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8 Best Open Source Video Conferencing Software for Enterprise

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

There are dozens of up to scratch video conferencing software for enterprise out there. However, these services, although easy to implement, are expensive and rigid.

To run away from these flaws, a vast majority of enterprises now prefer doing their business with open source video conferencing software.

The driving reason beside expense is the fact that the open-source platform is easily customizable. This way, firms can quickly redesign the program and seamlessly integrate with other applications to suit their need.

In this article, we will look at the ten best open source video conferencing software suitable for enterprises.

10 Best Open Source Meeting Software

1. Jitsi

Price: Free

Jitsi is a collection of open-source projects that offers a platform for users to run video conferencing securely. Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Video bridge are two significant technologies that make it possible to host video conferences over the internet. Jitsi has a proactive community that develops amazing products and continuously push to improve the quality of video conferencing services.


  • It supports both video and audio calls and passes them to all participants instead of mixing them first.
  • It offers better quality and lower latency.
  • It supports advanced video routing for scalable video coding, bandwidth estimation, and simulcast, among others.


2. Bitrix24

Price: There are several pricing plans for Bitrix24 as follows:

  • Free plan.
  • Special Plans-Start+ @ $17 per month, CRM+ @ $48per month, and Project + @ $48 per month.
  • Business plans- Standard @ $51.48 per month, Professional @ $103.48 per month.

Bitrix24 is a powerful free online open-source video conferencing software that offers a unique collaboration platform. This amazing software allows for unified real-time communication and collaboration of up to 30 tools. It merely means you can perform an assortment of different functionalities within this platform without the need for third-party tools such as Skype, Google Calendar, and Dropbox, among others. With this tool, you can perform both HD and mobile video conferencing as well as screen sharing. Bitrix24, no doubt, offers a seamless, effective, and safe way to run meetings.


  • It offers free collaboration tools, which include social, document, project, email, client, and employee management tools.
  • It supports free and unlimited audio/video calls.
  • It supports mobile video conferencing.


3. Rocket.Chat


  • Free community version.
  • Pro versions between $3 per user per month-$30 per user per year.

Rocket.Chat is an excellent open-source video conferencing software that offers a serene way to communicate and collaborate with your members via real-time chats, audio/video conferencing, or file sharing. There are thousands of developers leveraging the full source code to customize and create a stunning platform for their work. With Rocket.Chat, there is no more CC/BCC that you use in emails. Instead, the @username mention will streamline the way you communicate with team members and create better transparency. If you want more efficient teamwork and scale your productivity, use the team chats feature to access video calls, audio calls, and screen sharing.


  • It provides unlimited customization.
  • It offers free audio and video conferencing.
  • It supports screen sharing.


4. Riot

Price: Free

Riot is one of the big names amongst the top-rated open source video conferencing platforms. Riot gives an ideal platform for all categories of users to communicate according to their needs. This universal video conferencing software offers users absolute control to communicate with their team members. The platform provides plenty of modern communication features like share files, ad widgets, chat, and video/audio conferencing to organize rooms and your teams effectively. With Riot, you can integrate other chat platforms while keeping your conversation safe and secure. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption services that keep communication private.


  • It allows the integration of other tools for effective data channeling.
  • It supports both video and audio calls and conferences.
  • It supports file sharing.


5. Apache OpenMeetings

Price: Free

You can also use Apache OpenMeetings. OpenMeetings, an Apache project, is an open-source video conferencing platform of its kind. The software offers a platform featuring an array of incredible functionalities that transform the entire video conferencing. The plenty of services available include video conferencing, file management and sharing, document editing, instant messaging, and whiteboards, among others. If you are doing a conference, you can select up to four different sessions, which include audio+ video, audio-only, video only, and picture only.


  • It supports audio and video conferencing.
  • It offers a meeting recording and screen sharing feature.
  • It has a moderating system that allows the moderator to adjust individual user permissions during a conference.

Apache OpenMeetings

6. Livestorm


  • Webinar and Meet Basic- Free.
  • Webinar Premium- $99/host per month.
  • Meet Premium- $31 per host per month.

Livestorm is a popular open-source video conferencing platform that allows teams to build strong and efficient interactions via webinars and video meetings. The platform offers a multiplicity of communication tools and makes it suitable for everyone, whether it is a startup or an established enterprise. Talk about simplicity, intuitive interface, and no downloads/plugins/ add-ons and understand why Livestorm is an excellent open-source video conferencing software.


  • It offers highly adaptive webinars from live webinars, on-demand webinars, and automated webinars.
  • It allows online video meetings via instant and scheduled meetings.
  • Users can share screens, videos, and presentations in HD with their members.


7. OpenVidu


  • CE version- Free.
  • Pro Version- $0.0006 core/minute.

Another multiplatform, open-source video conferencing software for web and mobile applications, is OpenVidu. This software offers ready-to-use components that ease the entire video conferencing. The amazing API makes it easy and fast to build anything powerful. OpenVidu is compatible with lots of technologies and backend technologies.


  • It offers several combinations for video conferencing to choose from, such as one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.
  • Offers unlimited video call recording using predefined layouts.
  • It supports screen sharing.


8. Zulipchat


  • Free for the free version.
  • $6.67 per user per month for the Standard version.

Zulipchat is an excellent open-source video conferencing software that integrates real-time chats with email threading models. This program features modern apps for popular platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Zulipchat boosts not only a significant but active development community, which ensures a high-quality code base for users across the globe.


  • Easy integration with over 90 native integration support.
  • You can customize notifications and set alerts.
  • It has modern apps for several platforms.


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