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8 Best Birthday After Effects Templates for You

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

We all make our best effort to do something unique on someone’s birthday.

Be it by giving an expensive present or a simple bouquet. None misses the chance to make the birthday person feel special.

However, if you are looking for something more unique than this, how about making a birthday video as a present?

Well! If you have no clue how to make it, birthday video templates surely can help you. Are you excited now to make a great video as a present for your friend?

Here, in this article, we will share some of the best and useful birthday after effects templates for you. Do have a careful look at the following list of templates and the source to download it.

8 Best Birthday Video Templates

1. Birthday Pack

Here is the first medium through which you can get the birthday after effects template. It is Filmstock website and is one of the well-known for providing templates for a wide range of topics. Well! This particular birthday video template contains everything that a birthday video should have. From balloons to cakes, candles to fireworks, the video can be eye candy for your special one. The template is having 17 elements and three transitions. You can sign up for free to get this.

Birthday Pack

2. Happy Birthday

Ditch the thought of going to a gift gallery this time to gift something having no emotions. It will probably be never cherished by your friend, and the gift will be kept unused for long. Take the help of Motion Array and use the birthday video template that will make them feel special about your investment in thought. In this template, you get 13 different image and video placeholders as well as there are dual placeholders for text.

Happy Birthday

3. Happy Birthday Template

Here is the nextbirthday after effects template, which gives you a good number of placeholders to add images of the special one. On pond5 website, you get this birthday video template of 1920 x 1080p quality and purely HD. You will be required to pay $30 to get this in cart.

Happy Birthday Template

4. Baby Photo Album

If your priority is to make the parents of 1-year-old baby happy, then this template is just for you. On the website envatomarket, you can get this full HD 1920 x 1080p birthday video template having three versions i.e., girl version, boy version, and custom colors version. With the template, you have 25 placeholders for photo/video and 12 for the text. If the font is not of your choice, you can download it on the website as well.

Baby Photo Album

5. Happy Birthday Celebration Opener

This is an opener video of only 10 seconds. You can get this birthday video template on evantoelements, which is of 127 MB in size, and the resolution will be 1920 x 1080p. Although this video is of less length, and there is nothing to be creative here, you can still play with the background colors or candle colors. So, begin to have fun and use this if it suits you.

Happy Birthday Celebration Opener

6. My Birthday Party

This is one of the most exciting birthday video templates ever. Using this, you can share the birthday party moments with friends and make the celebration double. You can also add your doodles. The video is completely HD, and there is no need for extra plug-ins. To have this, you need to take out $16 from your wallet, and you are good to go!

My Birthday Party

7. Happy Family Moments Slideshow

Showcasing the family love on various platforms is never a bad idea. And if your wish is to share your happy family moments with others, you can use this template. This is a slideshow kind of a video of 40MB in size and of nearly 2 minutes in duration, which is enough to create great memorabilia of your family. Grab it now and make others astonished.

Happy Family Moments Slideshow

8. Happy Birthday All Languages

Here is the last that we have as the birthday video template in the list. As all the above, this template also comes in 1920 x 1080 quality. This is 649 MB, and one can find it easy to customize. The tutorial is included in the template, and you can use three placeholders for text and 1 for the image.

Happy Birthday All Languages


We brought some of the best birthdays after effects templates options for you. Now, we expect you to be creative this time and using the suitable birthday video template. You can make the birthday girl/boy (‘s) day remarkable. We hope that you liked this list and our effort for you. You can share anything about the post by commenting below. Also, please share this article with the one who cannot come up with a great idea and needs it badly. Thank you for reading!

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