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Splice App for Android - Guide to Download & Use

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The ease of use and ready availability push most people to choose Android phones. Likewise, they are compatible with many devices, needing just a simple plug-and-play action. Besides, you can perform various actions with your Android device, like taking photos, capturing videos, and sharing them with friends.

You may also wish to combine your videos and compile a beautiful story. You also need to make your videos stand out and engage your viewers. Well, several apps are available to splice Android and make an interesting single video. Find how to use various apps in this article to splice your videos on Android.

how to splice video on android

Is Splice available on Android?

Yes! The Android operating system can facilitate the splicing of videos. Even though it may not be available on some older versions by default, you can incorporate and install apps to use for Android splicing. By this, you’ll be able to add various effects to your videos, such as incorporating music, adding text, including titles, and other effects. You can also crop and trim your clip to a desirable play level. Nonetheless, you can use online methods to splice your videos instantly without installing any app.

This article proves that apart from using Splice video editor for Android, you can use other engaging apps to merge your videos. And it doesn’t end there!

Easily share your spliced clips on other platforms. To do this, ensure you set the output format and other settings to suit specific platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Check out the steps to follow to splice Android with various apps.

How to Use Splice for Android Video Editing

The Splice Video Editor is a powerful tool that is also easy to use. It suits on-the-go editing action, enabling you to capture and edit your videos without the need to transfer them to a computer. It also brings you various simple editing features like cropping, muting, adding audio, reversing video, merging, blurring, fast and slow motion, among many other effects.

More so, it will effectively convert your video into several output formats like MP3 and GIF. It works pretty fast, and you have a perfect chance to directly share your edited videos on media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

Step-by-step instructions for using the Splice app on Android to splice videos together

The Splice video editor for Android is at your reach to merge several videos in simple steps. And with the escalating rate of technology usage, Splice has just got you covered. You can use it for free with limited features. Follow these steps to splice the apk.

Step 1: Begin a new project
Ensure you have installed the Splice app for Android on your device. Once launched, go to the app screen and press the "+" button. You can then give your project a name before you continue with some other settings of the project. These include the transition selection, the orientation of the project, border options, etc. Next, click on the "Done" button to confirm your selections.

splice app on android

Step 2: Begin your project
Begin the creation of your project and choose the purpose of your video. Enter the title of your project, then continue to set room for your photos or videos. You can also set the text and zoom options.

Step 3: Insert your videos
Next, add the "+" button to the title’s right side. Likewise, add the video button to enable you to include the videos for splicing. You should notice the album screen opening up. Now, select the videos you wish to add to the project from the album screen. Ensure you put them in the order you want them to appear once sliced. Next, indicate the transition to be applied to your videos and wait for the chosen videos to be uploaded into the project. The Spice app allows you to view your project before exporting it.

Step 4. Edit and export
Most importantly, you should edit your video and make it splendid for your viewers. To do so, click on the "Pencil" button to unleash other editing options. Among the edits you can make include cropping, adjusting speed, trimming, and much more. Likewise, utilize the slider points to edit the start and endpoints of your video. You can also edit the audio and adjust the volumes where necessary.

guide to splice video on android

Additional Video Splice Apps for Android

You can’t run out of options when it comes to splicing video. Here are some useful video splice apps for Android at your reach.

• FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is suitable for mobile phone editing. It is rich in editing features to record, select a theme, apply effects, and easily share your video on other platforms. With this app, you can add animated text, adjust video color and brightness, customize watermarks, and much more. It is, however, slow and often crashes when dealing with larger files. Follow these steps to splice Android.

Step 1. Once successfully downloaded and installed, launch the app on your Android phone and select a built-in template to use.

Step 2. Then go to your Android gallery and choose the videos you wish to splice. Remember, you can add several clips for merging. Remember to load your videos in the order you wish them to appear in the spliced video.

how to splice video on Android

Step 3. Merge the videos and then start to edit your video clips. You can trim, add filters, overlays, music, and much more. It is also important to add some background music to make your video engaging and attractive to your audience.

Step 4. The final step is to click on the "Export" tab to save your spliced video and share it on social media platforms. You can directly share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, among others.

• Vimeo Create

Vimeo supports mobile applications and can be used to splice Android. Sign up for the app on your Android, and launch it. Then follow these steps to merge the video.

Step 1. To begin splicing your video, select the "Start" button, then compose the main interface. Then go to the "Storyboard" and begin to choose the videos you wish to combine.

splice video on Android with Inshot

Step 2. Head on over to the "Style" area and choose one to use, then click on the "Next" button.
Step 3. Additionally, you can easily add background music to make it more engaging. Vimeo doesn’t allow you to add music from other sites. However, it brings you a rich catalog from which to choose any kind of music.

splice video on Android with Inshot

Step 4. Preview and export your video. You can see what your video looks like before sharing it. Use the "Preview" feature to check if your video is good enough or needs amendments. Next, select the "Save" option to save and share your video.


● It is worthwhile to produce quality and engaging videos for your audience. One aspect always stands out – combining the best videos for a detailed message. You have learned about the best splice video editor for Android to compose any kind of video. Besides, these apps let you edit your video by adding quality precepts, transitions, and other effects for a professional-looking piece./p>

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