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How Can I Add Transitions in Premiere Pro?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 27, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Premiere Pro can be helpful for all regular video editing assignments to create broadcast-quality, top-quality video if you know how to put video transition in Premiere Pro. It tends to be a helpful tool to import video, sound, and graphics and is utilized to make new, altered adaptations of video that can be traced to the medium and organization vital for the distribution and create a custom transition in Premiere Pro.

This article will briefly discuss how to add transition effects in Premiere Pro.

 Part 1 Steps to add a transition in Premiere Pro

Adding Video Transitions in Premiere Pro needs proper direction. A transition is an impact added between media bits to make an animated interface between them. Shifts can move a scene starting with a single shot then onto the next. To add transition effects Premiere Pro, we will list changes that you can apply to a row.

Let’s take a look over some of the primary steps to learn how to add Transition Premiere Pro with proper understanding:

Step1 Inserting Footage

 inserting footage

At first, after launching the Premiere Pro insert footage into the timeline. Initially, there would be rough cuts between each footage since there are no transitions applied.

Step2 Import Transitions

 import transitions

Secondly, follow Steps:

Open File menu> select Import

Browse files to the location of destination files. The file format will be MP4 with a Premiere Pro icon on it.

 importing entire project

Thirdly a pop-up dialogue box will appear on the screen

Follow the steps:

Import entire project > Tick create a folder for imported items. It will keep the project neat and organized.

Step3 Preview Transitions

 preview transitions

Later dropdown options containing the transitions will appear in the project managing all the transitions. The assets and transitions are split into many relevant folders. You can ignore it if no necessary changes are required to the changes.

 open in source monitor

Select the folders Transitions > Glitch. The visible folders are of transition effect. Now, right-click on any folder and choose Open in Source Monitor.


After all the above steps, you can preview the resulting video or graphical video, etc. This will let you do the effect in a fresh panel without adding it to your timeline. By this process, you cannot see the effect on the footage, but only the effect itself.

Step4 Applying Transitions to Footage

 insert and overwrite

There is an icon at the left corner that looks like a file hierarchy in the timeline. Keeping the cursor on the icon will show “Insert and Overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips” that, when clicked, will change the color blue to white and result in merging the clips.

 line up transition

Lastly, drag a transition into the timeline above, where two footages meet from the project panel. There will be a mark clearly where you can place the Transition up the line between the clips.

After proper alignments, press Play to preview the final clip after transitions.

Thus, following the above steps you learned will answer how to add more transitions in Premiere Rush.

 Part 2 Find easier ways to add transitions for your video.

After learning how to add default transitions in Premiere, let’s explore alternative, easier ways to add transitions with Filmora. As a solid and intuitive video editor, Wondershare Filmora empowers you to make intricate and astonishing-looking recordings without any problem. It works on cutting-edge highlights to make them available to everybody. With it, you can rapidly begin your creation and offer them to friends and family straightforwardly, regardless of whether you are an entrant to video altering.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


● Filmora is also a video editing software for ordinary people to easily make videos in daily life since it doesn’t cost a lot compared to other video editors like Premiere Pro and has 500+ transition effects.

● You can add transitions between the clips to bring a flow to the videos. Here, you will also know how to add transition effects in Filmora.

● There are 800 implicit video effects, including text (like titles, openers, lower thirds), transitions, stickers, channels, overlays, movement illustrations (emoji and charming creatures), and 3D LUTs.

● Besides, it gives a broad scope of shocking split-screen layouts, ideal for making recordings for web-based media stages like Instagram or Facebook.

1 – Adding Transition in between two clips

In the case of two different clips, it is a simple procedure to choose transitions, select the transition effect required, drag it to the timeline, and add it between the two clips.

2 – To add transitions between single clips

First, drag and drop the image or video clip to the timeline. Then select the required transition effect and place it at the beginning or the ending of the image or video clip. You can alter the time duration of the Transition if required by double-clicking or dragging the start and endpoint. The default duration is 2 seconds.

 prefix transition

3 – To apply the same transitions throughout the project

If there are multiple clips in the project and you need the same transitions, right-click on the transitions and select Apply to All. The same transition effect will add between each clip and make a complete flow of the video.

4 – To delete a transitions

Select the Transition you need to delete, click the Delete key on the keyboard or right-click on the Transition to select Delete from the list of options.

Here, you can quickly analyze that if you know how to add a transition in Premiere Pro 2022 will give your video professional experience as some technical know-how is needed. Using Filmora will provide you with an easy way to add a transitional effect to your videos.


Hence, we discussed how to add transitions in Premiere Pro, add transitions in Filmora, and add transitions to multiple clips.

Adobe Premiere Pro offers 38 transitions to look over, while Filmora provides more than 500. However, Premiere Pro is the leading video altering apparatus with a choice that allows you to plan your changes.

It highlights a lot of text templates that you can utilize, each flawlessly hued and vivified to look proficient. You can likewise use the Advanced Text Edit choice to make your text formats, to which you can add your tones and liveliness.

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