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The Craziest 10 AI Editors You've Ever Seen

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated May 20, 24
The Craziest 10 AI Editors You've Ever Seen

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Technological advancements in the field of video editing have opened new opportunities and possibilities for the editors to unleash their creativity and AI-based video editors are a major contribution to the field. With these intelligent tools, the cumbersome process of video editing has not only become quick but also hassle-free and results in excellent pro videos. So, if you too have been looking for one such artificial intelligence videos editing tools, you are reading on the right page.

AI Editing Tools

Part 1 What is AI video editing tools?

In simplest terms, the software that uses artificial intelligence for editing videos is termed AI editing tools. These programs make use of AI algorithms to perform advanced editing tasks for creating visually appealing and interesting videos. The AI tools have not only helped in accelerating the video editing tools but also assists in taking care of complex functions with ease. A good AI editing tool can perform multiple tasks like determining the shots, applying filters, adding transitions, proposing changes, color correction, face detection, and more. 

Part 2 Things to consider while selecting an AI editing tool 

An array of AI editing tools is available and selecting one can be a confusing task. So, while choosing one of these programs, several criteria can be considered and some of these are listed below.

Allows editing videos in a hassle-free manner.

Quick use and processing.

User-friendly interface.

Capability to process all types of videos in high resolution.

Comes with all the needed features.

The learning curve is not very steep.

Part 3 Top 10 AI Video Editors

After reviewing several AI-based editing software, we have selected the top 10 in the category. Check out the list below.


This is a powerful video editing tool that is simple and quick to use. You simply need to add the content file and select the styling type as needed along with audio and other content after which everything will be taken care by the software. The program is also capable of optimizing the video to reach the maximum number of people and this is done based on real-time analytics. This is a paid tool and is apt for creating marketing videos. 



For creating and editing interesting videos for social media platforms, this is an apt tool that allows video customization through fonts, transitions, colors, overlays, and several other elements. Using this software, your written content can be converted into videos as the AI technology finds music as well as visuals automatically to match your requirements. Additionally, the program also supports features like recording voice-overs, removing the background, generating AI voices, and more. 



This is an excellent video editing tool that is AI-based that can be used for digital marketing, training, communication, and several other tasks. The tool allows creating of interesting videos from the scripts and these footages can be up to 30 minutes long. Support for around 40 languages makes the program apt for all types of users. Some other key features of the software include duplicating the video, multi-sliding videos, customization options for voice, and more. The interface is simple and the process is also hassle-free. 



This is an online AI-based tool that can help convert the texts and the articles into videos for social media platforms and others. The technology of the tool will analyze your text content to know the main idea on which your video is to based. Then it automatically looks for the content needed including the voice and creates as well as edits the footage. A free trial version of the program is also available though it comes with several limitations. The drag and drop interface of the tool further makes it user-friendly. 



For bulk editing of videos quickly, this is a good tool to consider. The interface is simple which along with the drag and drop feature makes the tool apt even for beginners. An array of video templates is available to match your theme requirements and the tool after identifying your requirements will lookout for the perfect music, content, layout, and other elements. There is also a library in the software from where you can find the desired collection of videos, images, and other media files.



For simple and quick editing of your videos, Kamua is a great tool to use. This is a browser-based program that supports all basic functions like resizing, captioning, and more. With its cloud computing feature, a large number of files can be processed quickly and the tool supports adding the subtitles automatically to your project and that too in more than 60 languages. The tool also has a free version for the users who first wish to test before buying the subscription.



This is another widely used online tool supporting advanced video editing functions. The AI-based technology of the software will let you convert your text into the desired videos effortlessly. The Intelligent Video Assistant of the software will also check for any hidden mistakes in your videos and will also correct them. You can add multiple effects to your videos using the tool to create eye-catchy footage.



Using this AI-based editing tool, your video footage captured through a camera, GoPro as well as other devices can be edited like a pro to take them to an all-new level. The software support functions like intelligent tagging, night colors, white balancing, color rendering, and much more.


Using this online AI-based designing tool you can create posters, logos, banners, and several other videos with ease and in high quality. Text to video technology is supported by the program and you can even add voiceovers. Supporting more than 20 languages, the program also comes with a collection of images, clips, as well as audio files that can be used as needed. Transitions, animations, and other effects and elements can be added to improve the overall video look.


10Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

When it comes to video editing tools, the list remains incomplete without mentioning a versatile tool called Wondershare Filmora, This Windows and Mac-based software is easy and quick to install after which it is all set to create excellent videos using its extensive range of features. Using the tool, you can add transitions, effects, rotate, split, merge, and perform a host of other functions as well. Audio-based functions like audio compression, noise reduction, automatic audio syncing, and others are also supported. The interface of the tool is simple and the process of editing is hassle-free.

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Ending Thoughts

AI-based video editing tools are intelligent programs that help in customizing the videos automatically. 

A number of these desktop and online tools are available to help you edit the footage.

Depending on your files, editing, and other functions required, the selection of an appropriate tool can be done. 

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