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10 Best Video Calling App for Android and iPhone

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Jan 31, 2023• Proven solutions

Demand for video calling apps has skyrocketed in the current, as we are confining ourselves to self-isolation, or fearful of visiting each other in the case of spreading COVID-19. More and more of us are turning to online platforms to stay connected. What’s the best video calling app to match these circumstances? Read on to find out.

Part 1: The Best Android Video Call App

Let’s find the best Android video call app first.

1. Skype

One of the first-ever free (and Best) video call apps. Skype works across multiple platforms and devices. Here is the tips of how to record Skype video calls easily.



  • Voice and video call for free
  • SMS Connect lets you message mobiles for free
  • Group chat up to 24 family or friends


  • Sleek, optimized service
  • Experienced provider of best android video call apps
  • Smooth calls with high speeds


  • Some features need to be paid for

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular video call apps because of the success of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger


  • Can download alongside Facebook
  • Works in conjunction with other social media apps (FB, Tik Tok, Insta)
  • Group chat with as many people as you like, video calling enabled


  • Simple to use
  • The user interface is extremely user friendly
  • Continually updating new emoji’s, GIFs, etc


  • It has had so many updates it takes up a lot of phone storage nowadays
  • They will ask you to rate the quality of every single call you make or receive

3. Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best Android video call apps.

Google Duo


  • Knock Knock feature lets you preview who is calling you
  • Works on Smartphones, Nest, the Web and with all devices
  • Arguably the best quality of call


  • Excellent clarity of picture and sound
  • Matches your bandwidth
  • Google are on point with Covid-19 responses


  • Not aimed at businesses

4. Google Hangouts

Google’s second contribution to producing the best Android video calling app is Hangouts. This popular choice is everyone’s favorite way to communicate in the business world.

Google Hangouts


  • Group Chats for up to 150 people
  • Group Video for ten people
  • All of the features you would expect from a social media video call suite but aimed at businesses.


  • It’s warmer than a traditional business app
  • You can still use it to keep in touch with family and friends
  • That 150 people group should be more than enough for your friend group


  • The kids aren’t using it for some reason

5. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger focuses on privacy more than functionality or presentation. This app doesn’t care how good it looks (it does look pretty good) – it just wants to keep you safe from hackers.

Signal Private Messenger


  • Encrypted data transfer stops you getting hacked
  • Send any file type or size through Signal
  • Disappearing messages mean you don’t take up all your storage with old conversations


  • This is the best Android video call app for security.
  • File types don’t matter – it promises to send anything
  • Can become a default SMS app easily


  • Sound can be a little tinny at times according to reviewers

Part 2: The Best Video Call App for iPhone

Now that we have talked about Android phones let’s find out what the best video call app for iPhones is.

6. Zoom Cloud Meetings for Video Call

Zoom Cloud Meetings for Video Call

Zoom is your best video call app for iPhones for business. It is a fantastic meeting coordination and management tool that should get you through quarantine.


  • Screen sharing with exemplary screen and sound quality
  • Easy to invite and download app for members that don’t have it yet
  • Lets you take notes while you have your meeting, then share them with screen saving.


  • White Board collaboration and virtual background are helpful
  • Works with all strengths of network and Wi-Fi signal
  • Integrated with Siri shortcuts to make for smoother working hours.


  • Once you can take business video calls on your iPhone you are always reachable.

7. Slack

Slack, our second option for the best video call app for iPhone is also aimed at businesses. It makes video and group chat easier for those that are working from home.



  • Screensharing is excellent on this app
  • The collaboration hub has been ergonomically designed for your work to flow
  • All callers can contribute annotations


  • There is no pesky login or sign up requirements
  • Speedy streaming as you video call
  • They work hard to make business output the priority


  • It’s a bit too formal to use with family

8. Facetime

Facetime is popular with the younger generations. It represents Apple’s version of the phone-to-phone service that only works with other iPhone users.



  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch products
  • Sleek video conference calling that is super professional
  • Apple ID sign in for extra security


  • Best video call app for iPhone in terms of compatibility with Apple goods and services
  • Really professional but doesn’t confine itself to business. Perfectly suitable for family and friend contact
  • The backing of a substantial technical department in a multi-national firm


  • You cannot get Facetime at all if you live in Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Pakistan
  • If the person you are calling doesn’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you won’t be able to use it.


When it comes to finding the best video call app for iPhones, LINE is up there. It lets you call, message, video chat, and all through hieroglyphics like stickers, GIFs, and other mediums.



  • LINE comes with all the smileys and stickers that you can dream of
  • 600 million users on a growing platform
  • Group calls up to 200 people


  • This is the best video call app for iPhone for those that are lazy texters
  • The world’s largest online sticker collection
  • Access you and your friend’s timeline


  • If you tried to hold a business meeting using LINE, they would sack you
  • Aimed at the very young, we’re not even sure this demographic should have iPhones yet

10. WeChat

WeChat is also aimed at the younger generations, but it is more Gen Z and less under-the-age-of-ten.



  • Custom sticker making, a gallery and a time capsule feature from your memories
  • Direction sharing for easy meetups, mini-programs, and top stories
  • Everything that Facebook has, but marketed at a younger age group


  • It’s fresh and cool
  • They incorporate a healing kit and health tracking data app
  • You can keep track of your teenagers with it, low key


  • Most definitely not the best business video call chat for iPhone.

Rounding Up

Whether you are looking for the best video call app for iPhone or whether you want the best Android video call app, we think our guide has you covered. Keep safe out there!

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