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Top 20 Vine Ideas to Make Your Vine Video Stand Out

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions

Hi people, if you are wondering around the internet and are reading this piece, I take it you are familiar with Vine videos. We live amongst two types of people who use vines. One sect does it only for fun and other sect has stepped up a bit and has brought professionalism into shooting a Vine. They mesmerize everyone with the vines they create. If you have had the fun element, enjoyed your time with usual Vines and now want to bring "Something Extra" to your video, this article will give you some awesome ideas that will change the look of your Vines.

Top 20 Vine Ideas You Should Try

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1. Use Your Pets:

Shoot a video of your pets. You know, shooting dogs and cats can be fun. Have them perform few tricks while you film them.

vine ideas

2. Need a Director?

Well, you heard me right. There are directors for everything these days. Movies, Drama series, TV Movies and even short videos. So, what happens to really short ones? Hire someone to direct your vines to give it an edge. That person can very well be a family member.

vine ideas

3. Go Behind the Scenes:

Everyone looks to present the vine in a compact way. They shoot, reshoot and edit the whole video. But you can be the uncanny one. Get behind the scenes of your vine video. Sometimes shooting someone else filming the actual process of making a vine video can help you get what you want.

vine ideas

4. Use Audio:

Vines are short and thus how you describe things vocally plays a good role in shaping up the quality of the vine. You can add commentary or present a white background and noise to make an AUDIO ONLY VINE.

vine ideas

5. Film Nature and Animals:

Filming landscapes and unique sceneries can definitely be a plus. Be on the lookout for natural beauties and scenes. Bizarre animal behaviors or funny ones are sure to get the people interested.

vine ideas

6. Care for a Bit of Controversy? Grab it:

Six seconds that you get for vines are priceless. Utilize them well. If you find controversial moments, you'd want them in your Vines. No, I am not telling you to do outrageous things. But utilize controversial things wisely. For example, instead or using "Porn" in six seconds, use "Food Porn" instead to promote your business.

vine ideas

7. Animation is a Great Thing:

Have you ever tried out animation in your Vines? If not, you can certainly give it a go. Animation can take up a bit of time but the end result will be entertaining for you as well as the ones watching your video.

vine ideas

8. Put Yourself in "Vine Mode":

Keep your eyes and ears open. There are plenty of things you can do and shoot a vine out of them. Look around your house and try to find activities and also objects which you can shoot. Whenever you think you can utilize an object for Vines, bring out the camera and shoot it.

vine ideas

9. Think About the Final Outcome of the Vine:

To give your Vines a professional touch, you have to be creative and be able to conceive a plan about what you are shooting and the way you want to shoot it. Having a clear outline will only help you in being smooth in your approach.

vine ideas

10. Present the Vine In your Own Way:

Everyone has a unique way of telling a story. They have their own way of presenting a subject. Find your style. When you are creating a vine, try and ponder upon "How will you capture a scene in six seconds?" Capture the video in a way that it reflects your personality very well. People get mesmerized by vines which tell a story to them. Find out how you want to narrate.

vine ideas

11. Don't Shove Too Many Things In:

In the point above I told you guys to keep the video entertaining. You need to entertain people for them to remember your creation. You know, there is a big "But" here. The vines need to be entertaining "But" you will do well by not trying to do too many things into a single frame or a video. Focus on one task per video and you are golden.

vine ideas

12. Handle "The Loop" Well:

In vines, managing the "Loop" is critical. You would want your vine to repeat without people noticing any seeming change. For that, you will have to shoot in perfect short loops. Create infinite loops so that people never notice your videos repeating.

vine ideas

13. Exhibit your Skills:

Show off your skills in 6 seconds. Can you do that? Are you a good dribbler in soccer, can you perform a fast slam dunk? Well, if you can, you can certainly show off these skills in a six second video.

vine ideas

14. Focus:

Focusing isn't always your friend. If you want to use the auto focus of the camera to your advantage, set your shot up accordingly.

vine ideas

15. Utilize the Rule of Third:

Remember the rule of Third. If you are thinking about keeping the subject in the center of things, occasionally rethink the strategy. It is not always favorable to focus your camera on one particular subject all the time. Use the surroundings.

vine ideas

16. Be careful About Light:

When you are shooting out in the sun, be careful about how much light your subject is getting. Too much light and the vine will present a blown out feel. Too low on the light can result in a dark video. Finding the optimum balance is the key.

vine ideas

17. Use Tricks:

Use additional tricks like special effects, software, dual cameras, lenses etc. to shoot. They make your vines unique and very popular. You can hire local magicians to spice up your vines.

vine ideas

18. Fix a Time When Sharing Vines Will get You Maximum views:

People usually vine a lot when they return from work. So, others expect a lot in the evenings. You need to beat the competition. Be unconventional. Give people something wonderful in your vines when they start the day. Take other viners into consideration as well.

vine ideas

19. Follow People who Make Great Vines:

Following people who shoot and upload great vines is good idea. You can discuss Vine Ideas about them, get tips from them and also see what they are up to.

vine ideas

20. Be Quirky

You can take advantage of the Quirkiness in Vine. One can easily promote the idea of a visual joke through it. Sometimes unfinished vines prove to be great too as you can share your real time videos with people.

vine ideas

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