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  • Blending mode/Opacity control for clips in PiP tracks.
  • Multiple transition styles at your choice.

Face Changer: How to Replace Faces in Video

Want to change the face of someone in a video? It's a piece of cake with Wondershare Filmora. This program includes a face-off feature that automatically tracks the position and rotation of the original head in your picture. All you need to do is choosing your wanted portrait and apply it in a click. Then you can rest assured that it will be put over the face and fit for the size intelligently. Check this face swap video below and download free trial to experience hassle-free face replacement now.

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Not just a face changer, Filmora is a full featured screen capture and video editor, it comes with many more features. Check out a video below to get a full picture of what Filmora offers

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How to Replace Faces in a Video

1. Import your videos

To import your source videos to this face changer, two options are available.

  1. Click "Import" to browse file folder on your computer and load them together
  2. Drag and drop your wanted clips into the primary window.

This face replacement software supports almost all video formats out there, so you don't need to worry about incompatibility issue when you import files into this program. After you finish file loading, simply drag and drop them on the Video Timeline.

how to change face

2 Apply face-off in a click

To make face replacement, highlight a video clip you want to apply face-off on the Timeline. Right click it and select "Power Tool". In the pop-up window, click "Face Off" submenu, and then tick off "Apply jump cut at Beats to the clip" checkbox. There are a bunch of funny marks (Mosaic included) available for you to pick up. Select one as per your needs, and it will immediately put over on the heads that it detected.

Play it now, pay attention to the replaced faces. This program will automatically track the motion and make the faces matched with it perfectly.

video face replacement

Tips: In order to put faces only on your wanted portion of the video, you can split your video into small clips first.

3 Save your video with changed face

Finally, hit Create to export your video with replaced faces. In the pop-up output window, you have a variety of options to save it. Popular formats like WMV, MOV, AVI, MKV, MPEG, MP4, etc. are available to pick up under the "Format" tab. This face replacer also supports uploading your masterpiece directly to YouTube to share with your friends or family members, as well as burn to DVD.

Aside from that, you may want to view it back on your game consoles, smart phones, then select the configured preset from the "Device" tab instead.

replace face in video

Check out the face swap video guide below:

As you can see, it doesn't allow you to upload photos into the program. You can use some professional video editing software like After Effect, or Sony Veags Pro to make a head replacement in a video by any photo you like, but it's pretty complicated and asks professional skills, so this is the simplest way to change face in a face swap video with Wondershare Filmora.

Bonus tips: The face replacement software also includes an Auto Scene Detection feature, which helps to split your video into different clips when the scene changes. This is hugely useful when you want to focus only on your wanted part quickly. To do this, just right click a clip in the left item tray, select "Scene Detection", and then hit "Detect" to let it complete the rest automatically.

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Aug 27,2018 17:19 pm

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Will this work? I want to use multiple different photos of friends to replace the faces of multiple people in one continuous video clip.
Can i replace it with any other human being's face
I think your method would be useful. I have found the factory folder: C:ProgramDataWondershare Video EditorResourcesContentsimages. I have removed some images from this images, and then check it in Filmora, it is gone. I think it would be working vice versa.
Maybe you can import your images to C:ProgramDataWondershare Video EditorResourcesContentsimages to check if it works.
Import your images to C:ProgramDataWondershare Video EditorResourcesContentsimages to check if it works.
If the face in your video footage is a human face, Filmora can recognize it. Also, you can import your own images to C:ProgramDataWondershare Video EditorResourcesContentsimages, normally, you can see your images when you using the face-off feature. The images should be the same formats as the built-in face-off image resources.
It seems that Filmora can only recognize the human face, so it may fail to recognize the face of Popeye. An idea just popped into my head, maybe you can try the PIP feature. Maybe you should try it. Also, you can try to import your face pictures to C:ProgramDataWondershare Video EditorResourcesContentsimages, then you can pick your own image when using face-off feature.
I'm not 100% sure if it will do the trick. Of course ADOBE does it all but $.
Huh.. I purchased Magix for film editing and green screen etc, and came across Hitfilm about 4 months ago and downloaded it. Looks pretty good. Haven't played with it yet, but will check out that feature. Thx.
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