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7 Fortnite Intro and Outro Template for YouTube

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world; it’s continually getting more players and more attention. And, because of that, many people are going out there and making videos about their plays of Fortnite. But how do you get people’s attention in YouTube? What can you do to stand out among all of the people who are showing off their Fortnite skills?

Your video intro is essential in this process. You need a tremendous Fortnite intro template to let viewers know what channel they are watching and what they can expect to see. More importantly, an fantastic Fortnite outro template can attract viewers, so that they’ll continue to watch your game videos. This article will give you a look at seven great Fortnite video templates – 4 for intros, and 3 for outros!

Part 1: Best Fortnite Intro Templates

Below is an amazing Fortnite video game for your to enjoy.

1. Fortn5ite Intro Template by StormyFX

This intro template is one of those simple animation options that you need to customize on your own. Hosted on the Pandzoid website, you can edit it via Clipmaker as you wish to do so, and then download it for use in your videos. In just a couple of simple steps, you’re ready to add it to any video you post!

Fortn5ite Intro Template by StormyFX

2. Fortnite Template

This Fortnite Template, designed and hosted by Vace Productions, is an enjoyable little option that uses animation to bring people into your intro. It has a lot of customization available, so you can make sure that it works for your video setup and how you want to share your videos with the world. You can get it for free; there are also more professional-grade options for low prices.

Fortnite Template

3. Fortnite Cool Intro Template

Fortnite is the game that all of the cool kids are playing, and, because of that, you likely want to have a fresh and edgy template that you can utilize in your intro screen. If so, this is it. With animation and contrasting colors, you’ll enjoy what this template adds to any of the videos that you post online.

Fortnite Cool Intro Template

4. Fortnite Template

This is another favorite on the Panzoid site, which means it’s straightforward to customize and download it in a short period. This template, made by user snxwy, uses some of the animations from Fortnite itself to get people excited about the content. You can make it look exactly how you want it to and bring your twist to it when you download it.

Fortnite Template

Part 2: Best Fortnite Outro Templates

5. Fortnite Outro Template

If you need a great way to say goodbye after a video is done, this template on the Tecnicoz website is one of the simplest options. It’s free, but it’s in full HD, and there’s no additional software or plugins required to use it. It’s compatible with the End Cards feature that you’ll use on YouTube, and it even has royalty-free music included. It’s an all-in-one solution that can help you to end your video with a bang.

Fortnite Outro Template

6. Free Fortnite Outro Templates

User redprod at Velosofy has put together a complete, free outro that is clean and crisp in its appearance. It’s straightforward for you to put this into any YouTube video that you’re going to put together – and the only watermark is a small “R” in the corner. It’s clean, it’s crisp, and it’s completely free for you to use for your videos. This makes this a solid choice if you want to keep things simple at the end of a Fortnite video for your YouTube page.

Free Fortnite Outro Templates

7. Free to Use Fortnite Outro

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy outro, this Free to Use Fortnite Outro on Ystream is another option that you could consider. Using some cool looking graphics from the game and sending that simple (but essential) message of “Like, Comment, and Subscribe,” it’s a good way to get people to pay attention and keep up with what it is that you’re doing with your Fortnite videos.

Having the right intros and outros for your Fortnite videos can bring people in, and these Fortnite intro templates and Fortnite outro templates can be super helpful. They don’t’ ever need to be complicated – sometimes, simpler is better. And having a template to work off of is going to save you time and creativity, which you could better funnel into making the video and playing the game.

Free to Use Fortnite Outro

Don’t just pick a random one and hope it works. Take a look at these suggestions that we’ve provided here, and start putting things together for your next big video – it could be the one that gets your channel some traction!

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