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8 Best Multiple Video Call & Chat Tools for Conference and Friends

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Organizing and initiating a video call is not a hefty task irrespective of where the members are located. However, when it comes to hosting a webinar or video conferencing for 5-12 people, it is nothing less than a challenge. So, whatever your ultimate goal is, having an excellent multiple video call app is the need of the hour.

There is indeed an array of apps that can help you do a video chat with multiple people. However, here we will talk about only the best ones. Besides, nobody wants to keep worrying about a complicated process or that which will require money from you to be a part of a multiple video conference.

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Part 1: Best Software to Make Multiple Video Call

1. Skype

Hundreds of people all over the world are using Skype daily to get through their video calling requirements. Business organizations use this application regularly for video chat with multiple people.



  • You can record calls or switch on to live subtitles.
  • You can make calls on other mobile phones as well as landlines.
  • Use the smart messaging tool to send emojis and fun faces.
  • A screen sharing option helps you to share files and presentations live on a call.
  • End to end encryption available for private conversations.
  • You can organize interviews on Skype.
  • Connecting from anywhere across the Globe.
  • You can get a local Skype number and avail cheap phone calls and SMS services.


  • Though it is a multiple video call app, once you start adding people to a call, the reliability issues rise. You may find that a significant amount of time has to be spent on managing the app.
  • It becomes difficult to connect a Skype service to the AV room systems.
  • The webcam facility is not ideal for video conferencing that includes multiple people. You may have to use extra cameras to make the call quality better.

2. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most comprehensive apps that you can use for multiple video conferences. It is capable of combining online meetings, video calls, and group messaging easier.



  • Incredibly user-friendly app. You will just have to download and set it up, and you are good to go.
  • Reliability and stability in cases of video conferencing or audio calls. Users say it functions better than Skype.
  • The audio and video quality that Zoom has to offer is undoubtedly one of the best.
  • Zoom offers an extremely immersive quality of video conferencing. The high-quality video and audio help to only online meetings.
  • Don’t worry about any data leaks because Zoom is safe and secure for users.
  • The versatility is noteworthy because you can use Zoom on pretty much all types of devices.


  • A HIPAA certification is required if you want to use all the premium settings of Zoom.
  • The tariff structure may become a hassle for users. You can avail of limited functions only when you are using the free version.

3. Google Hangouts

‘Hangouts’ is one of the best features that Google has to offer to its users. You can make it a part of your everyday lives when you want to avail of messaging, video, and voice calling option on the go. This integrated tool comes with Google and Google+ and also offers VoIP facilities.

Google Hangouts


  • There are no extra hidden costs involved when you want to use Hangouts for multiple video conference options.
  • It is easy to run on any medium such as laptops, tabs, mobile phones, and more.
  • Ease of adding or removing contacts.


  • There is no Chromecast support when you are trying to avail of video calling options.
  • The bandwidth is still comparatively low, and so requires more stability.
  • Sharing files or deleting chat history is a problem.
  • Connecting multiple people to one interface is a hassle.

4. Slack

The work environment has changed over the past few years, and everything is almost digitized. So, communicating with a colleague does not require you to take a break from your system and meet someone for a tea break at short intervals. You can just switch on to Slack and communicate with people around.



  • Creating channels within the organization. For example, different groups for people working on various projects.
  • Communication can be private, public, multi-workplace or shared.
  • Easy collaboration on a real-time basis.
  • Share anything with co-workers adding emojis. The security terms will protect all shared data and conversations.


  • Auto-deletion of conversations after 14 days.
  • File storage space is minimum.
  • The continuous notifications on Slack can be a disruption when you are working on a serious project.

Part 2: Best Make Multiple Video Call App to Use

5. Google Duo

The Google Duo is one of the best multiple video call apps. It is versatile, reliable, and simple too. It will make communication easier with a wide range of features that it has to offer to users.

Google Duo


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • 720p HD video calling.
  • Good quality video calls despite low bandwidth and low-speed internet.
  • Knock-knock feature to check who is trying to connect with you.
  • Connecting with phone contacts made easier.
  • Leave a message if you are unable to receive a call.


  • There is probably no serious problem with the app except that there are hardly any updates available.

6. ooVoo

ooVoo is a standard quality multiple video call app that you can also use for creating collaborative stories and messaging. Write text messages, create videos, and more.



  • You can use this app free of cost.
  • The video quality is clear and nice.
  • You can choose to view all or just one participant.
  • Use different screen filters and effects.


  • Shuts down unexpectedly or regularly.
  • Most advanced tools are only available for PC use if you are using the free version.
  • Videoing stops mostly when you want to do anything simultaneously.
  • Allows a single speaker at one time.
  • It takes time to connect.
  • Incoming calls automatically become a part of video conversations.

7. FaceTime

Especially for Apple users, FaceTime is a fantastic app that helps you to stay connected with friends and family from anywhere around the world.



  • You can communicate easily without calling each other through text messages.
  • .


  • Huge amount of data required for the regular use of FaceTime.

8. WhatsApp

One of the most popular apps at present, WhatsApp is a one-in-all app for texting, calling, and sharing multimedia stuff.



  • Share contacts and live location.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Auto-update of contacts.
  • Use emojis and GIFs.
  • Email and print chats easily.


  • Calling not available in several countries.
  • Absence of a virtual assistant.

Part 3: FAQ about Multiple Video Call

Can you do multiple video calls on FaceTime?

Well yes, you can do it. These are the steps to be followed.

Step 1: Open the app on your Apple device

Step 2: Press the ‘+’ option that you will find in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Start by entering the number or name of the first person you are trying to call.

Step 4: Keep adding more contacts. You can add maximum of 32 contacts, including yourself.

Step 5: Now tap audio or video to start a call.

Can you Facetime with Android?

No, unfortunately, Facetime is not compatible with Android devices or any other device apart from Apple as of that matter. It only suits the Apple ecosystem.

What is the Android equivalent of Facetime

There are apps that offer similar features like that in Facetime. However, Google Duo seems to be the best out of all. The fantastic video quality and other features make it almost as perfect as Facetime for Android users.


Above are the 8 best multiple video call and chat tools for conference and friends. Some of them are video call app. Just have a try and decide which one you like.

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