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Start with the video. Place the video on your timeline and go to the elements menu. Type 'tech' and find the effect which is perfect for your video. Track your chosen element right above your video, leaving an empty track at the center.


Double click on the element, go to video, basic, compositing, and change the blending mode from normal to screen. This way you will get rid of the blue background and just be left with the neon blue that is the tech part of the screen.


Go to color and then work with the settings until we have what we want. Apply '3D LUT' and go with the 'cyberpunk 2' effect and then click OK. To make this video more realistic, you will need to have some sort of isolation in the background video and hide the element track.


Go to media, sample color, and track in the black color. Double-click on the black color, go-to mask, and grab the circle mask. Create an oval for your subject. Once you are done, scroll down and invert the mask so you can get everything, but the subject.


Blur the edges to get the effect. Adjust the width and height by using the sliders. Go to the basic section, compositing, and lower the opacity.


Now bring the video back to see the emphasis that is on the subject instead of the entire video. Bring this element one more track up and choose the blue color that is similar to the blue color screen on the element.


Hide the element track again and place it right below. Focus on the bright parts of the subject’s face and lower the opacity. Go to mask, choose a circle, and position it onto your subject’s face, adding to the blur strength. Try your best not to get the blue color on the wall. Increase the height as well.


Go back to basic and bring back the deep color. Change the blending mode to the screen to have a blue reflection of the element on your subject’s face.


Now go to the effects menu and type 'static'. Choose any effect, double-click on it, and lower the slider. You can also grab the 'weak signal 1' effect and place it randomly over the video. Go to the frame where you can see the glitch effects and use the sliders to choose how intense this weak signal feels.


To mask your original video, grab the cinematic part and place it above the other layers. Double-click and adjust how many of these parts you want in your footage. Then you will be finished with your first effect.


Bring on the second video and place it on the timeline. Go to the elements menu, look for the fire section and apply any effect of your choice like 'huge fire 01'. Place it on top of your video.


Re-position it and make it look like a lot of fire. The two people just happen to have a battle in this location. Go to the video, transform and increase the size of your element.


Go back to the elements menu and look for some other fires which will do great in this situation. Decorate your video with the fire elements until you are happy with the way they look.


Now it’s time to add some smoke. Go to the elements menu, and head over to the smoke section. Add any effect like smokescreen 1 and drag it on your timeline. Then work with the opacity.


Go to the effects menu and look for heat for example heat wave effect. This heat wave effect will ensure how hot the battle is. You can also use movie colors pack warm as it makes the screen warm and dim. Drag this on top and it will look more epic.


Now dark the edges of the video. Go to the media menu, sample color, and grab the color black. Place it on the top that leaves an empty track before it.


Double-click on the black color, go-to mask, and put it in a circular shape. Now work with the sliders and try to bring the mask over the fighter rather than the extra bits in the corner. Invert the mask and adjust height and width. Also, increase the blur strength. Go to basic, compositing, and just lower the opacity so it will look natural.


Go to the effects menu, look for the dark LUT, and place it underneath the black color. In the elements, the menu goes to fire once again. This time use large-scale elements. Go to the original video, double click, go to color, just head over to the advanced section and bring down the highlights of the video.


Go to HSL and bring down the saturation from the blue that you have in the sky. Go back to vibrance, once again you will lower the vibrance to get rid of the excess colors.


Go to the effects menu and type blur. Apply square blur to all the fire elements. Then type heat and apply the same heat wave effect that is applied earlier. Finally, add the same cinematic effects which were used in the first video.

How to Create Red Giant Magic Effect Video


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Download and Install Filmora

To begin with, you need to install the latest version of the software on your system. Be it Windows or Mac, Filmora supports both the leading OS.

download and install filmora
Step 2
Import the Footage and add Effects

You must import 2 videos for different VFX effects but drag the videos onto the timeline one by one. Drag the first video down and go to the effects menu > Elements menu > search ‘tech’ > choose from the ‘hud tech effects’.

Drag the chosen element or effect right above your video leaving an empty track in between the two tracks. Double-click on the element, go to Video > Basic > Compositing > Change the blending mode from normal to screen to get rid of the blue background.

import footage red giant effect video

To work with the color correction, go to Color > drag the sliders to adjust the brightness, tint, contrast, and other options. You can also apply different LUTs.

customzie color settings red giant
Step 3
Add Isolation to the Background Video

To make the video look more natural, add isolation to the background video. Hide the element track.

Go to Media > Sample Color > drag black color background.

Double-click on the black color, go to Mask > Circle Mask > create an oval for the subject. Scroll down and invert the mask. Blur the edges to add a vignette effect.

add mask red giant effect video

Go to Basic > Compositing > Lower the opacity of the mask. Now bring the element video back to the track and preview the effect.

lower mask opacity red giant video
Step 4
Color Correct the Video

Bring the element video one track up, and hide this video. Look for a blue color similar to our effect in the Sample color section and drag the blue color down the element video.

Go to Basic > Compositing > lower the opacity to focus on the subject’s face.

color correct red giant video

Go to Mask > Circle Mask > place the mask on the subject’s face and re-position it. Increase the blur strength. Go back to basic, and change the blending mode to the screen to have a blur reflection of the tech effect on the subject’s face.

circle mask red giant video
Step 5
Add Additional Effects

Go to the Effects > Type ‘Static’ > Static A (you can choose any static effect to make the video look more naturalistic)

Double-click on the effect, and lower the slider.

add static red giant effect video

Go to Effects > Static > Weak Signal Effect and drag it down onto the timeline above the element. (You can add any effect of your choice). Drag the sliders to adjust the intensity of the effect.

add weak signal effect red giant video

To match the original video with the effect, go to Effects > Cinema 21:9 effect or any effect of your choice. Double-click on the effect and adjust the sliders to work with the intensity of the effect.

change intensity effect red giant video
Step 6
Preview and Export Video

In this way, you are finished with adding the element to your original video. Preview your video in full screen and export the video.

preview export red giant video

The VFX effects add digital creativity to your videos. A live-action effect added to your videos through the addition of VFX effects can increase your audience engagement in your advertisement videos. This video guide will help you how to add these VFX effects to your videos.

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