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8 Free Video Conferencing Software for Windows and Mac

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Video Conferencing is the number 1 way to keep things business as usual when you or your staff are forced to work from home. We looked at the best free video conferencing tools and software for you to help productivity stay up, even if you need to stay home.

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Top 8 Free Video Conferencing Software Tools

1. Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a free video-conferencing software for PCs (and Macs) that you can get. This program incorporates a working phone system that lets you coordinate calls, it allows you to conduct webinars, and it also provides designated. Specific work areas for your meetings to take place in. If your host allowed you to record the meetings, here is the guide about how to record Zoom meeting easily. But if the host didn't respond to your request about the record permission, you can use some free Zoom meeting recorders to record the meeting on Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android.

Zoom Meeting


  • A next generation enterprise phone calling system
  • Online conference rooms and meetings with full tech support and training incorporated
  • Video Webinars, business Instant Messaging, and cross-platform file sharing


  • Works with Windows and Macs
  • Meeting scheduling, invitations to join, and you don’t need a camera
  • Online webinars to help you train staff


  • To host a webinar, you need a license, that you get from Zoom

2. Skype

One of the original free conferencing software suites to hit the market was from Skype. Since it has spent so long developing, Skype now works with things like the Xbox One console – so it has huge compatibility across different devices. It provides instant messaging as well as a great video conferencing suite. Skype is an application that most will already have access to. It doesn’t require downloads and works directly by visiting the website.



  • Caller ID, along with SMS texting, call forwarding, and voicemail
  • Works from Windows OS, Mac OS, and your Smartphone and iPhone
  • Skype Credit allows you to video call for free, credit is allocated monthly, or you can buy extra


  • It has tons of cool features like deals for students, for parents, and schools.
  • It has high compatibility and will work across most devices – great for free video conferencing software
  • Allows you to call overseas by assigning you a number


  • You can’t use it to make emergency calls, and you can’t use it in all locations all over the world. Although that’s not Skypes fault.

3. UberConference

UberConference can confidently claim to be one of the best free video conference software systems for Windows. This firm specialize in mixing the best free video conferencing tool suite with a modern web and smartphone interface that allows for much easier use. Gone are the days of manually entering numbers or having to enter a PIN code when you use UberConference.



  • Free conferencing software for up to 50 people video chatting with long call durations
  • Free video conferencing with screen sharing – not all have it
  • Free vocal recognition software that creates a transcription after you are done.


  • No login, no sign-ups, no PINs to remember
  • Any record of the meeting is searchable and automatically written
  • Screen sharing saves time and misunderstandings


  • Barely anyone has this installed because they don’t know about it. UberConference is one we expect to be doing well in the coming years.

4. Apache OpenMeetings

One of our favorite free video conferencing tools, Apache Open Office has been one of the most useful free document programs for years now. Apache brings together an intensive video conferencing suite with a whiteboard, then combine collaborative document sharing to give you instant idea swapping, over the net. Best of all is that Apache OpenMeetings is entirely free video meeting software. Nobody will ever ask you for anything more than a donation.

Apache OpenMeetings


  • Select some or all of your screen for screen sharing, drag, and drop file sharing
  • Recording and downloading of meetings so you can rewind in your own time
  • Full moderation system so you can deny or allow commenting, access, and other aspects of your chat.


  • It’s completely free, nobody at Apache will ever ask you for anything other than a donation
  • That moderator function allows you to take control of the meeting fully
  • The option of recording and playing back the meeting is handy. It also lets you attach files to specific meetings.


  • Other sites are easier to use and look more business-like

5. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex provides free video conferencing tools (for Windows) that make it easier for you to work from home. They offer full meeting support, scheduling, and one-tap joining. In addition, Cisco makes constant upgrades to their Smart Meeting software, so you always get the best results. Cisco has a range of different online business products that will all integrate seamlessly to their meetings package. Take advantage of this to make working from home simple.

Cisco Webex Meetings


  • Team collaboration with online training and video support
  • Cloud call, a contact center and downloadable tools
  • Webinars and free video meeting software


  • Looks fantastic, if you are trying to impress this is the one to use
  • That Cloud integration is handy
  • Some of the best free video conferencing software for Windows


  • Not compatible with Mac

6. Google Hangouts Meet

Unlike other free video conferencing software for PCs, Google Hangouts Meet also works with Mac operating systems. Their G Suite function is what makes this software so unique. You can use the calendar to create and schedule meetings, use the Meet app in either iOS or Windows, and full access compatibility with all Google products. And everyone uses Google, making it an interface people are familiar with.

Google Hangouts Meet


  • Simple to share, a link gets you joined. No plugins necessary
  • 30 person video conferencing with both audio and visual
  • Integrated G Suite and full compatibility with all Google products


  • Easy to join with no login or sign up other than your Google account
  • Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts – all from a phone, laptop, pc, tablet or mac
  • One of the few systems that let iOS and Windows users communicate without issue


  • Usually, when you have just got the hang of how it all works, they throw an update at you.

7. Slack Video Conferencing

Slack provide a whole range of useful free video conferencing tools on their software system. Users love the professional feel and the speed at which you can pick it up. Slack is best used for B2B conferencing, for those that need to communicate with other firms but still video conference to a high standard.

Slack Video Conferencing


  • Financial services, distance learning, engineering, sales and IT-specific support
  • Messaging, conferencing, meeting setup, tools, and files are all kept in one bundle, in your meeting.
  • Channels, threads, team members all help to organize the workspace, external B2B conferencing


  • Ease of colleague collaboration and administration of the meeting system
  • This video conferencing software system for the PC comes with screen sharing
  • You can easily invite most other collaborators – you don’t need to keep it in business


  • It will cost you if you want to rely on it long term.

8. FreeConference

FreeConference offers free video conferencing for Windows. It comes in both program and app form, allowing you to stay in touch with remote team members. It enables you to include your contacts, schedule and rearrange meetings, make and receive video calls, and prides itself on providing everything you need for your business to succeed.



  • Online meeting rooms with International dial-in
  • Compatible across all devices
  • Free screen sharing in video conferencing


  • Comes with conference call recordings – and voice annotation
  • Custom your hold music – it gives you hold music
  • Efficient, smooth, professional service with full support, from an experienced provider


  • It’s not available in all countries just yet

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Conferencing Software

Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions regarding free video conferencing or meeting software.

1. Q) What is the best free video conferencing software?

A) That depends on your needs. For the most comprehensive plan, Cisco covers every aspect of the business through interchangeable features. For more extensive group chats, try Zoom, but do keep in mind the 40 minute limit on your call times. If your team speak different languages, then use Skype – who have a real-time language-translation tool that shaves hours off your day. Lastly, UberConference is arguably the best free video conferencing software for companies who work with lots of different contractors or freelancers on a day-to-day basis. This is because you don’t need to download anything and can just jump straight in.

2. Q) Is Zoom the same as Skype?

A) Not quite, Skype has more of an International calling focus, while Zoom is more business meeting and conference intuitive. Zoom takes webinars and video teaching and learning as more of a priority than Skype does. Skype, on the other hand, allows free international calling by assigning local caller ID to your number.

3. Q) What is the best Video Conferencing Software for Small Businesses

A) UberConference should match your needs. It gives you the ability to communicate with up to 50 workers, more than enough for any small business. It also means you aren’t continually inviting contractors to download software. That being said, the type you use, or that best suits your firm, depends entirely on what you need it for and how you use it.

To Conclude

There is a perfect video conferencing software app or program for everyone, but which suits your company best will depend on what your business is. We hope we have provided you with enough information that you can make a reasonable choice. What matters most is that you get online and work from home. Being indoors shouldn’t have to be the end of the world.

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