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The description of the video with the demo as what will be the final effect look like using this tutorial. For that, you need to record a green screen video with the character performing the Doctor Strange actions.


You will need a dark background, If you don’t have you can use the green screen effect and do the following scenes according to the scene. Se a red light to make the video more epic. You can also use the black band on your hand fingers.


Jump in to Filmora to import your footage. Then drag it into the timeline. Go to the Chroma key and then use the eye dropper tool to use the exact color of the background.


Isolate yourself from the background using the chroma key customization menu. Adjust the slider to make it look vanish from the main scene.


Adjust the video to make the necessary cuts. These cuts are or the frames of the scenes. Use the split function to make it separate. Especially before and after turning on the LED that you have used. Make the clips according to the light.


Use the transitions between the clips You can refer to the Transition menu and use the Speed Blur transition from the list. Use the Blurry Roll to use between the two videos.


Place the elements into the middle section. Go to Elements and use the Blinking Eyes effect. You can preview it into the preview window. Go to the effect settings to customize the colors of your effects. Use the color that you want to put on the video.


Copt the middle section and paste it another time into the timeline. Drag it right on top of the video. Se the Effect to remove it from the background video. Go to the frame where the scenes are changings i-e., the blinking eyes.


Use the blinking eye effect and enable it into the main video now. Go to the effects menu and from the AI portrait, drag and drop the effect onto the main scene video.


Use the effects to spice up the video. Go to the effects and drag and drop the Superheroes cinematic effect into the timeline. Copy the effects and paste it within the timeline. Then drag it on top of the video tracks.


Go to the motion tracking now and place it onto the track video. Then bring the box right on your box. Start tracking now after you have selected the position. You can re-position this to also change the dimensions.


Now preview the effect and it will stick onto the hand movements as you can see. On the other hand, note down the movement from the original video and go to the element section to add new element.


Drag this another element to the timeline and place it on top of the scene. Trim the element duration according to the video. Make sure you scale it very small as it will move on the finger and look like a tiny object into the final effect video.


Figure out the finger needs to be separate from the character face. For that, double click on the second element to adjust the original movement of the elements. Use the Position slider to do that handily.


Go to the animation section and add keyframes to the scenes. Make sure you add different keyframes for the different frames so it will get in lieu of the changing scenes of the character.


Use the overlays to spice up the effect further. Use the Glow effect from the AI portrait. Use the Dark Film effect from the list. Drag and drop the effect on top of the video in the timeline.


Add the Color Blur effect on the main video to make it more epic. Adjust the intensity of the effects as well. For that, double click on the video inside the timeline and customize the effect menu using the slider adjustments.


Now color grade your effects so you can make it more look realistic This will enable you to choose the colors that fits the best. Use the LUT menu bar to pick your favorite color from the list.


Lastly, use the Glitch transition between the clips. Refer to the Transitions menu to pick up the Glitch transition and place it between the clip. Use the render tool inside the timeline to make it align with in the main video.


Preview the final effect video to check for any ambiguities. In case you find any, make sure you correct them and then render the project so the key animations will line up one after the others. This will make your effect video rendered and ready to export on the go.

How to make Doctor Strange Effect


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Record the Footage

In the first step, you need to record your footage featuring the main character that will be performing Doctor Strange effect. You can use a dark screen or a green screen background to perform the Doctor Strange actions. Make sure you also have a red LED light so it will spruce up the video.

record footage doctor strange video
Step 2
Install and Launch Filmora

Go to the Filmora website and download the software from the links. You can select the default setting for the installation and then launch the software once the installation is finished. Make sure you go to Video Editor from the start-up screen as shown here:

install and launch filmora
Step 3
Import the Green Screen Video

Now as you are into the Software UI, you can import the green screen footage that you have recorded previously for the effect. Hit the Import Button and choose and add the video from your PC. Afterwards, drag the footage to the timeline.

import footage doctor strange video
Step 4
Use Chroma Key

As your file is in the timeline, go to the Chroma Key to remove the green background from your recording. In the Chroma Key section, choose the color and work with them until you have isolated the subject as shown here. You will get the footage with a really dark background.

chroma key doctor strange video
Step 5
Split Action Clips

Now, preview the video footage and hover over the different action scenes within the timeline. Once you find the frame where you can isolate the clip from the video, hit the Split icon at that spot. This will split your video. Repeat the process for different scenes of your main video.

split action clip doctor strange video
Step 6
Add Transition Between Clips

As you have isolated your clips, now is the time to add some epic to the clips. Go to the Transitions menu at the top and select your favorite transition from the list, Preview the transition and then drag it between the action clips inside the timeline. This will make your clips adjoined in a super classic way.

add transitions doctor strange video
Step 7
Add Effects

In the next step, don’t forget to add some exciting effects to your video. To do that, go to the Effects menu and choose the effect that you find appalling for this Doctor Strange video effect. You need to use Eye effect on the character’s eyes and also some Superheroes effect as well for a better effect video.

add effects doctor strange video
Step 8
Enable Motion Tracking

Afterwards, to track the movements of the hand automatically, you can enable Motion Tracking on the hand of the character that is moving. For that, double click on the video and go to the Motion Tracking to hit Start Tracking. This will start tracking the motion of the hand of your video character.

motion tracking doctor strange video
Step 9
Add Animation Keyframes

You can add animation to smooth out the frame motion. Add first keyframe on the starting frame and then add accordingly with the upcoming frames.

animation keyframe doctor strange video
Step 10
Add AI Portrait Filters

Now, go to the AI Portrait section of the Effects menu to include some catchy filters into the video. You can do some color grading by double clicking on the Dark element filter. You can also use Color Blur effect filter from the list as shown here:

portrait filter doctor strange video
Step 11
Add More Transitions and Export

Finally, add some further transitions for a Glitch then export it to your favorite platform. You can save it to your PC as well after you have done a detailed preview of the final Doctor Strange video effect.

export doctor strange video

To all the Marvel fans out there, this guide will definitely hit the spot to go viral. Create this effect by simply following the guidelines above. Download the Software that will make it an easy approach to create Doctor Strange effect on the go.

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