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10 Free Video Call App for Android and iPhone (100% Secure)

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The continuous extension of the quarantine and isolation is becoming a problem for all of us. So, video calling is one way that can make social distancing a bit more bearable.

However, there is a problem. It is that there is vast confusion about which free video call app you should choose for the best services. Besides, there are the older adults in the family who are not very tech-savvy. You must also understand that a free video call app will solve communication problems when you are trying to work from home, or for other personal uses.

So, we have curated a list for you to be able to make clear decisions. The below-mentioned apps have one thing in common. Each one is incredibly user friendly.

The following apps on Android and iPhone will solve all your communication problems during social distancing effortlessly.

Part 1: Free Video Call App for Android

1. Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the most straightforward tools that Google has to offer to its users. It is a high-quality video calling app that enables smooth video-calling experience. Moreover, its simplicity, reliability, and versatility makes it a favorite among users. The Google Duo works perfectly on smartphones, Google Nest, tablets, as well as on computers and laptops.


  • Group calling
  • It is difficult to stay in contact with more than one or two people at the same time. However, it is no longer a problem with Google Duo. Now you can connect with quite a few people at the same time. To be precise, Duo supports a maximum of eight people in a group call. So, chatting with friends, families, and colleagues has now become easier.

  • Calls between iOS and Android
  • You can stay connected with people irrespective of the device you are using. It is because you can install Google Duo on your tablet, phones, or even chat via the web.

  • Low light mode
  • The small light mode feature helps you to enjoy the best video calling experience, even when there is less light. For example, if you are trying to chat with people during the evening or nighttime, this is effective.

  • Video Messaging
  • Suppose you are busy at the moment, and cannot accept a video call request. Just send a custom message along with fun effects through the video messaging tool.

  • Voice Calling
  • There are times when a video call is not possible. Don’t worry because Google Duo also supports voice-only calls.

    2. WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger

    The WhatsApp Messenger is a top-rated messaging and free video call app that is compatible with iPhones and Androids. It helps you connect with friends by utilizing a phone’s internet connection. Now you can switch over from plain SMSing to send text as well as multimedia messages over this app.


    • You do not have to pay any extra charges. The app will run on your phone’s existing internet connection.
    • You can exchange multimedia messages easily.
    • Make free voice and video calls via WhatsApp.
    • The group chatting experience is excellent.
    • The WhatsApp Web option allows you to connect the app on your PC.
    • International charges not applicable.
    • No username and individual PINs.
    • You can stay logged in 24*7 for prompt communication.
    • Offline messages are stored.
    • There are extra features, including broadcast options, location exchanging, and more.

    3. IMO for Android

    imo for Android

    IMO is a popular video calling and messaging app that is fast and user-friendly too. You can exchange voice and text messages with your contacts quickly, even when there is a poor signal issue.


    • You can conduct audio chats and group videos.
    • Online studying and learning becomes easier with the Group Live Room feature.
    • You can install the IMO app irrespective of what network you are using (2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi).
    • You can add up to 100, 000 members over a chat room or video conferencing.
    • Compatible with Android as well as Apple devices.
    • It is user-friendly and Cloud based.
    • It is possible to make international calls to mobiles and landlines too.

    4. Viber Messenger

    Here is another free video calling app that allows you access to endless texts, unlimited video chats, and high-quality video calling with Viber. This app is simple, fast, and secure for the smoothest experience ever.



    • It syncs well with the tablet as well as desktop apps.
    • You can make both video and audio calls for free (including International calls).
    • The Viber Out feature allows you to call on landlines.
    • Free messaging and group chat facility.
    • 100% privacy and self-destruct feature for secret chats.
    • Special Viber stickers and GIFs.
    • You can create a Viber community.
    • Chat extensions enable a better experience.

    5. Hangouts


    Hangouts is a messaging app that also allows you to do voice and video calls. Group chat feature is also available on this free video calling app.


    • Group chat up to 150 people.
    • Status messages, animated GIFs, photos, stickers, emojis, maps, and videos.
    • Conversion of voice to video calling.
    • Free national and international calls.
    • Make voice calls using your Google account.
    • Compatible with Android, Web, and iOS.
    • Send messages even if the receiver is offline.

    Part 2: Free Video Call App for iPhone

    6. ZOOM Cloud Meetings


    Staying connected on the go is now easier with ZOOM Cloud Meetings. You can enjoy good quality video calling, screen sharing, and cross-platform messaging instantly as well.


    • Virtual background compatibility with the latest iPhone and iPad models.
    • Direct screen sharing available.
    • Co-annotation at the time of screen sharing.
    • Whiteboard collaboration on a real time basis.
    • Works fine with 3G, Wi-Fi, and 4G/LTE networks.
    • Compatible with Apple Carplay, thus enabling protected driving mode.
    • Siri shortcuts for further customizations are available with this free video calling app.

    7. Skype for iPhone


    Keep contacting your friends, family, and acquaintances with the help of Skype. You can also text and make calls on mobile phones and landlines via Skype for iPhone.


    • Add up to 24 people in a single Video call and be connected with everyone.
    • Send messages and chat with friends. You can also use ‘@’ to specify someone in a group chat.
    • Share multimedia messages easily over Skype.
    • Make voice calls easily.
    • Use GIFs and emoticons to express yourself better.
    • Make calls to mobile phones and landlines.

    8. Messenger

    Messenger is an all-in-one free video calling app that helps you to carry out better communication with several features for an amazing experience.



    • Smooth video calling experience.
    • Make unlimited phone calls and text messages.
    • Video and voice recording feature.
    • Glare reduction by using the dark mode feature.
    • Sharing multimedia messages have become easier.
    • Location sharing.
    • Business chat facility.

    9. Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a vital part of the Office365 feature of the same brand. Now you can carry out all your office work in a shared workspace without physically being present in an office. Teams are now being able to achieve more with apps like this.

    Microsoft Teams


    • Easy project management, file editing, and sharing.
    • HD quality video calls.
    • Good quality voice calling.
    • Private group chatting available for more privacy.
    • Mention one or more people to help in drawing attention.
    • You get organization-level security with this video calling app.

    10. FaceTime Video Call

    FaceTime Video Call

    The most popular app for video calling on Apple devices is the FaceTime.


    • Create emojis and animojis on a real-time basis.
    • Live photos and video sharing.
    • HD quality video calling and voice calls.


    Here we are at the end of a compact list of the best free video calling apps for both Android and iPhones. Besides video calling, each of these apps offer an array of other features that can make our life better.

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