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All Things About Adding Effects In Kinemaster

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

These days the usage of video editors and related software is getting increased quickly. Kinemaster appears as one of the popular and highly used video editors. It can be used for several purposes, such as – adding effects to videos, trimming, etc. Many individuals are considering its option for making different types of edits to the videos and achieving desired objectives with ease. Some people love to consider Kinemaster but they don’t know how to add effects in kinemaster. These types of individuals are regularly looking for the perfect guides and sources that can help them in getting some guidance and make things easier.

If you are also looking for such guidance and instructions, you should be focused on the upcoming details. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will discuss some crucial aspects of the Kinemaster and its procedure to add effects in a video.

 Part 1 Effects In KineMaster You Should Know

KineMaster is serving video editing services in two different ways; free and paid. You can find out multiple differences in both versions. There are some advanced features that can be unlocked by using a paid version only. By using the free version, you can get your basic done without any kind of issue. If you choose the option of the free version of Kinemaster, you will be limited to two effects only, such as –

● Mosaic

● Gaussian Blur

In case you are interested in applying some blur effects to the video clips or layers, you can pick the option of the Gaussian Blur effect. If you are interested in applying blur effects with some pixelated appearance, you should consider the Mosaic effect. Many people are looking for more than these two effects, you need to consider the paid versions.

When it comes to getting paid version of Kinemaster, you can get its subscriptions by choosing a monthly or annual subscription. Once you get paid version of Kinemaster, you can get several effects unlocked. Here, we are listing some major ones.

● Mirror

● Ripple

● Cartoon

● Interference

● Mirror warp

● Pop out

● Anaglyph slide

● Split spectrum

● Auto HDR

● Poster perfect

● Rolling ball

● Rayburst

● Bulge / Pinch

● Bulge / Pinch

● Wave warp

● Radial blur

● Kaleidoscope

● Digital crash

● Prismatic

● Focus blur 2.0

● Sketch 2.0

● Swirl 2.0

● Neon outline

● Thermogram

● Square halftone

All with these, there are several other effects available on the Kinemaster that can make your video impressive. With a paid version, you can easily explore and present your creativity. Along with it, everyone also does not know how to add effects on kinemaster in a few minutes only. If you also want to figure it out, you should keep reading the article. In upcoming paragraphs, we are discussing a step-by-step procedure.

 Part 2 How To Add Effects On Kinemaster?

Step-By-Step Procedure

Step1 Access KineMaster

Firstly, you should be focused on accessing KineMaster. Here, you can start importing videos or images with ease. You can also use your images as clips for an impressive outcome.

Step2 Import Images

 Import images

For importing images, you should follow a small procedure. Here, firstly, you should click on MEDIA BUTTON to YOUR FOLDER to GO FOR IMAGES. Now, you should be focused on choosing images by marking them with check symbols. Afterward you can finalize the action and import all images.

Step3 Access Effects Menu

 Effect menu

Now, it’s time to focus on adding effects to clips for an impressive video. For such a thing, you should proceed by focusing on the LAYER button on the interface. By clicking the LAYER button, you can access a specific menu with multiple options. One of these options is the EFFECT button. When you click on this particular button, it will take you to the effect menus. In case you have the paid version you can go with the GET MORE option in the EFFECT menu. It will be useful in getting more effective options. You can also download the effects to keep using them regularly.

Step4 Apply Effects

 Applying effects

As per your application capability and subscriptions, you can see the availability of effects. You should choose the desired effect by clicking on it. Here, the most interesting thing is that when you apply any effect, it will not overlap the existing layer or anything like that but it will create a new layer. With it, you can use animations for both in and out purposes.

By following this small procedure, you can easily make things easier and add effects in a video by using KineMaster. In case you have any doubt regarding the procedure, you can be focused on guides and tutorials.

 Part 3 FAQs Of KineMaster Effects

Are Effects In KineMaster Free?

KineMaster is providing video editing services in paid and free versions. While accessing services in both versions, you can see a big difference. In the paid version of KineMaster, you will get several effects that can make your video clip amazing. If we talk about the free version, you will get only 2 effects. These effects are – Mosaic and Gaussian Blur. In case you want more than these effects, you need to get paid subscription to KineMaster.

KineMaster Effects Alternative On PC

Some individuals are not satisfied with the services of KineMaster because of several reasons, such as – paid service options. If you are one of these individuals, you can consider the option of Filmora. It is a free video editor that will allow you to edit and modify a video in several possible ways. Filmora also has a big library that allows getting multiple effects and built-in video editing elements.

Is It Worth Paying For Extra Effects In KineMaster?

As we discussed earlier, with KineMaster you will get only two effects for free. For more, you need to spend money. In case you want several effects without spending any money, you can go with Filmora. It has a big built-in library to facilitate the users.

Can I Add Effects If I’m Working With Chroma Key?

Yes, the KineMaster users can easily apply Chrom Key while using video effects. It’s all about layering. By focusing on how to add chroma key in kinemaster guide, you can understand how it can be possible for creating an impressive video.

Final Words

By paying attention to all these things, you can understand everything about the KineMaster and its usability. You can also check out an alternative that can help you avoid the option of spending some money. It depends on you that what your requirements are and how want to get them fulfilled.

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