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Final Cut Pro VS Adobe Premiere: Which is the best for a beginner?

Jan 04,2019• Proven solutions

Some of the best non linear type digital editing programs available in consumer market are well known as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Filmmakers use to have complete knowledge about both these platforms and they often guide beginners with potential pros and cons so that one can make better selection at initial stage. In this article, you will be able to have detailed information about both these video editors so that selection process can become much easier.

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Basic Comparison among Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere

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Parameters Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere
Skill Level Professional Professional
Price Onetime payment: $299 $20 to $50/ month
Updates It usually lacks in regular updates Opulence of the regular updates
Availability Exclusive for Macintosh Can work on Macintosh and Windows effectively
Supporting Applications It do not need supporting applications It works with supporting applications like adobe after effects
Rendering Speed Popular for faster rendering Suffers slower rendering
Stability Considered as a stable software tool Can suffer with some occasional crashes
VFX Effect Present (Motion Template) VFX effects absent
Network It is possible to edit things when you are offline It does not support offline editing
Basic Applications Utilized for small scale business Used commercially
Pros of Adobe Premiere Pros of Final Cut Pro
It is widely used as its tutorials and support is easily available Powerful Media Organization
Comes with advance tracking facility for object identification Classic GPU utilization
Compatible with popular production apps like photoshop, soundbooth, speedgrade etc. High quality full pro-res support feature
Works perfectly on both platforms: OS X and Windows Real time effects and graphics
Possesses GPU accelerated form of Rendering on MAC Allows multicam editing
Multi camera editing feature Independent of resolution type
Cloud based model Color Sync type advanced pipeline

Cons of Adobe Premiere:

It suffers choppy and slow performance when users need to work on high resolution platforms like 4K.

Cons of Final Cut Pro:

This software tool works only on OS X and suffers with few basic compatibility as well as format issues.

Which one is best choice for Beginners?

The above information is enough to get basic knowledge about both these programs so now it is time to decide that which one suits you best. Actually it is difficult to say that any one of these is good because both have some unique specifications that can provide advantages from application to application. For some easy selection procedures few details are given below:

Why users need to select Adobe Premiere?

This software tool consists of all professional video editing tools and possesses better integration with other useful programs so that users can have all facilities at one platform. The professional filmmakers have observed that Adobe Premiere is suitable for editing of short videos and it serves with fast switching service between different after effects. But the problem occurs with large project handling needs as this software tool somewhere lacks in organization. You will be glad to know that Premiere is a specially designed multi workstation type program that works perfectly on Windows and Mac. There are various dockable tabs available on adobe platform that helps to run it in faster manner. For basic editing needs of users, Adobe makes use of track based advanced timeline structure that can have separate tracks for videos and audios over timeline. For easy to manage project files and their handling needs, premiere follows procedure of creation of single self contained type data files for individual projects.

Why Final Cut Pro is effective choice?

There is no doubt to say that Final Cut Pro has influenced the market within last few years due to its advanced features and abilities. Being a real competitor for Adobe Premiere, the Final Cut Pro serves with the most interesting feature in which Adobe Premiere lacks and that is speed. Final Cut Pro is actually a faster as well as smoother tool for all your video editing needs and it makes use of well designed databases for tracking important information on time. It is possible to make use of smart collections, keywords and ratings for easy organization of all media files as well as metadata. One major difference between Adobe Premiere and Final cut Pro is that the later supports advanced structure with division into two parts named as Projects for edited ones and events for sources. In order to exchange data with some external applications from Final Cut Pro platform, we need to make use of FCPXML. This software tool further extends support towards AAF, OMF, EDL and XML etc. and you can also access its tutorials online for easy understanding of terms.

The Bottom Line:

In case if you are developing a video on 1080p resolution then you will hardly find any difference between performance of these software as they will serve with fast synchronization, real time operation, multicam footage and works without transcoding. But on the other hand, when we have to deal with exporting, rendering and stabilization needs then FCP is one of the expert recommended tools. The obtained results are always pretty clear on FCP as compared to adobe but with little future advancement it is believed that Adobe Premiere will overcome its shortcomings.

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