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Top 10 Subscribe Templates to Help You Attract More Followers

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Social media is a massive platform for people to get famous and earn as well. But for this, the creator needs to work on gaining more audience for their channel. Subscribe templates have now become a popular means of usage for people to boost their channels. These are basically like a reminder for the audience to subscribe to the channel they are viewing. The Subscribe templates are easy to use; a lot of variety is available for the person as per their channel needs and requirements. Many graphic templates can be used as well by the creators to make it catchier.

Part 1: Why Use Subscribe Templates?

The Subscribe templates are an essential tool for the creators. The YouTube subscribe template helps the creators capture audience attention towards them. These free YouTube subscribe templates help people gain more subscriptions. Eventually, increasing their subscribers is the ultimate goal of the creators. Subscribe templates are added to the video or content to help remind the viewer or audience to subscribe to the channel.

Part 2: Top 10 Subscribe Templates to Boost Views

There are many popular sites that provide subscribe templates, like and subscribe templates in different designs and presentations along with motion gradient background templates to help the user to choose from as per their likings. Some of the many popular forms of subscribe template are subscribe button template, animated YouTube subscribe button template, and many more.

1. Angled Subscribe Button

This is a simple form of a YouTube subscribe template. The Premiere Pro subscribe button is visible at the below right-hand corner, for attracting the viewer to subscribe and further associate with the channel or creator.

2. Like and subscribe bar

With the like and subscribe bar template, the users can add a red rectangular button with like, subscribe, and notification icons in their video. Such subscribe button templates can be found on different platforms like Mixkit, Pixabay or Filmstock.

best subscribe template

3. Rotating Play Button Opener

best rotate subscribe template

It is simple to use a mogrt file for the subscribe template. It displays the channel's name and any other social media handles of the creator, if any. The shape field rotates around the YouTube play button.

4. Focus Play End Screen

This subscribe template is used at the end of the video the audience is watching. It is like a thank you note for the viewer for their time. It mentions the channel name for subscription and also provides a prompt for the next video. The user can also add their other social media platform handles on this free YouTube subscribe template.

5. Hand Cursor clicking on YouTube buttons

This is one of the popular Premiere Pro/ mogrt subscribe button templates found online. It is a banner at the center below with a hand cursor clicking at the button. The YouTube button of “like”, “subscribe”, “notifications bell”. Click sound can also be added in the video with the help of this template.

6. Recommended Video End Screen

With this animated YouTube subscribe button template, through which double play boxes can be added, one of the recommended videos and the other with the watch next video. Subscribe prompt, social media profile icons can be added.

7. Profile Subscribe Button

This is kind of an overlay subscribe template, consisting of an animated subscribe button, a notification bell and a profile picture interface right in the centre of the video.

8. End screen for YouTube

This provides an elegant look to the end screen of the video. This free YouTube subscribe template at the end screen displays previews of the two videos of the channel and also shows color lines moving in the background of the video. This is a modern form of YouTube subscribe template.

9. Like and Subscribe Button

This subscribe button template displays a middle-aligned icon, with a quick transition. A small subheading is also displayed below on the screen.

10.. Animated Play Button Opener

This is one of the most popular free animated YouTube subscribe button templates. This is displayed at the beginning of the video of the user.

Part 3: Where to Find Free Subscribe Templates?

Subscribe Templates can be easily downloaded from many popular websites. Pop -Up style graphic templates are also very popular among the creators. Some of the most famous platforms for getting YouTube subscribe templates are Filmstock, Mixkit, Pixabay. These three websites have been very popular among users to get subscribe templates. Panzoid like and subscribe green screen is also a popular platform used.

Part 4: How to Add Subscribe Button to Your Video with Filmora?

An animated subscribe button can be added to the video to help make the viewers become subscribers. It is important to make potential viewers permanent. Let us go through some steps to understand the procedure to add the Subscribe button.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  1. Select sample colors from the various options and add the duration as per your need. Save this track by clicking on the lock screen and this won’t disturb the background.
  2. Then you need to design ‘subscribe png gif’. Choose red from the sample colors and then you need to drag the red color onto the green background. Adjust the red color to a smaller size as required, in the center bottom. You can easily put it at any other place you like and also use it in future videos.
  3. Now we need to add the text subscribe in the red button we created. Click on the title and write “subscribe”. Then place it in the red box and click Ok. Users can also add a cursor sign onto the subscribe button created. Adjust the size of the cursor and place it at the required position on the subscribe button.
  4. Now keyframes shall be used for animating the design. Begin with the red rectangle. Select the red color visible in the timeline and go to the Animation tab. In the animation tab, click Customize and move and click ‘Add’.
  5. Then return to the timeline and adjust the scale to 0. By doing this, the rectangle pop effect has been created and you can see it as you play the clip.
  6. For the text, double click on the text and click ‘Advanced’. Then at the animation tab choose the type of animation you like. Set the time after which you want the text to appear, mainly just a few seconds. Similarly, animate the cursor that we added earlier.
  7. The sound of the click of a mouse can be added as well at the time of editing the cursor.
  8. And now when you want to make this subscribe button disappear, move to the end time and add the keyframe at the actual scale in the red color. Then move the scale further to 0 to make it disappear.
  9. Similar steps are to be followed to disappear the cursor. Subscribe png gif is now ready and can be exported in different kinds of formats as required.


Subscribe templates are now very common media used by many content creators for gaining a more permanent audience. These are easy to create or can be easily downloaded from different websites. Many motion Graphics Templates are also available that can be useful to attract more viewers. Users who need a personalized subscription template can use platforms like Filmora's customized animated subscription buttons.

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