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How to choose the best music for video project

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Music is that pillar of a corporative video which can help your brand to stand alone or get it shattered. So, its impact should not be underestimated. The music should be created or composed in right way; otherwise, the clients may get distracted by the imbalance between the music and video. The background music must be embedded in such a way, that it would help to build a connection among you and your audiences. Once the connection is build, they will be interested in developing relations with you and your brand. Here are some tips that will guide you to select the best music for your video to make your brand name shine like a star:

Before Choosing Music

#1. Know your audience

If you have thought of including the music in your marketing video, then the foremost step is to think about your audience. Who they will be? What will be their age and profession? If they belong to a particular field or are from different backgrounds? Knowing all these facts will help you to choose the right music for that will fit to the tone and feel of your video.

#2. Plan for the music in advance

The common and biggest mistake done by all the corporate is that they plan about the background music after they have done with production. A good approach will be to choose the music before the video production is started. This requires full analysis that what your video is about and what message/ information you want to convey through it. Planning the music in advance will help to stay within your budget. Like if you are hiring a composer or licensing music from library, pre-planning will make you know the budget of your music, which you can adjust with budget of your project. Also in the case, you need a clients’ approval for music, it is beneficial if you have planned the music beforehand as any change can be implemented on the demand of client.

#3. Select your budget

Your budget will depend on the fact that whether you are going to hire a music composer for creating featured music according to your needs or you are selecting the track from music library. In the second case too, you have to pay for the license if you are going to use their track. So, select your budget and plan your music and video accordingly. Hiring a composer will be the right choice if your video contains multiple moods. In the case, you need to create a series of videos; a composer can successfully compose the related musical branding.

#4. Choose the music

Beforehand planning will make you available with the number of choices; that you can embed the music in your video. On the basis of your video, choose the number of music tracks. If the whole video is made to get covered in a single part, then you can choose one track based on its theme. But, if the video is divided into parts, then using the different tracks for different parts will help the audience to differentiate between the ideas conveyed by each part.

#5. Use music as “bookends”

Including the music differently for starting and ending sections of video is also a productive idea. They will act as “video bookends”. It will help you to give a brief introduction and convey final conclusion to the audiences. There will be no mash up of ideas and hence, the video will be prolific. This can be done by pairing the music sound with an image introducing the particular section, for some seconds. You can accomplish this task of differentiating various segments of your video by using “bookends” or changing the volume of music track at particular points.

#6. Choosing lyrics

Lyrics can be effectively used for the storytelling aspect of your video but it has two matters to consider- lyrics can distract the audiences if they are used along with any dialogue or interview. And the second one is whether the lyrics are depicting the scene of video or on the contrary are distracting the audiences by mixing two different elements of audio with video.

#7. Pacing

No matter which music you have chosen, you will always want that it should fade in and out at exact time. You can choose the music that will highlight the main points of your video. For instance, you can make the music to pull out for a moment and re-introduce when conveying a special message or displaying an image. This type of music may or may not be available in the music library. So, if you want to take advantage of this feature, you should hire a composer that will adjust the timings of music with that of video. Make sure that you are not overusing this feature which may have negative impact.

#8. Type of instruments

Make sure that the music tracks you are using are produced using real and organic instrumentation. Because, the music tracks created by using digitized instruments sound very cheap and corny. In addition, sometimes the instrumentation can also contribute to convey the message of your video in an effectual way. For example, using the regional or cultural music instruments to produce the music tracks of your video, can help to create the sensation of a particular locale you are describing in your project.

#9. Choose an appropriate genre

The genre of your music must be chosen by keeping in mind the nature of your business as well as the audience to whom you are going to present your video. If you are not sure about the target audience, then it will be better if you choose the common music. However, if a particular music invokes the mood and feeling of your video, then you can use it, otherwise, use the general music genre.

Including background music in your marketing video is not an easy task. So, if you want to make an attractive and efficient video that can affect your business in positive way, then consider all the above given points before starting with the project.

Use the Music in Filmora

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