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How to Create Intro Video with Filmora

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 17, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you're just starting out as a YouTuber, you should have an introductory video, especially when people don't know you that well yet. When you want to start a YouTube career one of the things you need to think about is How to make a YouTube intro video.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, knowing how to create a video intro for YouTube can help you introduce your audience to your content, pique their interest and boost your brand. Stand out and engage your audience with quick and easy YouTube intro animations. Not sure how to make a YouTube intro? We've built this guide on how to make a video intro using Wondershare Filmora an editing software.

In this article
  1. What is Intro Video
    1. Start by introducing yourself
    2. Get into details
    3. Add a call to action
    4. Add personalization to your video
    5. Video length
  2. How to Create Intro Video using Filmora

What is Intro Video

There are also different ways of using the intro video, it can be used in business, in YouTube channels and others.

Introductory videos are short videos which you personally introduce yourself, your business, your brands and your brand's mission and show your personality to your audience.

Introductory videos can help you stand out from the competition and gain favorability because you're talking to your users on a personal level. People love seeing faces behind a brand, having an introductory video will ensure that people remember you.

YouTube intro videos are short, introductory clips that play at the beginning of a YouTube channel. They usually include the tittle of the YouTube channel, brand features like logos and colors animation and an accompanying snippet of music.

As the word suggest, intro are visuals that mark the beginning of a video. Likewise, outro are the closing visuals that appear at the end of the video. The two are widely used in educational, entertaining,  business videos, webcasts, podcast, corporate presentations and the like. There are several reasons why an intro are vital elements of any professional video.

It goes without saying that intros should not be too complicated or to confusing. Other wise they will fail in their purpose and will drive the audience away. Instead, they should be simply but thoughtfully designed.

YouTube intro Videos usually include:

  • Memorable background music
  • Text and titles
  • Stickers and GIFs
  • Emojis
make youtube intro video filmora

Goal of a Video Introduction to Follow

Making intro video is not just only in doing a YouTube channel but you can also use this guide for any businesses like brand presentation, educational etc.

Step1 Start by introducing yourself.

Step2 Get into details.

Step3 Add a call to action.

Step4 Add personalization to your video.

Step5 Video Length.

1. Start by introducing yourself

You can always start your intro by introducing yourself but don't just state your name and what

you do, tell them why you do it, what your core values are and what motivates and dives you to

do this kind of career. Because you all know doing vlog on YouTube is a job, work, and a career.

Share emotions with your audience, and help them relate to you. Doing so is going to help you stand out immediately from the crowd and get audiences interested enough to watch the remainder of your video's content.

2. Get into details

Tip is always direct to the point, add a few facts about yourself, like your interest or previous experiences or who you are as a person. If you are a business owner and would want to talk about your business you can always share how it started.

If we are talking about the YouTube intro video. Every good YouTube intro video usually includes beneficial information for subscribers and viewers. Add any short important text that you feel is necessary from the video titles, your YouTube channel name, and social media handles. Keep your informative text in a consistent format and branding style.

3. Add a call to action

if you have successfully maintained the interest of your viewer until the very end of your video, use this opportunity to invite them to engage with your content more. It's worth including a call to action in each video. Take a full advantage of YouTube to provide your audience with your social media channels and maybe a link or two to your other videos that might interest them,

4. Add personalization to your video

Even though an intro can be more than logo animation, the latter should still be a part of it. Otherwise, there's a sense that something is messing. Include eye catchy visuals effects to your videos to stands out, so that people can easily remember your YouTube channel.

personalize youtube intro video filmora

5. Video length

A long intro, even if it's spectacular, can get boring once your audience has seen it a few times. An ideal length for intros is up to 8-10 seconds only. Just enough time to deliver your message and branding, and hook audiences in for the rest of the video. Any longer than that, and you might lose viewers who are waiting to see the video that they clicked on.

In the era of social media, tempting distractions and short attention spans, it's critical to keep your content as short and sharp as you can.

How to Create Intro Video using Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an editing software that is available to download in google. This software is easy to use and includes products for a range of users from beginner to intermediate. Common features of Filmora include a timeline, preview window and effects library that you can use to create a nice and creative introduction video for your YouTube channel.

Free Download
Free Download

Free trails are available to demo the product before purchasing. Pricing options for the various programs are available on the official Filmora website.

use transitions intro video filmora

Start your own design from scratch or you can search for a YouTube video template

Select the best video that you like to be your intro, either create a video introducing yourself or just a video with some creative effects.

First you can check the Stock Media and go click some GIFs find your best fit and start customizing. You can always download some free template online that you think much better to used.

add stock media intro video filmora

Add ready made animated graphic stickers to your YouTube intro videos by dragging and dropping them into design. Just choose “Elements” and then “Stickers” to browse a library of options.

add stickers intro video filmora

Change the image on your YouTube intro video by uploading your own or choosing from millions of free photos, graphics, and illustration in Filmora library.

Start editing your videos to make them look seamless and professional on any platforms. Whether it's on a widescreen, tablet, or mobile device. Click some effects to add some creative design on your intro videos.

You can split, resize trim or cut your videos to tailor it to your needs.

Change the text and insert your own channel title and tagline. You can also change the font style, color, and size to better suit your brand look.

Finally, add music to your YouTube intro video by uploading a clip from a stock music of Filmora library. You can also make your own YouTube intro music using instrument or digital tools

add music intro video filmora


Hope with these tips, you'll be able to create quality video introductions that draw the audience in and help them get to know you better. Introduce your brand, explain your business, and connect with your prospective customers like never before. Whether your intro clips start off your YouTube videos or plays after the teaser clip, YouTube intro videos can be a valuable tool for any creator.

Remember your video doesn't have to be a high-budget production or you don't have to spend a lot of money on making a creative video. You could create a video that works with pretty much of any smartphone today. Have fun creating your introductions videos, set a positive mind and positive creation will come out.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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