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Things You Need to Know About Transparent PNG Remove and Convert

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Things You Need to Know About Transparent PNG Remove and Convert

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Are you thinking of merging two photos together with an identical background and no loss of quality? Or, do you have to remove the background color in a design? In such cases, PNG images work best for all.

PNG images are used at a broad level by web designers, graphic designers, and many other professionals around the world. It enables them to have a transparent background along with the finest image quality. It’s even possible to convert a JPG image to PNG transparent using any image editor. However, the process can seem a bit tedious and become complex if you are not using the right tool.

So, to help you out, we will reveal here the best way to remove the background of a photo and convert JPG image to PNG transparent.

Part 1 How to Remove the Background of a Photo in PowerPoint

If there is anything that a designer hates in his precious photo, then it’s the background. It hides and distracts from the main subject at hand. You can use various photo editing tools to remove the background from PNG images or JPG. However, they may not do the job as easily as you are thinking.

Yes, we know that you may be wondering about Adobe Photoshop now. It can be used for removing the background too but are you ready to pay for it? No, right? This is when you can depend on PowerPoint to erase the background of a photo without any hassle. Make sure you have PowerPoint 2010 or a later version installed before beginning. Because the earlier Microsoft PowerPoint versions don’t have a background removal feature.

Step 1: Open the image in a new tab

Launch PowerPoint on your desktop or Mac and change the layout of the slide to "Blank". Next, insert your image, which has a solid or high-contrast background. Such pictures are easier to transform and edit.

import picture powerpoint

Step 2: Select the "Remove Background" option

Click on your image to get the "Picture Format" in the menu toolbar. On the left top side, choose the "Remove Background" option. Now, PowerPoint will try to remove the background automatically. If the final picture that you are getting is not satisfactory, move to the next step.

click remove background powerpoint

Step 3: Select the Area

From the given options in the toolbar, mark the areas that you want to keep or remove in the final result. As you can view, how some parts of the pictures have been cut. So, spread the box to cover the entire area of the image, which you want to keep. Remember, purple-highlighted areas are removed automatically.

select area for background removal powerpoint

If you want to ensure a better result, use the cursor. Start hovering over the background and the main subject to get the plus and minus sign. These signs are useful for getting a precise image at the end. The Minus sign allows you to mark the areas to be removed. The plus sign can be used to keep the marked areas in the final picture.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Check your image carefully and see whether any area is left to be removed or not. You can zoom in to find the tiniest spot. When you are satisfied with every detail, click anywhere outside of the image to stop further edits. Congratulations! Your transparent PNG is ready to save. Go to "File">"Save As" and find the option to save your picture in PNG transparent format.

Part 2 How to Convert JPG to Transparent PNG

Ever wondered how logos in a graphic match with the background image color? It’s possible with transparent PNG images only. The transparent PNG images format contains superior quality and no background. Hence, it is pretty helpful for the designers to add them to graphics and videos.

In case you have some JPG images but you want it in PNG images format, don’t worry. You can use Kapwing as it’s a trusted content creation and video editing platform. It can bring your idea to life. It can convert JPG to PNG transparent easily. With the AI-powered facility, you can enjoy a seamless editing and conversion experience. Kapwing makes it really simple and fast, but the best part is that you can get it done for free.

Step 1: Add Your JPG

Launch Kapwing in any browser of your choice. Log in using your account or sign up with a new one. Now, you will be redirected to the Kapwing studio, where you can do all the editing and conversion. Upload your image to the "Kapwing Studio" and use the "Remove Image from Background" tool.

kapwing interface

If the image is already saved on your device, simply hit "Click to Upload" or, if you wish, drag and drop the JPG image to initiate the conversion. On the other hand, in case the image is not available, you can copy and paste from a URL in the "Paste an image or video URL" box.

Step 2: Pick a Tool

After the image upload finishes, the next thing is to start removing its background. Go to the right side of the "Image" tab and click on the "Erase" button. Otherwise, you can use the "Remove Background from Image" tool to start.

pick the tool kapwing

You have two options to choose from – Erase and Magic Wand. The first tool gives you full control over what you want to remove or keep. Adjust the "eraser size" by sliding right on the dial. This way, you can remove the background precisely.

Apart from that, the Magic Wand tool is amazing for removing a particular area at once. You can remove the picture background in less time and effort. If you want to remove a certain area of the same color, then the Magic Wand is the best tool to use. It eliminates similar groups of pixels together. To modify the sensitivity, move the same dial to the right as you did while selecting the "Erase" tool.

For some impressive results, adjust the zoom and choose "Move" to select the pixels you want to remove.

Step 3: Make the PNG and Download

After everything has been set, it’s time to download your PNG transparent file. Click "Done" and then move back to the Kapwing Studio for additional features. You can add watermarks, text, and a lot more. Finally, hit the "Publish" button placed at the top right and "Download" to save the PNG file to your desktop.

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Ending Thoughts

So there you have it: the full story on transparent PNGs, removing background, and conversion from JPG to PNG file format. As you can see, it’s not too hard to combine one image in your design. However, we don’t want you to forget anything. Hence, remember these things when you try to convert JPG to PNG transparent.

Whichever method you choose to turn a PNG image into a JPG, make sure you are familiar with the tool. If not, first spend time figuring out the features. Seek out what suits you and then start. We would recommend following the above tips carefully instead of using any other tool.

Beware of using third-party websites for background removal from a PNG. Many will store your pictures, which can be accessed by other users. They are not safe for you by any means.

It’s not an easy job to convert JPG to transparent PNG using PowerPoint, especially when an image contains multiple images and colors. For such pictures, you can use Kapwing. It has plenty of additional features that you can use for creative work.

If you have any questions or have different ways of accomplishing this, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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