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How to Remove Background Noise from Skype Video Calls

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Skype is used for a variety of purposes like keeping touch with family members, holding seminars, online classes, conducting workshops, explaining projects, etc. It is utilized both by working and non-working class in many ways and enables you to record a video call and play it whenever you wish, which is very helpful in cases of workshops, meetings, seminars, and whatnot.

But a small problem that often arises while recording a video call is the background noise which is a bit irritating and compromises the total clarity of the video. So here are some ways to remove background noise and improve the voice quality in Skype video calls.

Part 1: How to Avoid Background Noise Before a Skype Video Call

Here we will discuss removing the background noise before a Skype video call. This can be done by adjusting your sound settings on the desktop as well as in the Skype application. Let’s see how:

    • 1. Turn on your desktop and tap the Sound icon at the right end of the Taskbar


    • 2. Select the option Recording devices
    • 3. A small window will appear in which you have to Right-click on the Microphoneoption and then select Properties


    • 4. Another window will appear, tap on the Levels at the top and adjust the Microphone Boost to 0.0dB and tap OK


    • 5. Now open Skype and click on the Tools option at the top. Select Options from it


    • 6. A window will appear on the screen. Go to Audio settings on the right side of the window


  • 7. Now under the Microphone & Volume, there will be a box stating Automatically adjust microphone settings. Uncheck the box and tap on Save to save the settings.
Once you have done as stated above, you will experience a great reduction in the background noise as well as better quality while a Skype video call. Or you can also try the steps in this tutorial below to eliminate the background noise:

Part 2: How to Remove Background Noise After a Recording Was Done

Now we know how to get rid of noise before a Skype video call, but what about the video that has already been recorded? How is it possible to remove the background noise and improve the voice quality?

Well don’t worry, the quality of these ‘already recorded videos’ can be improved by using applications like Filmora. There are a variety of applications that can do this function but we prefer Filmora because of its easy to use interface and amazing results.

So here we are going to show you how to remove background noise after a recording was already done by using its Denoise feature.

    1. Download Wondershare Filmora below and open it on your computer

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

    1. Go to File-Import Media to import the recorded file to the Media Library


    1. Add or drag and drop the recorded file to the timeline. (If it’s a video that’s being imported preview and trim the unnecessary parts you wish to avoid, you can also detach the audio from the video directly using the Audio Detach feature)


    1. Then right-click on the file on the timeline and select the Adjust Audio option
    2. Enable the Remove background noise option by checking it


  1. Adjust the level of denoising to Strong by moving the pointer to the extreme right
  2. Playback the recorded file on timeline and check whether the voice quality have been improved
  3. Click Export to export the video to any supported formats.

To sum up

The advancement in technology and the development of apps like Skype have enabled us to be able to work from home even in extreme situations. Voice calls and video calls are an important part of working from home and their clarity and quality matter a lot, whatever your field of work may be. Hence you can try the hints in this article to remove or get rid of background noise and achieve a better audio/ video experience. If you have any suggestions, please comment on your thoughts below.

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Richard Bennett
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