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for secret chat functions only. On the other hand, WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption technology for all users on this platform.

2. What Is the Best App for Team Communication?

The best app for team communication among the ones mentioned above is Google Hangouts.

3. What Are 3 Ways to Communicate Online?

Three ways to communicate online are via video conferencing, social networks, and email.


Among the communication apps mentioned above, it is apparent that each has specific functions and peculiarities that make it unique. Many are chat messaging applications that make them common with certain pros and cons. On the other hand, some platforms such as Skype, Snapchat have distinct functions besides acting as messaging applications. On the whole, security features are important to consider when you wish to use a platform for group chats or business meetings. Telegram is a secure messaging platform used by many businesses to send across messages to their clients or customers.

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