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8 Best Video Conference App for Android and iPhone (Picked)

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

The growth of the digital age is leading to more and more of us working remotely. When coupled with the current coronavirus situation, working from home is vital. When we are using our own tech to work remotely – what is the best video conference app to use? Great question! Let’s find out.

The Best Video Conference App For Android And iPhone

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Supported Platform: Both Android and iOS

Microsoft Teams is the best conferencing app for Cloud collaborations. It has been explicitly made with sharing in mind. It also comes with file sharing, business conferencing, and full integration with Office 365. Arguably the best virtual meeting app overall, Microsoft Teams offers both versatility and performance.


  • Very high compatibility, cross-device, cross-OS communications.
  • If you get 365, this comes at no additional charge—integration of everything Microsoft.
  • File backups are made when you transfer. They are also fully searchable.


  • It is high on storage.
  • Channel limit set at 100. Go past it with a single team, and you will need to start deleting data.

2. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Supported Platform: Android, iOS, every other computer OS.

Zoom Cloud Meetings is the best video conference app of our generation. With fantastic HD quality in both audio and video departments, Zoom has earned a place among the top apps recently downloaded, overall. You can also record Zoom meeting if necessary. If you don't use Zoom Cloud and still want to record the meeting sessions, you can use some Zooming Meeting Record Apps for iOS and Android to record.


  • Syncs with your calendar to allow scheduling, inviting, and canceling with ease. Easy joining, too.
  • Cross-device compatibility lets you use it on your desktop, phone, or tablet – anywhere you like.
  • You can record or annotate your meetings. There is even an option to transcribe your speech, which you can later search back.


  • Can reach 100% of your phone performance while you use it.
  • If you have an old Android, then just run it on your laptop.

3. ezTalks Video Meetings

ezTalks Video Meetings

Supported Platform: Both Android and iOS, as well as browser, Mac, and Windows.

Third on our list is ezTalks Video Meetings. Again, high compatibility across devices earns it a right place on the list of the best conferencing apps. In terms of file sharing and screen sharing, ezTalks goes above and beyond the call of duty to bring you a seamless video conferencing service.


  • Gallery sharing, screen sharing, file sharing, and whiteboard facility.
  • No install can answer on either your phone or your browser, easy to join.
  • They are ergonomically designed to work with a patchy phone signal and not charge you extra for location.


  • It’s not as well known as it should be.
  • Again, it is high on storage. We doubt any of the top video conferencing apps take anything less than 75% of your processing power.

4. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings

Supported Platform: Both Android and iOS.

For a service that focuses on ‘tele presentation’, you need Cisco Webex Meetings. They have been doing their best to provide the masses with a virtual presence for years now. Cisco meetings have all the usual audio and visual features – but they specialize in providing a secure platform from which to conduct business. This stable platform is what makes them the best video conferencing app for business, in our eyes.


  • It is a very secure system, which incorporates both audio and visual meetings of high quality.
  • Whiteboard and screen sharing capabilities.
  • It works from most high-tech cars. Toyota SDL car support comes as standard.


  • There are compatibility flaws between whiteboard use and iOS in some cases.
  • Screen widget for Webex is only available for Android users.

5. Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Supported Platform: Works across all devices and are very, very proud of it!

We love that the initial video meeting app has now developed a new arm, specifically for companies. Skype for Business allows you to keep in touch with remote workers with a few short clicks. One of the best features of Skype is that they have been around for a long time. They have video calling down to a fine art. Second best? It is a unified communications platform that integrates with just about everything you will ever need. You can also share screen on Skype with others.


  • Maximum compatibility – laptop, tablet, iPhone, Android – Skype for Business works with everything.
  • It can be used with Outlook and fully integrates everything Microsoft.
  • Very easy to learn user interface with options for training and various helpful features. Things like translation allows it to be the best video conferencing app for business – or at least up in the top three.


  • Audio and Video tends to stutter and glitch.
  • Uses all your phone processing power to keep it going.

6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting app

Supported Platform: iPad, iPhone, and Android

Another top video conferencing app is GoToMeeting – especially if you want a professional-looking app. They promote the fact that it can be used for teleconferencing, online meetings, and also product demonstrations – which is a nice addition. You could, feasibly, use this service to make a pitch or presentation. It’s highly scalable, too, so it can be used across large or small businesses.


  • Aside from calls – you can have one-on-one while you are in a big meeting. Allows you to remind people on the fly.
  • It is a great conference video call app that comes with screen sharing and even remote screen contributions.
  • Easy to use, join, and negotiate.


  • Reviewers have reported poor error reporting with little fixes.
  • In some areas, it is too sensitive for those running meetings.

7. Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet

Supported Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

The only reason that Google Hangouts Meet is number 7 on our list is that it is a better service for friend catchups than specifically for business meetings. Although it is a great video meeting app, we would opt for a specifically designed business app if we were looking for a work conference suite. On the upside, everyone has a Google account and knows how to use it. They also give unrivaled integration and quality of calls.


  • Fantastic clarity of audio and visual calling with loads of options for addons.
  • Sign in with your Google account, great integration across their range of products.
  • Meet with webinar-style gatherings, perfect video meeting app for students or education.


  • Some features are specific to G Suite customers.
  • Although aimed at business users, they get low reviews because it should be a social tool.

8. Slack


Supported Platform: iOS or Android, Mac, Windows, Linux

Slack is a brilliant conference call meeting app in its own right – but we don’t love it for being the best virtual meeting app. We love it for being the figurative water cooler of the digital workplace. It’s not that we would use it as a conference call video app, it’s more that we prefer to use it to catch up on office gossip, do daily check-ins, or give progress reports. What we’re saying is that it is an excellent in-house communications tool. We think there are better inter-office tools for making the best virtual meeting apps.


  • A friendly place to chat during business hours that allows you to check on remote workers.
  • There is a certain amount of personalization between workers accounts.
  • Think of it as a virtual workplace like an office space in the virtual world. It’s less about the video calling and more about being able to check in with your colleagues.


  • Intended for those that need a central location to work from, which is both good and bad.
  • We wouldn’t use Slack for a friend group – but again, this is good and bad.

The Key Takeaways

Most of the best video conferencing apps are designed for both business and social use. However, most of them are better at one or the other. The best conferencing app for you will depend entirely on your needs as an individual, but it is probably on our list!

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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