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Official 100% Valid Wondershare Filmora Coupon Code [Up to 54% OFF]

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

Being a program with a plethora of unique features and pretty intuitive UI, Wondershare Filmora is liked by many amateurs and professional post-production enthusiasts. However, because the tool comes with a price tag and not many people may want to invest that kind of money in buying an application, sometimes they search for the Filmora coupon code to see if the app can be purchased at some discounted price.

That said, the following sections explain how you can avail Filmora at special rates as a student or a regular video editing processional using the Filmora discount code.

filmora coupon code

Part 1: Filmora Discount Coupon for Students (Up to 30% OFF)

Wondershare encourages and supports education, and therefore it offers special discounts to scholars. All you need to do in order to avail of the Filmora discount code available for the students is, sign in with your Student Beans ID, and then follow the regular process to purchase the app at reduced rates.

The steps are given below explain how you can use the offer as a student:

Note: Before proceeding, make sure to keep the credentials of your Student Beans ID handy as these details would be needed to prove to Wondershare that you are a student, and are eligible to receive the Filmora coupon code.

Step 1: Pick Your PC Platform

Launch your favorite web browser on your computer (a Windows 10 PC is used here for illustration), and go to the Filmora Education Pring Plan page. From the top of the Student Plan box on the left, click to choose your preferred platform, i.e., Mac or Windows (the Windows option is selected here for demonstration).

Step 2: Choose a Student Plan

From the available plans for the students on the right, evaluate and decide the best one for you. The details of each plan are listed below:

  • Monthly Plan

Wondershare Filmora provides a monthly subscription for students at the price of 19.99/month. This subscription is the cheapest among all. When you buy this plan, it is renewed every month, and the price is debited from your account accordingly. You can cancel your subscription anytime if you are not satisfied with the program’s performance, or wish to switch to a different application. No questions asked!

  • Annual Plan

This plan offers a 21% discount on the price of the regular annual subscription ($51.99/year), and you are billed annually. As with the previous plan, even this subscription can be canceled anytime as well.

  • Perpetual Plan

The Perpetual Plan gives the maximum discount, i.e., of 30%. You need to pay once to get the Filmora X version forever. If you have purchased the perpetual plan of Filmora X, you can keep the Filmora X version forever, but if you need to pay to upgrade to the next version, let's say Filmora 11.

Step 3: Buy a Subscription

Click the Log into Student Beans button present next to the plan that you wish to subscribe for, choose your country, and populate the other fields with the correct values. Next, click Continue, and then follow the on-screen instructions to continue the validation.

After validation, you can see the Buy Now button as shown below. Now, you can click the plan and get Filmora at discount.

filmora educational plan

Part 2: Special Discount for Filmora Bundle Sales (Up to 54% OFF)

Filmora offers a special big discount to get the program at comparatively cheap rates if you subscribe for any of the available creative video solution bundles. What these bundles are, you may ask. The answer is, when you buy a subscription for another product along with Filmora, both the apps form a bundle and are offered to you at a discounted price.

For instance, you can buy a subscription for both Filmora X and Filmii at the same time, and when you subscribe to these two apps, you are offered a special discount to purchase the bundle.

You can follow the instructions given below to buy a Wondershare creative video solution bundle:

Step 1: Get to the Creative Video Solution Bundles Page

Open your favorite web browser, and go to the Filmora Creative Bundle link. Here you can notice the available packages to best suit all your production and post-production needs.

Step 2: Choose a Bundle Category

Click to select a bundle category from the navigation bar on the left of the page. If you want to see all the bundles offered by Wondershare, you can leave the All Bundles category selected The details of all the bundles are given below. If you are not familiar with the bundled product, here are some brief introductions.

  • Filmora X and Filmstock effects store standard library: Empower Your Imagination with Stunning Effects Assets
Filmora Annual Plan Filmstock Standard Library Annual Plan Bundle Price Saving
51.99 95.90 111.99 $35.9

Filmstock is a one-stop-shop for royalty-free video effects, videos, audio, and images. By buying Filmora and Filmstock together, you can extend your video creativity with the effects. I made a table so you can have a clear of the benefits of buying this bundle (Windows).

  • Filmora X and Filmora Pro: Easy and Professional Video Editing Solution
Filmora Annual Plan Filmora Pro Annual Plan Bundle Price Saving
51.99 89.99 99.98 $42.00

Filmora Pro is an advanced video editor for professionals. While Filmora X is for both amateurs and professionals, Filmora Pro has a bit steeper learning curve and is mostly preferred by experienced video editors to get more control over the animation with the features like keyframing, etc. The table given below shows how much would you save if you go for this bundle.

For those who want to do quick trim and full control of editing, Filmora X and Filmora Pro bundle is highly recommended.

  • Filmora X and Filmii:
Filmora Annual Plan Filmii Annual Plan Bundle Price Saving
51.99 34.99 59.98 $27.00

Filmii is an AI-oriented template-based application by Wondershare that enables you to edit the videos and add lucrative intros and outros to them within a couple of minutes. The artificial intelligence technology automatically trims the videos to best suit your needs. The table given below shows how much would you save if you go for this bundle.

  • Filmora X and UniConverter: Download & Edit & Convert Smoothly
Filmora Annual Plan UniConverter Annual Plan Bundle Price Saving
51.99 39.96 63.95 $28.00

Wondershare UniConverter, formerly known as Video Converter Ultimate, is a multipurpose application for all your production and post-production needs. The tool is equipped with features like a video compressor, trimmer, subtitle editor, and much more to give you everything under one roof. The table given below shows how much would you save if you go for this bundle.

  • Filmora X and DemoCreator: Record Professionally and Edit Quickly
Filmora Annual Plan DemoCreator Annual Plan Bundle Price Saving
51.99 32.99 58.38 $26.60

DemoCreator is yet another program by Wondershare that is specially designed to record computer screen, audio, and/or webcam footage. The built-in editor enables you to trim and crop the videos after the screen is recorded, thus allowing you to produce professional game walkthroughs, interactive tutorials, and many other such things. The table given below shows how much would you save if you go for this bundle.

  • Filmora X and PixCut: Remove Image Background and Create without Limits
Filmora Annual Plan PixCut Annual Plan (120 Credits) Bundle Price Saving
51.99 47.99 52.78 $47.20

PixCut is a small yet extremely powerful web tool that enables you to remove background from the images. All you need to do is, upload a photo to PixCut, and download the output picture without background. Everything in between is taken care of by the web application. The table given below shows how much would you save if you go for this bundle.

  • Filmora X and PixStudio: All-in-one Photo and Video Editing Solution
Filmora Annual Plan PixStudio Annual Plan Bundle Price Saving
51.99 59.88 79.90 $31.97

PixStudio can be considered an upgraded version of PixCut. While the latter has limited features like removing the background from an image, the former serves as a one-stop-shop that helps you turn your creative ideas into visuals using the customizable templates that the app has. The table given below shows how much would you save if you go for this bundle.

Step 3: Choose Your Bundle and Platform, and Buy the Pack

From the main window, decide which bundle you wish to subscribe for, use the available button to pick your preferred platform, i.e., Mac or Windows, and click BUY NOW.

On the next page, populate the fields with your details and the required billing information, and click Secure Checkout from the bottom-right corner to proceed with the payment process to buy the bundle. Once all the financial formalities are complete, you can go ahead and instantaneously download the products to install them on your computer.

Note: Buying Download Insurance Service is absolutely optional. When you subscribe for this insurance, the products you paid for remain available for download for the next 24 months from the date of purchase.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


You can easily get a Filmora coupon code as long as you are a student and can sign in to your Student Beans account for verification. Furthermore, if you are a professional and are looking forward to buying multiple products to make your post-production experience smooth and quick, picking any of the creative video solution bundles will help you not only in buying multiple products in a single go but it will also offer the apps at discounted rates.

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