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How to Add a Watermark to Videos in AVS Video Editor

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

In the age of the Internet, it has become common to be concerned about protecting the content you put online. Although watermarks may not be the most aesthetic way of securing your videos from unlawful use they are certainly very effective. In addition to preventing other people from using your videos, watermarks can be used for promotion of your video production company or any other sort of business you are trying to promote. Furthermore, adding a watermark to a video is easy to in video editor, so you won't be wasting time trying to figure out how to accomplish this task.

In case you are wondering how to add a watermark to your video in AVS Video Editor you are in the right place because we will show you how to easily add watermarks to your video clips in this video editing software.

Adding Watermarks to Videos in AVS Video Editor

Before embarking on the adventure of adding a watermark to your video, first, make sure that the picture you want to add as an overlay to your video clip is tastefully designed and saved in a format supported by the AVS Video Editor.


1. Import and place the files on the timeline

The trick of successfully creating a watermark is based on the proper positioning of the media files on the timeline. The first step in this process is to place the background video to the editor's video track and then head over to the 'Media Library'. In the 'Media Library' panel, click on the 'Image' option and import a photo or any other kind of still image into the AVS Video Editor. Once the file is in the 'Media Library' drag it to the appropriate track and drop it at the desired location. You can adjust the duration of the watermark by simply dragging its ends or you can relocate it to another position on the 'Video Overlay' track by dragging the file.


2. Applying the Video Overlay feature

Once you have set the duration of the watermark in the video you can adjust its location and size by clicking on the 'Edit Overlay' icon. The 'Video Overlay' panel will appear on the screen, and you can resize the watermark or change its on-screen position by dragging it on the panel's preview window. The 'Edit Overlay' feature also enables you to change the watermarks' transparency so the parts of the shot covered by it remain visible.

Furthermore, under the 'Animation' section of the 'Video Overlay' panel, you can add 'Fade In' and 'Fade Out' effects as well as countless other effects that can make the on-screen appearance and disappearance of the watermark much smoother. The AVS Video Editor also offers a number of different masks that can be used to reshape the watermark in order to achieve a better visual effect. Once you've made all the changes you deemed necessary, click the 'OK' button to apply them to the video and proceed to export your watermarked video.

A More Efficient Way of Adding Watermarks to Videos

Adding Watermarks with AVS Video Editor may be easy, but users who are looking for a wider range of possibilities will probably be better off using software like Wondershare Filmora. The Filmora video editing software enables you to manipulate images in any way you want, and in addition, it supports a large number of different media file formats. For that reason, the decision to use Wondershare's video editing software will allow you to have a complete control over the process of adding a watermark to your video.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Filmora is a much better alternative for adding watermarks to your videos than AVS Video Editor because the adding watermarks and logos to your videos is very simple and yet remarkably effective. Place the video clip you'd like to edit onto the editor's video track and just drag the picture you want to use as a watermark to the Filmora's PIP track and proceed to adjust the settings in accordance to your needs. Adding masks of all kinds and shapes, animation or 30 different kinds of motions is easy and the results you will be able to accomplish will impress your audience. Once you've created the watermark you like, save your file and choose an output format that best fits your demands.

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