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How to Download Filmora Torrent for FREE?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Wondershare Filmora is among the best video software for content creators such as YouTube Vloggers, social media influencers, movie creators, and more. It can work with both Windows and Mac. Due to its multiple features, everyone wants to have Filmora for editing their content. But not all features of this video editing software are free. However, you can get Filmora for free using Torrent.

So, if you are looking for a Filmora torrent, then don't worry. We have got you covered. We have discussed the setbacks and the methods to get Filmora for free in this article. Let's dive in.

 Part 1  Risks of Using Illegal Filmora Torrent You Should Know

Well, there are some drawbacks and multiple threats that your PC will have to face when you download Wondershare Filmora Torrent. Some of the disadvantages and drawbacks are listed below.

1. Lack of Assistance

One of the significant setbacks of using illegal means to get Filmora is that you will not receive any technical assistance from the developer because you have not genuinely purchased the software. Moreover, if an issue occurred in your version of Filmora, you cannot even report it and get technical assistance to fix it permanently.

2. Illegal

Using an application or software that you have not genuinely purchased is a crime everywhere. However, its punishment may vary depending on the countries or regions.

3. Lack of Updates

Getting Wondershare Filmora through Torrent will block all the communication with its server. Due to this, neither will you get the notifications about the updates, nor will you be able to update your application. In a nutshell, you will get stuck with the installed version of Filmora, which will get old with time.

41. Lagging

Downloading the Filmora X torrent means you're getting a crack version, which can never match the integrity and speed of the actual version itself. Since the software's code is modified not to need an activation key to unlock all the features, the software will experience lagging whenever you use it.

3. Virus

Getting software through illegal means comes with many setbacks, and the virus is one of them. The modified copy of Filmora is not as secure as the original one. For cracking the software, they modify the .exe file, making it vulnerable to multiple threats and viruses that can harm your PC.

 Part 2  New Features of Filmora You Should Try in 2022

You cannot simply neglect Wondershare Filmora when you are talking about software for video editing that comes with brand-new editing features. Filmora is among the top-rated video editing software. It comes with many helpful features for editing videos in multiple formats. Some of its notable features are:

1. AI Portrait

AI Portrait is one of the brand-new additions in Wondershare Filmora. It allows you to remove the background of videos without using a Chroma key and green screen effect. You can also add glitch effects, noise, pixelated borders, segmentation video effects, and many more using AI Portrait on Wondershare Filmora.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

This feature helps you change the settings of effects and customize it according to your needs. For example, if we are talking about the noise, you can change the Percentage, Edge Thickness, Edge Feather, and Alpha with the help of this tool.

This add-on works perfectly for single and real objects facing the camera. Fast movements, backlight, and multi-person portraits influence the output of the AI portrait. However, you need to purchase this feature to add it to the Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora remove and change video background

2. Auto-Reframe

Powered by AI technology, this feature detects the focal point of the video automatically. Auto Reframe allows you to always keep the main object or action of the video in the frame. You can manually change the focal point of the video or opt for an aspect ratio that meets your requirements with the help of Auto Reframe.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

This feature also helps you select the focal point depending on the platform you want to share your video on. It allows you to adjust the video's speed (i.e., Auto, Slow, or Fast). You can also preview the video in real-time while reframing it.

For auto reframing the video, you need to import the media and then select auto-reframe from the Tools. After selecting the aspect ratio and adjusting the speed, analyze the video and export it in the required format.

Filmora auto reframe feature

3. AR Stickers

Wondershare Filmora features a wide collection of AR stickers that you can use to emphasize reactions, enhance emotions, and add personality to the video. The face-tracking stickers are image-based filters with fun and attractive elements such as bears, koalas, pandas, cats, glasses, bunnies, and many more. For instance, applying the AR sticker named Heart eyes will automatically add hearts to the person's eyes and start moving with them.

AR stickers work great when tried on an object facing the camera. However, if more than one object is in the frame, the stickers will attach to any face it detects. Moreover, adding AR stickers is no complicated job. You can add them the same way as other filters. You can also delete the applied AR sticker if it looks dull or doesn't fit with your video by right-clicking on it and then selecting Delete Effect. However, by selecting delete effects, you will remove all the applied effects, i.e., other than AR stickers.

Filmora AR Sticker feature

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the top-rated editing software and is well-known among content creators. Although the free version of Filmora has many features, several essential features can only be unlocked by purchasing the premium version. However, there is a way to avoid purchasing, but many people are not aware of it.

To solve this issue, we have covered the risks of illegally downloading a Filmora torrent and how you can get Filmora for free by legal means in this article. Now, you can avoid purchasing the premium version of Wondershare Filmora and start editing like a pro!

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