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Best AR Video App - Top 10 Picks

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
Best AR Video App - Top 10 Picks

An easy yet powerful editor

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AR i.e. Augmented reality is a unique approach that is trendy for its variety of applications. It is a technology that provides the composite view to the user’s perception of real world images and videos.

It is a great development in the direction of technological advancement. AR is the concept that combines real-life objects with simulated 3D objects. Businesses use this approach to make their products more presentable and lively for the customers. Whereas, it is also very helpful for the users to experiment and have fun. With the evolution of this approach, now there are many applications available in the market that offers AR functionaltiy. Here, we are listing down the top 10 AR video apps which are worth using to experience something unique.

Part 1 What Is the Difference Between VR and AR?

Both AR and VR use a distinctive approach and consider different use cases. They work on the concept of bringing a simulated environment to the user. Both VR i.e. the virtual reality and AR i.e. augmented reality are technologies used to replace or enhance the real-life environment with the simulated one. Virtual reality is the replacement of real-life environments with simulated ones. Whereas, Augmented reality is the procedure of augmenting the real-life environment with the addition of digital elements to a live view. This can be done by the camera on a smartphone.

The main aim of designing AR is to provide detailed information to the user about the real world. Its whole design is done by considering and adding the elements of the real world. Whereas, virtual reality is an entirely different simulation. It completely replaces the real-world environment with the virtual world.

Even Though both technologies are the simulation of the real world, they use different components of design and also have distinct targeted audiences. The concept behind VR is to distance the user from the real world as much as possible. Whereas, the concept of AR works with the real world to create a simulated environment.

The use of an eye-covering headset and headphones is very common to make an illusion of the real world, in the case of VR. Whereas, AR is usually accomplished with a smartphone or tablet screen. Here, the camera of the phone is focused at a point to capture the live-streaming of a moment on the screen. The captured data is then prepared by adding some useful information.

The applications of VR are architecture and retail, training, product design, etc. Whereas, the applications of AR are diagnostic data, navigation information, repair instructions, etc. The availability of ar video maker also eases the task of the industries for the mentioned purposes.

Part 2 10 Top AR Apps Worth Trying

Here, you can run down the list of top 10 augmented video apps which are best and are worth trying. This list is prepared based on user ratings, reviews, and experiences.

01IKEA Place

The Swedish furniture giant has made a great mark in the AR world with the development of a high-tech app. Ikea Place is a great app that lets the shoppers visualize the placements of products at home before buying. You just need to scan the floor from your mobile phone. Then, the easy drag and drop feature enables you to select the best match. The app makes the selection of furniture and home decors fun.

ikea place

02YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is an AR assisted app that provides a variety of filters for photos. It also acts as a fashion and makeup assistant. This app allows you to preview a variety of beauty products in real-time. Some top makeup brands such as Urban Decay, Maybelline, and Loreal offer their products in the app for the user to test. The app also has the features of sharing the look, following other users and shopping and reviewing featured products.

youcam makeup

03GIPHY World:

GIPHY World is a 3D coloring app. It lets the colored picture turn into 3D animated graphics. This app can also be used for social media marketing. With its use, you can make your product more appealing to the audience. The tool is just fun, as it lets you convert the images into a variety of other fun characters.

giphy world

04Google Lens:

Google Lens works on the concept of Google Goggles. It is a very useful AR app widely used by users for various purposes. With standard Google, you can search for anything only by typing in the search bar. But, this tool enables searching by opening the camera of a smartphone. You only need to focus the camera lens on the object or text. The app will then identify it and show the top results. It also shows the link to read details about your object or text. If you are searching for a product, then the tool will also help with the location to buy it.

google lens


Augment is another best-rated AR video editor app. It secured top ratings just within a short period after launch. The app allows users to create videos by considering the characters of both real and fictional worlds. With this app, the users can use augmented reality for the placement of animated 3D models on the surroundings. It can be used by business owners to create appealing videos of their products.



Roar is also a powerful AR weapon for business owners. It generates AR content in addition to video, audio, and 3D content. There are lots of options available for business owners to use this app: creating an AR-powered online store, incorporating AR into print ads, experiencing the most popular categories and products, etc. Also, the shoppers can experience the more detailed content about the product, with pricing, reviews, and also the option of purchasing.



Amikasa is amongst the best home-furnishing AR apps accessible by iPhone users. Anyone can measure the land areas and create floor plans like professionals, with this app. Also, the professionals can use this tool to generate appealing floor and design plans. For this, they can use AR applications along with their measuring tools. The app has listed down the products from the whole web, rather than focusing on any single brand.



Snapchat is one of the most popular Augmented reality social media apps. There are a variety of features available in the app which is winning millions of hearts all around the world. The app provides features in the form of lenses to add special effects, filters, and real-time transformations to the video messages. This tool also can be used by businesses for marketing purposes.


09Wanna Kicks

Wanna kicks is the perfect app for sneaker lovers. Online shopping is a more demanded and convenient option these days, but the app allows you to visualize the look of footwear before buying. You can visualize the look of footwear on the foot from any desired angle. You just need to focus the phone’s camera on your feet and use the drag and drop option to select from varied categories.

wanna kicks


Houzz is also the best AR video creator in the home goods and furniture category. The app allows you to match the furniture with the layout of your house just by sitting at home. The feature, "View in My Room" lets the user place the products on the picture of shoppers' homes with AR technology. You can also check the product’s look in different lighting.


Part 3 What New AR Effects Could Be Found in Filmora

Filmora is a wonderful AR video editing app that lets the user create appealing videos with less effort. The tool also has some useful AR features and effects which allow the user to give AR touch to their creation.

01Stock Media

A great addition to the Filmora 11 library is stock media. Stock media got integrated with GIPHY, Unsplash, and Pixabay. It is a unique and interesting feature available in Filmora. With this, you can get royalty-free images, GIFs, and videos inside the video editing tool only.

02AI Portrait

The AI portrait feature of Filmora 11 allows the user to remove the background around the human face. The feature also has several AR stickers such as Cute cat, Zombie teeth, etc and effects such as Human glitch, Human Pixelate, etc to play with.

03Auto Beat Sync

This brand new feature will allow you to sync your video with the rhythm and tempo automatically. You just need to upload a video and music, you wish to sync. Then, the app allows you to specify the video effect such as RGB, glow, video wall, blur, etc to be applied. Now, just click on the "Analyze" button to see the magic. The tool will run an algorithm to create an interesting video.

04Boris FX

Boris FX is a feature containing an array of advanced post-production effects. This feature is only available in some professional video editors like VEGAS Pro. Filmora is also proud to be on the list now. The Boris FX Continuum pack includes great post-production video effects such as Art Looks, Blur, Image Restoration, Lights, Stylize, Particles, etc. To use this high-end feature, you will need a paid version and a high-end workstation.

05NewBlue FX

NewBlue FX is also one of the powerful ar features of Filmora. It is a unique collection of Video Essentials, Video Filters, Video Elements, Video Stylizer, and Title Pro 7. This feature allows you to perform advanced titling, stylizing, color enhancement, composition, color correction, etc, professionally.

06Preset Templates

The Preset Templates feature of Filmora allows users to create professional-looking videos in just hours. This feature enables you to access preset templates such as "Business Outro", "Game Endscreen", "How to Paint Intro", "Birthday Openers", etc. To provide the desired modifications to your video, just drag and drop the templates and have fun.

Some of the new AR effects found in the latest version of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor are: WordArt Font, Modern Birthday Pack, Broken Effect Pack, 3D Like and Subscribe Sticker, Comic Texts Stickers, Vintage Memories, Hi-Tech Intros Pack, Abstract Bubble Intro, Smooth Big Titles, Cinematic Digital Slideshow, Cinematic Dissolve Effect, 3D Fun Emoji, Illustration VR World Pack, Makeups Pack, Trendy Gaming Endscreen Pack, Birthday Pack Vol 02, Blingbling Pack Vol 02, Raindrop Pack, Pixel Game Transition, The Awakening of Magic, Dynamic Lines Title Pack, Fancy Atmosphere Pack, Basic Sunshine Effects, Old Paper Opener, Qte Gaming Effects, Neon Titles Pack.

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Ending Thoughts

Augmented reality is an approach that has never-ending scope. The concept is used in a variety of applications these days. And its applications and uses are increasing with each passing day.

So, here we have shared the list of the best AR video apps. There are many more apps available. But, these are some highly popular applications for business, consumer as well as entertainment purposes.

If you are also wishing to contribute a little to the world of AR with your unique creativity and skills, then you should try Filmora. The variety of newly added features allows you to create AR-enabled videos with so much ease.

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