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First step is to go for the titles tab. Drop a default title on Track 2. Double click on it and change the font.


Take a snapshot of the text. Double click on the default title, change the text to single letter I and take a snapshot again.


Now delete the text clip from the timeline, drop the Filmora snapshot on Track 2, and drop the I snapshot on Track 3.


Find the zoom, change the zoom level to 50. Double-click on I snapshot to bring out the animation section where we can adjust its position.


Take the play head 1 second and 15 frames further and change the Y-axis value to zero.


Again, copy the I-snapshot and paste it on Track 5. Put the play head at the starting point, double-click on it and change the X-axis position make sure that eye letter is exactly below R.


Meanwhile keep the Y axis to zero. Go to the second keyframe, change X-axis to 195 and Y-axis value to negative 130.


Last, we need to copy and paste it again on Track 6. Click on the second keyframe, define its position on letter L, and change Y axis to 130.


Then go to the first keyframe and change the value of the x-axis. Place the play head one second further, add a blank keyframe.


Now place the play head at 3 seconds and 15th frame and change the Y axis to 0. Do the same with the Track 5 clip. Check out the title clip.


Export it at a higher rate if it's OK.


Finally, we need to add some elements to make the title more cinematic.


Place the play head at the end and change the scale to a hundred and ten percent.


Go to the video tab, find the blending mode option, and choose to lighten then shift the clip to track 3.


Search dark filters under effect tab and apply dark film effect on the background clip.


Then search for blur effect and apply square blur on Track 2 and change the size to 4.


Now let's see the final preview.

Create Dynamic Text Animation in Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Download and install the Filmora video editor. Just click the link, hit “Download”, and it will start automatically. Then, open a New Project.

Step 2

Click on the “Titles” tab and drag a Default Title to Track 2 on your Timeline.

drag title in timeline filmora
Step 3

Double-click on it and change the font to anything you like. Then, enter the text in the box in front of you. While you’re here, you can also edit the text spacing and other features.

edit title in filmora
Step 4

Now, take a snapshot of the text. Then, double-click on the default title again and change the text to a single letter I. Once again, take a snapshot of this text and then delete the default title from the timeline.

take snapshot in filmora

You should have two snapshots in My Media now. One of them should say “FILMORA” and one with the letter “I”.

media center in filmora
Step 5

Drag the “FILMORA” snapshot to track 2 and the “I” snapshot to track 3. Then, click on the “Zoom” button and set this to 50%.

zoom option in filmora
Step 6

Double-click on the “I” snapshot from the timeline. Then, input these settings when the window pops up. After that, drag the Playhead 1 second and 15 frames further down the timeline. Then, double-click on the “I” snapshot again, and change the Y-axis value to 0.

animate text in filmora
Step 7

Copy the “I” snapshot track from the timeline. Then, paste it on Track 4. Next, double-click on this one and change the X-axis position to whichever letter you want. In this case, it’s the letter “M”. As for the Y-Axis, you can change it any way that suits you.

text animations in filmora
Step 8

Copy this process as often and with as many letters as you want. Then, when you’re done, export the title animation to your computer.

export project in filmora
Step 9

Open a new project in Filmora and import the title animation we just created.

Step 10

Drag the custom title animation to Track 2 and drag any video background you have on Track 1.

insert video background filmora
Step 11

Double-click on the title track, go to the Video tab, and select “Lighten” from the Blending Mode tab.

blending mode lighten in filmora
Step 12

Shift the title clip from Track 2 to Track 3. Then, go to the Effects tab and drag the Dark Film effect to Track 1 on the timeline.

dark film effect filmora
Step 13

Search for the “Blur” effect in the Effects tab. Then, drag “Square Blur” to Track 2 in the timeline.

blur effect filmora
Step 14

Select the “Cinema” effect from the Effects tab and drag it to Track 4. Double-click on it and change the border height to 0.10.

cinematic bar filmora
Step 15

Now, all left is to render the clip and review the final result.

render video in filmora

What you've learned:

  • Create a professional-level animated text in Filmora in 15 simple steps
  • How to add a video background and cinematic effects to your animated title
  • Adjust the settings of clips in the Filmora timeline

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