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10 Trendy Video Frame Templates in 2024 [for Youtube/IG/FB]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

We are really creative when it comes to video making and the right execution. The timings, transitions, test, background, music, everything that can be customized to set the flow of the video is achieved with full dedication.

But a video can get a classy touch by adding video frames. A frame is used in films, video making, and animation videos. Frames are nothing but still images that can compose a complete moving picture. No wonder, frames are being used in the industry for ages.

Anything beautiful and precious deserves a frame. And the beautifully created videos also deserve some video frames. And trust me, with the availability of different varieties of video frame templates, your video can easily be put in a frame.

Part 1: 10 Cool Video Frame Templates in 2024

Let’s check out some of the best video frame template options.

1. Abstract Paint Brush Stroke Video Frame Templates

These simple and sleek templates with paintbrush strokes at the edges are ideal for your memory lane videos. Use the templates for flashbacks of an event, or maybe for personal memories.

2. Neon Frames

Make use of these neon light frames for your musical videos or pop event to energize everyone. YouTube videos with modern themes, these frames for adding an extra element to the video spirit.

video frame template neon

3. Countdown Video Frames

How about giving your video a feel of reeling a movie or a retro-timer touch? Use timer frames for your YouTube video stories and even Instagram or Facebook stories with a countdown.

4. Blank Empty Frame Video Templates

Use these minimalistic and easy-to-handle video frames when you just want a stylish frame at the edges and a clean slate as background. These can be used for formal and official video clips as well.

5. Instagram Frame Templates

Use Instagram frames for your social media story. Eye-catching and trendy, these Instagram video frame templates will surely add spice to the story. Jazz up your latest Instagram post with the Instagram customized video templates.

6. Artistic Vivid Shape Creative Video Frame Templates

Use these Frames for an artistic frame, bold flower prints, abstract arts, and designs in your video. Ideal for vogue and fashion videos, these can also be used for artistic genre videos.

7. Festive/Christmas Frame

Give your video a serene and festive touch through the Christmas video frames. Be it a festive eve, or a get-together, these frames will surely make your festival video more bright and more pious.

festival video frame

8. Nature/Seasons Video Frames Templates

Complement your video transitions through seasonal or nature frames that can define the mood of the video. Your social media stories, music videos, and even a flashback of memories can easily blend with these video frames.

9. Stationary-prop Video Frame Templates

There is something for your kids as well. Color pencils, crayons, even paper clip frames can add magic to a video meant for your kids. Maybe you want to present this on a school or platforms dedicated to children and education.

10. Abstract Waal Video Frame Templates

Keep it simple yet elegant. Abstract wall video frames will give a classy touch to the videos. The best part about these frames is that they can be blended with anything. Formal, informal, official, casual, party or personal, abstract wall video frames fit everything.

Part 2: Where to Download Video Frame Templates?

Video frames surely add an elegant touch to the videos. And if you are wondering where to get these templates from, then there are many freely available video frame templates, Instagram or Facebook story templates, even YouTube video templates on the web.

You can download the video frame templates from

1. Freepik provides solutions to problems concerning presentations, videos, graphics, etc. Browse the website to get slideshow templates, vectors, images, frames, effects, and much more.

2. Videezy is one of the largest video communities providing templates and high-quality footage to make filmmaking easy and convenient.

Part 3: How to Put Frame Around a Video?

So, you decided what frames you want, but now not sure how to frame your video in it? Let’s go through this simple tutorial to achieve your task perfectly on Filmora. I hope you have already created a beautiful video on the timeline track of Filmora and now all you need to do is to put it into a frame.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Just follow this easy, drag and drop, steps to accomplish your goal.

  • Go the the “effects” option on the tab in Filmora. The video is already present on the timeline track. You just need to add a border or frame in the video through the effects tab.
  • A new panel will pop up under the effects tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Go to the utility option on the panel. It will make available various utility options to you.

filmora video frame template

  • From the utility options, select Border and drag it to the timeline. This will ensure the frame applies to the entire video. You can actually visualize this on the fly at the Filmora dashboard.

apply frame to video

  • Double click on the border at the timeline to open a customization window for the border.

Customize the size, color, opacity, contrast, thickness, etc. of the border on this window. And the best part is, you can track down the changes in real-time in the video.

Voila! You have successfully added a frame to your video.

While we focus on the various aspects of a video, ranging from content to transitions, effects to the aesthetic of the video, a video frame is the one that can give a collected look to the video, to the story, and to the various effects.

YouTube videos, Instagram stories, social media posts, or personal memory, your videos surely deserved to be framed. And with so many freely available video frame templates, the task becomes easy and convenient.

Over the more, Filmora can be used to achieve this task, its simple, drag and drop, options will help to add a frame to the video instantly.

About Filmora

Filmora is an application designed to ease your task of creating beautiful videos from photographs, still images, and video clips. Edit, crop, combine, put effects, or much more into your video through the Filmora dashboard. The application and the dashboard are quite user-friendly. Get everything on a single dashboard and edit accordingly.

Filmora offers various utilities and templates to edit and modify your videos.

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