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8 Best Video Call App for Android (More than 4 Participants)

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Video conferencing and group chats are the main way families, friends, and even workplaces are staying in touch during the coronavirus lockdown. In this unprecedented time, we wanted to take a moment and review some of the best of these group video call apps, to find out which will best serve your purposes.

The 8 Best Group Video Call App for Conference

If you need a group video call app from android and you are stuck for inspiration – then you are in the right place! Here are the best 8 for more than 4 people.

1. WhatsApp

Price: Free

If there are exactly four of you in the conference call, WhatsApp will do a fantastic job. The best thing about it is that this Group video call app is totally free to use. It contains encrypted messaging that makes it more appealing than Facebook Messenger, even though they are different strands of the same company. While messenger allows video chat between two people, WhatsApp doubles that up to 4.



  • Cross-device compatibility is impressive: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Nokia Smartphone are all covered.
  • Unlimited calls and texts, including video chat, instant messaging, and audio-only calling.
  • No ads, great reliability, simple end-user interface.

2. Google Duo

Price: Free

Google Duo has been ergonomically designed to work across patchy internet connections – they call them ‘low bandwidth networks. If you have unreliable internet – for example, working through a proxy server because you live in a hall of residence at university or college – this is the messaging service for you. It’s fully compatible with all things Google, accessible by your Google account, and can be used through a laptop if you need to.

Google Duo


  • Free to use but does show the occasional cross-platform Google ad.
  • Fully compatible across iPhone and laptops, as well as being one of the best group video call app from Android.
  • Supports group chat in HD audio/visuals – for up to 8 participants.

3. Skype for Business for Android

The great thing about Skype is that it has been around for years. Most of the glitches and bugs of the system have been worked out already. The difference between Skype for Business and normal Skype is that the Business product goes so much farther than anything free that’s available on the market.

Skype for Business


  • One of the best group video call (more than 4). In fact, Skype for Business allows conference calling for up to 250 participants – inclusive of seminar-style video calling.
  • Fully compatible with everything – have your meeting on your lunch with your android or at the desk with your PC.
  • Exemplary audio and visual performance, full tech support, supports document integration, file sharing, and even screen sharing… it just has everything.

4. Zoom Cloud Meetings for android

Price: Starts with a free service and meeting caps, ups to Zoom Cloud Meetings from $19.99 /mo/host

While Zoom is becoming one of the most popular tools for online video conferencing, if you want a group video call more than 4 participants, you need to up your game. Zoom Cloud Meetings allows for up to 50 participants and is being widely used by ministers and religious leaders to hold services while buildings are still closed. Students are also saying that they can see their whole class in Zoom.

Zoom Cloud Meetings


  • Group video call app from Android that is compatible across all devices and operating systems. It also works with 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Image sharing, conference calling, screen sharing, and interactive or view only options.
  • Enhanced security in the Cloud Meetings version that protects sensitive customer info.

5. Slack

Price: Pricing models include free, standard at $6.67 per user, per month, or plus, which starts at $8 per day, per active user. There may be additional charges.

By far, Slack has the most complex pricing system. You might be charged for extra bits here and there – which nobody likes. Business users pay for it because their service is exemplary. If you are running a top-notch, international organization that needs to communicate constantly – then Slack is your best bet for a happy ending.



  • A fully searchable record is kept of meetings – which are top quality HD audio and visual meetings.
  • Search up to 10,000 archived messages for your answers. Unlimited additional app integrations.
  • Independent channels with easy switching and calling for up to 15 associates.

6. Free conference Call

Price: Free to use

As its name suggests, Free conference call allows you to audio and video chat, for business, for free. Free Conference Call comes with the high-quality call performance you find in the other apps and is a great group video call (more than 4 people) app. It comes with a range of useful business tools that make it a very professional feeling, rather than the likes of free Zoom, which is more customizable and individualist.

Free conference Call


  • Up to 1,000 way video calling.
  • Screen sharing and international dial-in numbers to make local calling easier – even if you are a world away.
  • One-touch conference commands, mute, record, view, Q&A – and a whole array of other functions.

A special additional note for this firm: Free Conference Call operates a ‘pay what you feel’ policy. So

7. Jitsi Meet

Price: 100% open source software, totally free.

What sets Jitsi Meet apart from the rest of the best group video calls (more than 4 participants) is their encryption. Reviewers comment often they don’t notice the difference between using Jitsi and using other video conferencing software suites, and that’s the beauty of it. They have seamlessly blended complete file encryption with a video calling app to make a highly secure connection, suitable for both work and play. If you are dealing with sensitive data? Look no further.

Jitsi Meet


  • Audio and visual calls in great quality, with call encryption as a forerunner.
  • Desktop streaming, sharing, and file sharing.
  • Up to 200 people in one call – brilliant for tech firms, gamers, and anyone who cares about their security.

8. UberConference

Price: Free or Business – business is $15 per month unless you pay annually, which costs $120.

UberConference focuses on being a teleconferencing system for businesses; the social and free version is almost an afterthought. It has great tech support coupled with screensharing, meeting scheduling with calendar sync, and a million other useful features that you wouldn’t think of – but that you know you need when you see them.



  • AI allows you to transcribe, annotate, automate, and do everything in high tech fashion.
  • HD video meetings for up to 100 of your colleagues. In free versions of this group video call app from android, meetings are limited in time (45 minutes).
  • Integrated with Salesforce, comes with hold music, and works across multiple systems, platforms, and mobile types.

FAQ About Group Video Call

Here you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked group video call app questions.

Q) Does Viber have group video chat?

A) Viber is an app specifically designed for making free calls. It does have a video calling facility, as well as free texts and instant messages. You can have up to 200 people in a group chat on Viber. When it comes to adding video to that group chat, the number falls to 5.

Q) How many people can join a Skype video chat?

A) Up to 50 people can be involved in a Skype video chat – that’s not Skype for Business, just good-old Skype. The firm itself recommends that you keep the number to 25, however, since it can lessen the quality of the audio and visuals in the call.

Since you could previously only call up to 10 different people in a video group chat through Skype, you need to make sure you have the most recent version installed. You can see this article for more information.

Q) How can I video call without the internet?

A) Many people think they cannot make or receive video calls without a stable internet connection. As you can tell from our article above, certain systems have been designed to work with little or no connection. There are also other ways to make calls without the internet.

Download and install JIO Network and ensure both the caller and the recipient have VOLTE support on their Androids. You can now conduct group video calls from Android phones as you might usually do! When you send a call request, switch to video, and ask the recipient to accept.

Q) How can I video call on Whatsapp web on my PC or laptop?

The Verdict

There are plenty of group video call apps from Android that use plenty of innovation to distinguish themselves from one another. Identifying your own needs will help you decide which is right for you. Consider which features you think are most important and simply choose the matching Android compatible web video chat app from our list.

Stay safe out there!

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