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How To Express Your Best Wishes with a Birthday Video Maker

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Being away from family, loved ones, or friends during their birthday doesn't mean that you can't send them a gift. Creating a sentimental and well thought of present will help them to connect back to you. If you are planning out a special presentation, then considering a birthday video is a simple way to send them wishes. This offers a new connection for the year to your friends and family while adding to the celebration. There are simple and easy ways to create a birthday video for those that you love. Following these steps will help you to send your best to someone that is far away.

1. Find a Video Maker.

There are many downloads that you can easily work with to create a film. Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor), for example, is known for simple ways to connect your video and create a final film. You can also consider Wondershare Filmii a simple to use option for beginners in creating a birthday video due to its various beautiful video templates. These all provide user-friendly ways to put together film while helping you to cut, paste, and define the perfect video for friends or family.

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2. Get Sentimental Stock Footage.

If you have videos of you or friends from before, then you can paste these into your video editor. If not, then you will want to start recording. You can easily add in a personal message to those that you are connecting with. You can also create footage of the area surrounding you and from free footage that is available from professionals.

3. Create a StoryBoard.

The footage that you use should combine with a story that you want to tell. When you are making a birthday video, you will want to consider adding specific concepts that help you to connect to friends or family. The storyboard will help your message to make sense before sending it. Combining this with the stock footage will help you to easily and effectively connect while telling a story of sentimental value. Importing the video by the storyboard that you create will then help you to finalize the concept of the video you are making.

4. Background Music.

To create an emotional and valued connection to friends and family, you will need to add background music. This will create a polished approach to making those that are at a distance happy while remembering you. There are different resources that you can look into for music that fits with a birthday. For instance, if you work with the Filmora video editor, you can find birthday music that helps your video to turn into a moving card that others can enjoy for their celebration. By simply copying and pasting these underneath the video, you will be able to develop a sound of this year's party.

5. Special Effects and Animation.

The video that you use is polished when you add in special effects and animation. You will want to have animation in specific clips that you decide to use. You will also want to add in special effects or animation to places that don't have the video that you want. This helps you to tie together your storyboard. You will find additions with pictures, wording, and special pieces of clip art to create the needed effects to the video you are creating. At the end of your video, you can use special effects and animation to send the happy birthday wishes to those you are connecting to.

6. Transitions.

The last step is to look at transitions for the birthday gifts you are putting together. If you use one video, then you don't have to make any transitions with the film until you add in animation or special effects. However, if you are adding in different video clips, then you will want to transition from one to another. This will help the eye to move from different videos easily. This will also help to move to animation, special effects, or lettering that you are placing up. The use of transitions allows you to keep motion with the video that you are adding in.

7. Upload and Send.

After the final transitions and a polished happy birthday wish, you can send your video to those who are celebrating another year. You can upload your video by .mp4 or other video file options. You can then connect to others online or will be able to send the video through online areas. There are a variety of areas that will help you to click and send to friends and family, offering an instant connection.

With a creative idea, you will easily be able to stay connected during the next celebration to friends and family. The birthday video editor that you use will assist with sending your best wishes to those that are far away. The video editor that you use will help you to offer a polished presentation for a birthday while allowing you to keep in touch during special moments. With the right editor, you can add in the special effects and additions that make the video one that friends or family can cherish forever.

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